9 Best Affirmations for Money and 10 Great Prosperity & Wealth Affirmations

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Are you wondering what are the best affirmations for money, or perhaps the most effective wealth affirmations? Are you confused and don’t know where to start or which ones to use? How about learning some great abundance and prosperity affirmations that will penetrate your subconscious mind?

By reading this article until the end, you will discover some of the best and most effective affirmations which if acted upon, will shift your life entirely!

That’s a promise, but before going into the details of this powerful list of affirmations, I want to tell you how this practice can change your life. Please read every detail with caution as it is vital for your success.

Money, Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance

Consider this… Money, Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance in all other areas, are crucial for living a fulfilled life.


We need them to free ourselves from material worries, we need them to provide all the good things to our loved ones, and we need them to pursue our deepest passions.

Unfortunately, many people have false beliefs that money is bad, that rich people are evil, that living the abundant life is not for the regular man or woman, that big ambitions are actually bad for the character and so on…

On the other hand, other people who indeed respect money and want to have them in abundance, they simply lack the ability to believe in themselves.

They think that their education was not good enough, they believe they luck sufficient talent, or that simply there is not enough time for earning that much money…

All of these and other beliefs have their deepest roots since our most youthful years and we don’t even know where they have come from.

Society, family, religion, they all play a huge role in shaping our personalities to such a degree, that we are an actual multiplication of a portfolio of diversified personalities who have influenced our life.

The most secret beliefs about ourselves and the world are created in the time where we were just little children.

You must understand that everything what you believe about money, wealth, prosperity, abundance, health and so on… is just a reflection of other people’s beliefs, opinions and attitudes.

I remember, when I was child I knew a boy whose mum used to always yell at him that he would be nobody in life, that he would be stupid and if he would keep not to study in school, he would become a broke man and would eventually end up in jail.

After 20 years, I’m unfortunate to say that this grown up man is totally broke and believe it or not, he really is in jail for a conducted murder…

It’s strange how our destinies can be so cruel while at the same time we have the ability to change and shape them to our own liking. Yes, there is GOOD news too, you CAN change your life, and you do have that ability!

My friend, please remember this…Someone else might be responsible for who we are today, but ONLY WE, are responsible for changing it!

Have in mind that with the right approach, a strong desire for change, disciplined dedication and unbeatable persistence, you can reprogram your deepest beliefs and thought patterns, and you can have ANYTHING you want.

This formula of success can be summed up into just one word – AFFIRMATIONS.

Creating Your List of Extremely Powerful and Positive Affirmations

The whole purpose of this activity is to create a powerful list of affirmations that you will use for the next ninety days in order to reprogram your subconscious mind.Creating a List of Affirmations

By changing your deepest beliefs you are actually changing your entire attitude, the vibration that your mind and body produce and ultimately, all the things that you attract in your life.

Beware that these positive statements must be powerful & relatively short sentences, formulated diligently after a good analysis of your belief system.

Work on your weak points and make your strengths even stronger. You must read them 3 times for at least three minutes per day (the longer the better), every day for the next 3 months.

Read them right before going into bed and right after waking up in the morning, as it gives best result because of the fact that your subconscious mind is widely open during those critical seconds.

A List of 9 Best Affirmations for Money

  • Money is good, I adore money
  • I have all the money in the world to provide for all the things that I desire
  • Every day, more and more Money keep coming to me with the speed of light
  • Money is the servant, I am the master
  • Earning money is an easy thing to do
  • Money is literally attracted to me
  • Money is a free flowing energy that keeps coming into my life
  • I am a strong magnet to money
  • There is no limit to the amount of money I am capable of earning

Affirmations For Money

5 Bonus Money Affirmations That Are Very Effective:

  • Money is simply an energy that allows me freedom
  • Money loves to be around me and multiply
  • Money loves me and money is my obedient servant
  • Earning Money is a direct result of the service I provide for other people
  • I earn money constantly by helping other people unselfishly

BONUS Autosuggestion that I have personally used for many years :

I am so grateful and happy now, because large sums of money, in ever increasing quantities and from many different sources, keep rushing to me on a constant and continual basis!

These affirmations for money will not only convince you that money is good and that you can have it, but they will also stimulate you to burst into action by giving you the required confidence that you can do it.

Deliberate Creation

They will strengthen your faith and they will bring peace in your mind regarding your financial problems.

Pay special attention to the Bonus Autosuggestion that I have shared with you; it’s so powerful, I can’t even describe it with words…

A List of 10 Positive Wealth Affirmations

  • I Am extremely wealthy
  • I can and I will pursue all of my dreams
  • I am deeply grateful for the wealth that keeps coming into my life
  • Every day I am becoming wealthier and wealthier
  • I put one hundred percent of all my energy into a single worthy ideal
  • All the wealth in the world is attracted to me and I am attracted to it
  • When wealth comes to me, I know that it is a direct result of the service I render to other people
  • I feel happy and fulfilled in providing for my loved ones
  • There are no limits to the amount of wealth I can own
  • I’m grateful that I now own more wealth than I’ve ever imagined

List of Wealth Affirmations

The purpose of these wealth affirmations is to make you feel comfortable with the idea of you being wealthy by giving you the necessary confidence and faith in pursuing your dreams.

You truly can have all the wealth you want, and the affirmations are your secret key that unlocks this door of steel between you and your goals.

