60 Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss and Confidence That Work!

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This article will provide you with a list of positive affirmations for weight loss and confidence. To be more exact, you’ll discover the 30 best weight loss affirmations and the 30 most effective affirmations for confidence.

I cannot promise you that just by reading these affirmations you will achieve your perfect body weight overnight. That would be a lie and that’s something I’ll never do.

However, I can promise you, that if you read them on a continual basis and stay persistent enough, and if you combine them with regular physical activities and a healthy diet, I guarantee that you WILL achieve your desired results because there’s no other way!

It is that simple.

Law of attraction for weight loss

To make the whole process more real to you, I’ll share a very short story of my very dear friend Matt. Please read it before going to the actual affirmations.

My friend used to eat a lot. Really a lot… Fast food was his favorite pleasure and he was literally addicted to it. He really thought that he was meant to be fat and overweight, and that it all had to do something with his metabolism or something. He came to the point when he couldn’t tie his own shoes because he just couldn’t bend down from his enormous body fat.

Then one day he decided that he’s fed up from him living that way. He started running (walking in the beginning) regularly, each and every day. He changed his diet and was on high protein food combined with salads. No fast food, no bread, no sweet things, no sugar. Nada! He was dedicated and determined to succeed.

Well you can guess probably what happened.

In a few months he lost many pounds and he seemed to be doing just fine. He looked refreshed and rejuvenated. He was much happier than how I used to know him and I really thought that he DID IT! But…

Then I hadn’t seen him for a while and the next time we met which was like 4 months later, he was even fatter than I knew him from before.

Why? What went wrong? How could something like that happen?

Well it’s very simple.

It was his self-image he held of himself that dragged him down. Deep down in his subconscious he really believed that he was meant to be overweight and that no matter what he did, he is who he is (overweight non-confident person). We all have our own self-image and most of the time we are not even aware of how much this affects the results we get in our lives.

To keep a long story short, I suggested to Matt few programs that were going to rewire his brain and change his belief system. I introduced him to NLP and some powerful techniques such as affirmations and visualizations.

He didn’t like all of it, but it seemed like he really fell in love with the affirmations. It was easy for him to use them and he quickly turned them into a habit. Now this time, he started exactly the same process as before just with only one difference.

Same exercises, same diet, same program. The only difference in his life was the actual use of affirmations. And he was really dedicated and persistent.

To cut this short…

If you meet my friend today, there is no way on earth you could possibly think that this man could weigh 300 pounds. Just no way! He is confident, his self-esteem and self-image are perfect! And you can do exactly the same thing is you just follow what this article suggests you to.

So enough story-telling, let’s get into the powerful stuff. Choose around 5 weight loss and 5 confidence affirmations from the list below, and say out loud each of them for whole 5 minutes during the day. That would be an exercise of 50 minutes per day.

Keep repeating those 10 affirmations for a week, and then move onto new ones. Put real power and emotions in your voice and stay PERSISTENT!

If you keep doing this, and if you combine it with some regular exercises and healthy food, I guarantee that you will achieve the perfect body weight and shape! There’s no other way!

Let’s dive in…

List of 30 Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

  1. I believe in my ability to love and accept myself for who I am.
  2. I set myself free from all the guilt I carry around the food I chose in the past.
  3. Every day I am exercising and taking care of my body.
  4. Healing is happening in both my body and mind.
  5. Every time I inhale, fresh energy fills my entire being and every time I exhale, all toxins and body fat leave my body.
  6. My health is improving more and more every day, and so is my body.
  7. Everything I eat heals and nourishes my body, which helps me reach the ideal weight.
  8. I am closer and closer to my ideal weight with each and every day.
  9. I am so happy and grateful now that I weigh __________ kilograms/pounds. (Fill in the desired number)
  10. I can do this, I am doing this, my body is losing weight right now.
  11. I am letting go of any guilt I hold around food.
  12. Eating healthy foods helps my body get all of the nutrients it needs to be in best shape.
  13. I am closer and closer to my ideal weight with each and every day.
  14. I feel my desire for fat-rich foods dissolving.
  15. I have a strong urge to eat only healthy foods, and let go of any processed foods.
  16. I am the best version of myself, and I am working hard to become even better. I will lose weight because I want to, and I have the power to do this.
  17. My body is my temple, and I attentively take care of it every day by eating only healthy foods that heal and nourish me.
  18. I am aware that my metabolism is working in my advantage by helping me in gaining my optimal weight.
  19. I am attaining and maintaining my desired weight.
  20. I have the power to easily control my weight through a combination of healthy eating and exercising.
  21. I am grateful to my body for all the things it does for me.
  22. Every cell in my body is healthy and fit, and so am I.
  23. I feel my body losing weight in every single moment of the day.
  24. I always chew my food properly so that my body can digest it and take out the nutrients I need to lose weight.
  25. I believe in my ability to change my habits and create new, positive ones.
  26. I no longer feel the urge to stuff my body with unhealthy foods, and I can easily resist temptations.
  27. I enjoy life by staying fit and maintaining my ideal weight.
  28. I am capable of achieving my weight loss goals, and I will not let anything stay in my way until then.
  29. I accept my body exactly the way it is and I constantly work on improving it.
  30. I completely understand that unhealthy foods do not help me lose weight, so I eat only healthy, nutritious foods.
  31. My metabolism rate is at its optimum level, and this helps me reach my ideal body weight.

