How to Write Affirmations and Create a Powerful List by Using the Right Words

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How to write affirmations

How to write affirmations the right way? What words of affirmation to use for optimal results? How to create really powerful affirmations? How to make an effective list of affirmations and what are the best autosuggestion techniques that you can implement for best possible results?

All of these and many more questions are answered in this revealing article, so make sure that you read until the end.

Common Mistakes

When writing their own list of affirmations (autosuggestions), many people follow in the common pitfall of “confused terminology”, “indecision” and “non-relevance”.

They are not sure what exactly their goal is, they still haven’t made the final decision for a change, and they are quite confused when it comes to choosing the exact words for the affirmative statements.

They also sometimes get caught into the so called “analysis-paralysis” when creating a goal card, by not being able to choose the right combination of words and sentences for optimum results.

Common Mistakes

In order to write effective affirmations that in reality produce tangible results, we must structure them with the right words and even more important, to direct them towards a specific goal which in turn makes the affirmations relevant.

In this article we will cover everything that you need to know in order to write affirmations that will produce maximal results.

What to Have in Mind When Writing Affirmations?

  • Often times our very own thoughts are at the same time our own biggest enemy. Analyze your thoughts very carefully and find out the destructive pattern.
  • Even if you think that you’re just about to start using affirmations in your life, that is one big illusion, we are constantly using them, on a daily basis. We continually keep repeating and letting the same thoughts run over our mind, and this is really a habitual cycle.
  • Most of the time, these thoughts are extremely negative and harmful. Our own attitude is comprised by many bad habits that must be identified, eliminated and replaced with new positive ones.
  • Unfortunately (or fortunately if properly used) our subconscious mind believes in everything that comes to it, without differentiating between reality and imagination, so we must learn how to guard our thoughts and never let self-limiting, self-doubtful and self-destructive thoughts to enter in it.

How to write affirmations: 3 Practical Steps

1. Define and Set a Concrete Goal

(Why do you need the affirmations? What’s the purpose of creating and reading them?)

set a goal

  • Start by asking yourself what is most important for you? What is it you really want? Not what you think you can do or become, but what do you really want? Do you want more finances, and if so, then how much? Would you like to be healthier?
  • Then explain perfectly the way you want to live, the food you would like to eat, the exercises you would do every day. Would you like to improve your love life? Explain the kind of love you need, describe exactly the kind of person that you would like to attract, define everything.
  • You can also put a deadline on your goal, as this has one psychological effect that forces you into action. However, this should be not done about every goal; you can use many affirmations without putting a deadline on them, especially when trying to change your belief system and your own attitude.
  • Define precisely your goal and write it on a sheet of paper. It must be definite and written in the present tense. (This is the most important step, without a concrete goal that affirmations are going to be useless!)

2. Create The List

(This is the practical step where you’d actually write the affirmations on a sheet of paper, in your notebook or anyplace that’s comfortable for you) 

  • When you are completely sure what your mission is, then you should start creating short and powerful affirmations by using words that convey power, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Use words and phrases like: I Believe, I Am Aware, I Know, I Have, I Am, I’m Happy, I Love, I’m Grateful, Better, Faith, “I Choose To”, “I Strive”
  •  For example: “I am aware that my life is getting better and better and I strongly believe that I attract only love, health, happiness and wealth”. “I now know that I can have anything I want, and I am truly happy!”, “I choose to give the best I can in everything I do” I strive for perfection!” and so on…
  • The sentences must be relatively short, concise, relevant, meaningful, positive,  and filled with power and emotion.
  • Remember that the Affirmations MUST be positive statements, so avoid or better yet, never use words like “No”, “Not”, “Never” “Can’t”Create a List of Affirmations
  • Your affirmations are intended for you and not for others, make them
    subjective and try to use your own name when writing them. Example: I, (__YOUR NAME__), am a happy, healthy and a highly prosperous individual. Thank You!
  • Try not to negate things about yourself as this has exactly the opposite effect, write only positive statements that produce good emotions.
  • For example if you are overweight and would like to get slimmer, your sentence should NOT be: “I am not fat”, “I will not get fat anymore” etc… Such affirmations produce the opposite effect, you’re focusing your energy on the “fat” which in turn tells you’re subconscious that you actually are fat and that’s not good…
  • It must be something like “I am perfectly healthy and my body looks great”, “My body is slim with a perfect figure”…”I am wealthy instead of I am not poor” etc. You get the point don’t you?

