List of Positive Affirmations for Love, Self Love, Relationships & Happiness

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Looking for positive affirmations for love? Are you interested in great affirmations for happiness? Do you want to learn new and incredible self love & relationship affirmations? How about creating a special and unique list of positive affirmations that will transform your life?

This article will give you all the answers, but before we get into the details, I want to tell you shortly about the benefits you’ll get from using these affirmations in your life, and I’d like to also warn you about some common mistakes and misunderstandings so that you don’t make an error.

Are you Aware of the Usefulness of using Affirmations?

Today the power and effectiveness of affirmations is not a theory, but indeed a truthful fact, that nobody can deny. Even scientists have agreed that we can influence our subconscious mind and our deepest beliefs, followed by a change in our attitude and behavior, therefore, we can make changes in our material world.

If we constantly repeat the same thing over, and over, and over again, our mind makes an adaptation, and eventually starts to believe that the thing we constantly repeat is an ultimate truth.

By learning to write and use affirmations the right way we can change every aspect of our life which brings us to the fact that we indeed have a complete control over everything in our lives.

Advantages and Usefulness of Using Affirmations

What could be possibly a better reason for changing the way you think and feel about happiness, relationships and love – of your closed ones and yourself?

In this special article, you will discover some of the best affirmations that you can use to make dramatic changes in all of these areas in your life!

The Misunderstanding of Affirmations – Beware!

Many people still believe in the fact that just by chanting a string of words they can influence other people and therefore change their own life. This does not work that way…

First of all, with affirmations you never influence other people. You influence only yourself and the way how you think and feel which produces the vibration you’re in. When you change the way you feel, instantly you are changing the vibration and the aura that surrounds your body.

When you do this, you start to attract things in correlation with your vibration which in turn gives you the results you want, but it never changes the aura of other people…

So don’t think that by writing affirmations about some person, you can change that person, or attract him or her into your life. Or perhaps, to bring your family together…

That’s an illusion…

Instead, focus on changing yourself and that will lead to an even better reward. You will start to think, feel, act and behave differently, which in return, changes the kind of people and circumstances that will be attracted in your life.

Let’s say you really want to attract your soul mate and there is a woman or a man that you believe is that person. All you need to do is read and feel the affirmations and change the vibration you are in.

If they are in the same vibration, then you will really attract them and the universe will bring you what you want… If they are not, then you will attract somebody else even better.

Remember, you are not trying to change something outside of yourself… Instead you are changing your inner world. You start to live from inwards towards outwards, from the world within to the world without.

You start to see the world from a different perspective, you feel and experience different everything and everyone, while in fact, the world hasn’t change a single bit – you have!

7 Positive Affirmations for Love

  • I love myself, I love all the people around me, I love the entire world
  • I am a unique, special and loving human being, constantly attracting pleasant and kind people in my life
  • I am deeply grateful for all the people I love and for all the people who love me
  • Every day, everywhere I go, and in everything I do, love is in and around me
  • The love that I feel for my family and myself cannot be described with words
  • My soul mate loves me very much for what I am eternally happy and deeply grateful
  • I am a peaceful, pleasant human being filled with love and shiny light

List of Positive Affirmations for Love

5 Bonus Affirmations for Love and Self-Love:

  • I am very proud of all my accomplishments
  • My lovely soul mate is waiting for me to show in his(her) life
  • I respect and love myself, therefore, everyone around me receives that energy and in turn respects and loves me
  • I would give anything for the people I love and they would give anything for me
  • I know that I deserve to be loved so I am open and ready to receive it

 Self Love Affirmations

Make these affirmations your daily routine and turn them into a habit. Read them as often as possible and please put powerful emotions in your voice.

For the ones that are directed towards you, I suggest after finishing with them to kiss yourself. Kiss your hand and truly love yourself (I am personally doing this for a long time and the results are phenomenal).

After a while, your perception of the world will be changed and your life will be dramatically improved.

5 Best Affirmations for Happiness

  • I am the happiest person on the planet
  • I am aware that all happiness comes from inside so I live every moment to the fullest
  • I can find happiness in the small things and I know that all I need in order to be happy are my thoughts and my feelings
  • The purpose of my life is to be happy and to give happiness to all the people I love
  • I am waking up every single day with a smile on my face being grateful for all the happy moments that are awaiting for me

Affirmations for Happiness

The purpose of these affirmations is not to force you into action for you to get something material that will make you happy… instead, it makes you aware that happiness comes from our inner thoughts and feelings, from the way we perceive the world and everything around us.

Think about Buddha, one of the happiest and wisest people that have ever lived according to many, all he needed was just his mind and a small tree where he spent the happiest moments of his life.

I am not saying that you should do the same… all I am suggesting is that no matter how bad your situation might be, regarding your financial situation, health and love life, you can always choose to be happy

3 Effective Relationship Affirmations

  • I am always open and ready for new and loving relationships
  • I know that all my relationships are strengthening and getting better and better
  • All my personal and business relationships are perfect

Affirmations For Love

Bottom Line…

There is no doubt that affirmations have the power and potential to change every aspect of your life. However, no amount of mechanical reading will do you any good.

You must internalize them and put real power and emotions in your voice while reading them.

Be persistent! Do not give up although it might seem from time to time that nothing is happening. Eventually you will reprogram your subconscious mind and your entire perception will be changed.

You will raise your vibrations to such levels, that the universe will reward you with the finest gifts and blessings you could possibly experience in a lifetime.

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6 thoughts on “List of Positive Affirmations for Love, Self Love, Relationships & Happiness”

    • Whenever you can read them out loud Su, do it, and do it with emotions, let the vibrations of your voice slide into your subconscious. The whole purpose of the positive self talk is to put you in a good vibration, to make you feel good. This will ultimately lead to you changing your behavior and actions, which will in turn change the results in your life.

      If and when done right, affirmations and positive self-talk can be powerful.

      Hope that helps 🙂


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