What are Affirmations and Do Affirmations Work in the Real Life?

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What are affirmations? Do affirmations work in the the real life? How to best define them, and how to make proper use of them?

Often times, affirmations are not properly understood and applied, therefore, they tend not to produce the results people expect from them.

In this article, we will try to comprehensively elaborate this topic and give you a good and solid explanation of this great universal force. Keep reading the entire text, and you’ll have all the answers to all the above and many more questions…

Affirmations & Thoughts

     Consider this… Today, it is already scientifically proven that our Thoughts can be measured and that they are a mass of potent energy which penetrates all time and space.

     Like the air which is formed from very tiny molecules that your eyes cannot see (but you know that they exist and that you breathe them inside with every inhalation), it’s the same with your own thoughts – you can’t see them, but you simply KNOW that they exist.

     Remember the famous saying “I Think, that means I Exist”? If there isn’t any air to breathe, there simply cannot be life for the human kind… The same is true with our thoughts… it’s simply impossible to live even a single millisecond without a thought running in our mind. Our Mind is in constant motion, a never machine without off-switch…

Affirmations and Thoughts

Thoughts therefore, directly influence our emotions and feelings and by learning how to control them, we can greatly influence our belief system.

    It logically follows that with the Right Affirmations (which are directed thoughts) we can influence and improve every aspect of our life, starting from our relationships, our love life and all the way to bettering our health, our finances and creating a deeper spiritual connection with the divine.

    Regardless of what you might be thinking, the fact simply remains that we are shape shifters of our own destinies. We use affirmations every day, often in a very negative connotation and we are practically not even aware of this fact.

     We constantly keep telling to ourselves “You are not good enough”, “Why life is so difficult”, “Love doesn’t exist”, “I am poor”, “I will never achieve my goals”, “I’m sick” etc. and we often tend to forget the real power that these self-directed thoughts have over us.

This same rule applies for positive statements that we make to ourselves and the most important thing is to understand how they actually work.

So what are affirmations?

     Affirmations can have a variety of meanings and definitions (like simply – a statement of truth), but in the “New Thought” philosophy movement, which emphasizes the Law Of Attraction and the other Laws Of The Universe, this word is considered very powerful and important.

     An Affirmation, primarily refers to the positive self-affirmative statements that we can use in order to change our core believe system, influence our subconscious mind and bring about changes in our own attitude.

     To be more specific, affirmations are diligently structured positive statements which have to be repeated to one’s self on a constant basis and for at least 90 days. They also must be frequently written on a paper followed by auto suggestive out loud reading.

Advantages of using affirmations:

  • Affirmations can be used to help improve any area of life.
  • They can help you succeed in business, in your personal life and even help you achieve better health.
  • Affirmations can be even used to improve your love, happiness and wealth consciousness.
  • Affirmations can indeed be very powerful because of the fact that our subconscious mind cannot really make a difference between what for us is real and what exists only in our imagination.
  • Affirmations if said out loud empowered with emotions and confidence can drastically help you in achieving your goals by putting you on the right life track and eliminating all incoming obstacles. By using these powerful statements, you are reprogramming your mind and you start to believe that your goal is already achieved.
  • Affirmations do a very effective job in helping you to replace your self-destructive and self-limiting thoughts which are constantly being impressed upon your subconscious mind on a daily basis.

Do Affirmations Work?

How do affirmations work?

  • The real goal of the affirmations we use is to intensively concentrate on what we can control instead of what we can’t, and give everything we’ve got to improve our attitude by attracting all kinds of positive things in our life.
  • The main objective is to hold only positive thoughts on the screen of your mind and to try to keep them as long as you can. This motivates you and gives you inspiration for action, it brings you calm confidence and it lets you to freely follow all your dreams.
  • Affirmations give you unwavering faith and when you believe that you can do something, you actually will do it.
  • Affirmations allow you to put in your mind and accept the kind of thoughts that you personally choose and prefer, by making a paradigm shift of all your habitual thought pattern
  • Affirmations do indeed produce many miracles but only if understood and applied properly. You must take them seriously and treat them like you would treat your pills when your doctor prescribes them to you.
  • For instance, if you constantly repeat to yourself “I am getting healthier and slimmer every day” but you keep adoring and eating those cheesecakes, fast food and all the junk food in world, the affirmations would be rendered useless. You’d be wasting your time… So you must take them seriously and respect them, believe what they say, care for them and they will make miracles in your life!
  • When you truly concentrate on the change you deeply desire and if you truly expect it and believe that it is possible, it activates all the powerful centers in the universe, bringing you all the things you could possibly wish for. It’s really like that Aladdin’s Lamp, if you know how to use them!
  • Please understand this: no amount of repetitive reading will bring you results! Repetition is indeed very important but It’s the language of feelings that the universal subconscious mind operates at! You must SEE the picture, try to literally FEEL how it has already happened and manifested in your life, and deeply BELIEVE that the entire Universe is working on your side.
  • Don’t wait for something mysterious to happen, take action every day and you will see results. The beautiful part is that, right now, you might be lazy sitting in disbelief and thinking that it’s hard to take action, but the answer to this is – NOT HARD AT ALL! This is so, because when you start to pump yourself up with these powerful affirmations, you immediately receive strength, motivation and tons of inspiration for all the action in the world!
  • The Reward is straightforward: Happiness, Health and Wealth will manifest in your life, because that is truly your birthright! Whatever your goals might be, you will achieve them, regardless if right at this moment it’s hard for you to believe in that.

BONUS Tip: How to Use Affirmations in Practice?

  • Find yourself some quite place with privacy
  • Read them with emotions every day for at least 3 times
  • Try also to do this right before you go to sleep and immediately after you wake up
  • Repeat each affirmation for at least 3 minutes while reading it
  • While reading, try to visualize how your goal is already realized
  • At the end, be and feel deeply grateful as if you already live your dreams

     There are literally thousands of affirmations that you can use for many purposes, but not all of them have the same effectiveness. Here at Enlightenment Portal, we’ve handpicked the very best of them all, for all the main areas of your life.

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Some Final Words of Caution

     Find out what your weak points are, discover your bad habits and negative thought patterns, and focus on affirmations that will make these devils disappear. Understand that FEAR is the biggest enemy we all have, and sometimes it’s hard to find where it is hiding.

     Eliminate your bad habits and enforce your strengths and positive sides, always look for greater happiness, for more health and more wealth, because that is why you were created for! To enjoy life to its fullest, not to merely survive on this planet!

Remember… affirmations do work and you have to see improvements in your life if you give the best you’ve got!

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