3. Read The Affirmations Every Day For Ninety Days

(This is the step which would produce the desired results in your life)

read your affirmations

  • You must read the affirmations for at least three minutes and do this at minimum 3 times a day ( the more the better )
  • Make sure that when you read the statements you put real power and emotions in your voice.
  • Do this in some quite place where nobody will disturb you and try to close your eyes and really live with your inner visualization while saying the autosuggestions out loud. See yourself already in possession of your goal and feel how it is already achieved.
  • Try to see the exact picture on the screen of your mind until it becomes completely clear and vivid. After a few weeks, the picture will become crystal clear so you must never give up!(this may take some time but you must be persistent)


  • This is extremely important: ALL of your Affirmations must be in the PRESENT TENSE! You can use future action but avoid the Verb “Will”, instead, use the present continuous tense. Example: “Every day I will get better and better in everything I do”WRONG, “Every day I am getting better and better in everything I do” – CORRECT
  • Make sure that you really try to put some passion and feelings when formulating your affirmations, don’t just mechanically write a string of words and then read them like a robot. Instead, put your soul into the work, try to visualize the end result and write them from heart.
  • Write a complete list of several affirmations relevant to the goal you are trying to achieve, and do this for one goal at the time ( You can also have one main Autosuggestion with your goal, that you should read most often, all other affirmations have a strong supportive role)
  • Keep the list at maximum of 10 affirmations and read them for period of ninety days, then go on your next goal. 3 Affirmations at one time is optimal.
  • Understand that these Affirmations are not an Action Plan. A plan is essential for realizing your goals, but it is not included in this short affirmative statements. Make sure not to get caught up in the “How To” part of your goals. The affirmations themselves will motivate you to create your action plan, they are full of inspiration and they will lead you to everything that you need to overcome in order to get to where you’re going.
  • Remember, the entire Universe is on your side when you deeply believe in something, and that is exactly what the affirmations will do for you…
  • Consider implementing some of the autosuggestion techniques described below 

Effective Autosuggestion Techniques

1. Goal Cards

Having a Goal Cards is extremely important for your success. In his greatest book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon emphasizes the importance of this in almost every chapter of the book.

The Goal Card is needed to remind you every day, that you are going towards your goal. On your goal card you must have your main goal written and it must be in the present tense.

Define your goal and be concrete, the time until you want it realized, what do you intend to give in return and how do you plan to do it (this should be general in one or two sentences, not the whole plan).

You should write all of this on a simple 3×5 inch goal card which can really become your “gold card”. It’s best to do this by hand and not a computer.

Create A Goal Card

Your own handwriting and the blue ink from the pen actually have a strong psychological impact. I would also like to suggest that you choose your words carefully since the space on 3×5 goal card is limited.

A simple sheet of paper is vulnerable and easy to get damaged so I’d suggest that you go ahead and laminate it, it’s anyway very cheap.

Read your goal card, every day, as much, and as often as you can until it becomes a habit. After approximately 21 days, it’s already going to be a habit, and mark my word… you will not be able to recognize yourself…

2. Put Them In Your Cell Phone

Record all of your affirmations on your cell phone, iPod or iPad and listen to them regularly.

I would also go even a step further and suggest that you put them on a USB or a CD and listen to them in your car while you’re driving. Don’t underestimate the power of this technique!

3. Computer Software

To make everything even better and much more effective, you must consider taking software for your computer that does exactly that.

Please have in mind that in the USA, the average hours per day that people spend in front of screens, usually computers, is 7.4 hours or 444 minutes!