List of 10 Best Affirmations for Prosperity and Abundance

  • I am happy and grateful because all the time I have more than enough of everything that I need
  • Thank you, oh divine providence, for this magnificent flow of great and inexhaustible abundance in all areas of my life
  • I am extremely prosperous and I am deeply grateful for this fact
  • Abundance and prosperity are literally attracted to me, and I am attracted to them
  • I am so happy now, because just good and positive things continue to happen in my life
  • Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better
  • I have a grateful heart that keeps attracting all the things that I deeply desire
  • I know that I’ve deserved to be prosperous in everything I do
  • My gratitude is increasing with every good thing that comes to me as a blessing from the universe
  • The world is a wonderful place to be in and I enjoy my enthusiastic journey on this planet
  • I am surrounded by love and joy everywhere I go
  • I am a prosperous, creative and innovative being
  • I have eliminated all the bad habits from my life and I keep creating new positive ones
  • I start every day by feeling deep gratitude for the excitement and joy that await for me
  • I am happy, I have everything I want, I love myself, I love everyone

Weatlh, Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations

One of the biggest reasons why people do not experience abundance in their life is their constant focus on the lack and negative sides in life.

You must understand that everything has a positive and a negative side, everything is balanced energy, and everything is Yin and Yang. Search for the positive side and you will surely find it. 

Some final words…

You must follow the rules and be persistent while taking on this journey.

Do this as described and please remember my friend, all of these affirmations will not produce any results, if you do not put the effort to vividly visualize how you have already achieved the success that you desire.

Read the affirmations aloud, pump them up with emotions, try to feel their energy in your heart and do all of this with closed eyes while seeing the picture on the screen of your mind.

Deliberate Creation

If you get discouraged at times, be persistent and don’t give up. The only time you fail is when you quit!

This system works, it must work because it always does! It’s a LAW!

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Over 5 years experience in meditation and kung-fu. A truly dedicated learner in life, always thirsty for new knowledge. Eternal explorer of the laws and the mysteries of the Universe.

21 thoughts on “9 Best Affirmations for Money and 10 Great Prosperity & Wealth Affirmations”

  1. Thanks for your insight , I have been working at your program for a while and my business is slowly growing. The hard part is the visualizing and to be precise about it. Do you have any suggestions. Thank You Rick Roswarski

    • Start a freelancing business. Can you write well? Can you do voice overs? Are you good at copywriting? Do you know how to conduct proper market analysis? Do you know how to code or design? Just pick anything that you are good at (even if it’s sticking flyers on windshields), go to a any freelance site and start selling your services.

  2. Help!
    What are some really positive affirmations that and how many should you say getting abundance?

    I have lost my full time job I am on Social Security but it is not enough and I am falling behind on all my bills. Also how many affirmations should you say?

    Also I need to lose weight but I really need to concentrate on the abundance affirmations right now.

    Are there affirmations in finding a job?

    Thank you for your help, Maria

  3. I’m reading a position monologue daily of the affirmations,n I’m motivated to see a turn around,I’m very excited ,,,thank you Kathy

  4. I am happy with the money affirmations. I am getting real benefit after chanting Affirmations number of times through out the day. Repeatition and continuity in the following days are very important. I started it slowly from 2 months, Now I am seeing the results with all my effort. I feel blessed and confident that I too can lead a happy and prosperous life in near future. Thanks for the affirmations posting on the web. We all love you and you are blessed..

  5. Thank you so much for these affirmations. God will always bless you for sharing. My life has just changed from poverty to a life full of wealth, abundance and prosperity. First, I was without a job for 20 years, homeless, had to stay with a friend, gave away my kids to relatives to look after as I couldnt afford to look after myself, so many issues were affecting my life. The only thing that kept me going was believing in God that He loves and cares for me, I knew that God would bless me one day that I would have an abundant life and I would take good care of myself, my loved ones and bless others who are in need. I know how it feels to live in poverty because I once lived in one. Just two months ago , I was praying and God lead me to the Law of Attraction website, in that instant my life changed! I believed n did everything the LOA wants me to do. Its like magic, am still living this magical life right now and its real! People still cant believe what I am doing and seeing, only I understand and only God knows. I give all my heartfelt thanks to God and to you people for sharing these great ideas. You will be greatly blessed always. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Theresia, for sharing your amazing story with us. If you need any advice with anything, if there’s a way I can help you, I would gladly do that 🙂

      You see.. you’re already on the right track. The very gratitude that you feel is the “substance”, the energy that’s attracting all of this into your life.
      To feel grateful and blessed is one of the best vibrations once could be in.

      I wish you all the best life could offer, and again, feel free to contact me if you need any help!

  6. I have been trying this which I don’t realize. I eman I have think that I will be success in work, earn much money. Universe always help me once I need help, when I don’t have money it will be way for me to get money. When I have debt, don;t know why but I will be able to pay it in unexpected way. But I just don’t realize yet that is what LOA is!!! Now, I alredy know…then I think..if I used that succesfully without I realize about it, then now what will happen if I realize, I know and I use it SERIOULY ??? Yes, I will do it now to manifest my dream come true. I dream of a nice own home, and I will get it by this year 🙂 Thank you

  7. You said in response to Theresia;

    “To feel grateful and blessed is one of the best vibrations once could be in.”

    Those words shattered me because I never felt grateful to what I had/have.

    That is a terrific sentence. It’s colossal !!! I just loved it 🙂

    You have a wonderful mind and soul. May you achieve even greater heights in whatever you do.

    Thank you.


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