I think it makes a lot of sense why a. effective computer software will drastically help you and assist you in achieving your goals… Just imagine somebody constantly reminding you about your affirmations without any effort from your side!

Mindzoom Banner

It is a win win situation, the software will be constantly affirming the statements to you, they will flash on your screen and you can choose the settings… how many you want, which affirmations you want, when you want them, etc… Isn’t that awesome?

There is an excellent software for this purpose called Mindzoom, (as a matter of fact the best on the market today), and you should seriously consider taking a look at it. It might save you tons of time and effort and as also speed up the entire process of manifesting what you want in life.

Visit the official website of this Software HERE, and decide if this is something that’s going to Help You and Improve your Results in life.

4. Meditation

Study meditation and learn to use your mind wisely. The impact that meditation can have on your life is immensely incredible.

Start by learning the basics then go even further and become master of it. Your ability to use affirmations can drastically increase…

Use Meditation In Your Life

Some Final Words…

To conclude, in this article you have all the necessary information on how to write affirmations that are good and effective. You now know what the best words to use are, and how you can utilize them and make a big change in your life.

If you follow these steps and tips, good results are inevitable! So don’t just read this but step into action!

Last but definitely not least, consider joining our newsletter series as we’ll be sharing lots of free and insanely useful information that will help you even further in your quest for a better life.

I know you’ll do well, take care and never give up!

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14 thoughts on “How to Write Affirmations and Create a Powerful List by Using the Right Words”

  1. Thank You. I have been studying and using the LOA with success. I am impressed with the style and format of the information you have provided. All tips are practical and I have learned new things from reading through your page. : )))

    • Thank you Jacqueline, and sorry for replying late. My website
      was hacked and someone had obviously decided to copy my entire
      content and even write in my name, using my pictures.

      It’s been solved now, and I truly wish them happiness and peace,
      even though they caused me harm. They were obviously not aware
      of any of these laws and how they work…

      I’m glad that the tips have proved to be beneficial for you 🙂

  2. Amazing blog😚😍thanks
    Can you help me about this affirmation.i want thin arms because im big boned.
    So how should I write the affirmation? Like this ” I now shrink my arms instantly”

    Or ” I am now shrinking my arms instantly ”

    Or ” I strongly believe that I am now shrinking my arms instantly ”


    • Hi Taylor,

      I’d write something like this:

      “My arms have the perfect shape and size”

      Instead of wishing to shrink your arms instantly (which will not happen),
      focus on working out and burning all additional fats, so that you’re left
      only with pure muscle. (I recommend light weights, up to 5kg max, and also
      “ghost fighting” – punching in the air by using any martial arts punches)

      You cannot shift the physical laws just by citing affirmations, if your genetics
      are such, you can’t change them just by affirming statements to yourself. You can
      however, imagine the perfect shape of your body and improve your condition as much
      as you can considering your genetics.

      Good luck 🙂

      P.S. Why would you like small arms? Most men dream of having big biceps :))

  3. I write my daily affirmations journal regularly since past three years.

    My question to you is what I do to the written material after the goals are achieved.

    Should I keep the journals?


    • Well, that’s totally up to you, Sai 🙂

      You sure can keep track of your affirmations and desires, and
      one day, when you’ll be very old, go over them and reflect on your
      life, feel content and happy that you’ve lived to the fullest.

      But this totally optional.. The writing just helps you to put your
      ideas on paper and reaffirm the suggestions with a stronger will and
      intent, which helps you to concentrate, and ultimately, it allows your
      subconscious to absorb the suggestions more easily.

      If you like it, them keep them. If you’d like to reduce clutter in your life,
      then let go of them.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  4. Thank god, I wonder how to use these affirmations. I wanted to get better in basketball, learned some positive affirmations, got better, and than got addicted to learning affirmations to the point I was using so many, I got confused to how I wanted to remember them.

  5. So grateful to God. I wanted to get better in life especially in finance, and I am being touched by this through powerful affirmations, I’m getting better. Its touching ma heart and ma head!
    Glory be to The Infinite Spirit.


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