Powerful Weight Loss Affirmations



List of 30 Affirmations for Confidence

  1. I am a confident person who is respected by everyone around.
  2. I am a unique and worthy person, and I deserve everyone’s respect.
  3. I accept myself, and I love myself for who I am.
  4. It matters little what other people say. What really matters to me is how I react and what I believe in.
  5. My mind is filled with positive thoughts, and I understand and let go of any negative thought patterns.
  6. I breathe in relaxation and breathe out stress.
  7. I respect myself, and so do others around me.
  8. I choose to accept myself exactly the way I am, and be happy with my life.
  9. I appreciate every single thing I have in my life, and I live in absolute joy.
  10. I feel excitement when life brings challenges to me, and I gladly accept them without any guilt or anxiety.
  11. I replace “I must,” “I have to” and “I should” with “I choose.”
  12. I trust myself, and I have the confidence that I am a worthy person everyone respects.
  13. Meeting new people is easy. I can creative supportive relationships and make new friends without feeling anxious.
  14. I acknowledge both my qualities and defects, and I always strive to improve.
  15. I am a focused person, and I will not quit doing anything when I feel challenged or wronged.
  16. I am kind, loving, compassionate, and I truly care for the people around.
  17. I inhale self-confidence and exhale fear and anxiety.
  18. I have integrity, as I am a reliable person and I always do exactly what I say. Everybody can trust me.
  19. I trust and believe in myself, and I let go of the negative.
  20. Being alive makes me a happy person.
  21. Being myself is good and rewarding, and I always perceive challenges as opportunities to prove my abilities.
  22. I deserve all that is good in this world. I release any need for suffering, and I can feel happiness, confidence and love getting into my body, mind, and soul.
  23. I am enthusiastic and energetic, and confidence is an important part of my nature.
  24. I am healthy, well-groomed, and good-looking, and I acknowledge both my inner and outer beauty.
  25. I thrive on my absolute self-confidence. My life is beautiful, and I enjoy every single moment of it.
  26. I never compare myself to others, as I understand my uniqueness.
  27. Every time I inhale, confidence fills my entire being and every time I exhale, all guilt and shyness get washed away.
  28. I accept myself the way I am, and I am getting better and better in everything I do.
  29. I am a person who easily accepts new challenges.
  30. Change is inevitable and I accept it wholeheartedly.

Losing weight with the law of attraction

Some Final Words…

Action is the key to success. Just the reading won’t do you any good. So take this seriously! Start using affirmations every day in your life and don’t neglect the regular physical activities and well-balanced diet. Good results inevitable. But if you decide to quit and just do what you’ve been doing your entire life, then there’s nothing I can do about it.

Only we are responsible for our results and for the results we get. You now have the ability to choose “where to” from here. I hope you’ll make a wise decision.

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11 thoughts on “60 Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss and Confidence That Work!”

  1. I have been at 226 Ibs. for a very long time and I exercise 3 times a week , but I still need to get to 200 lbs. Do you have any suggestions , I will be glad to hear them. Respectfully Rick Roswarski

  2. Rick roswaski

    don’t worry i lost 5 kgs in 2 weeks

    all i did is drink 5 litters of water ftm mrng 7 – before evening 5 pm

    it’s not a matter do cycling for just 3km up and 3km down total 6km of cycling but with( HIIT training only)

    always remember
    that if u workout for 20 mins in mrng that is equal to 3 times of evening working out..ie 60 mins equality

    these all are not a major issue because they all will just burn low calorie only ,but the main thing is the thinking……. imagine u r burning 1 calorie per or 2 calorie ONE CYCLING PEDALS(RIGHT LEG GOES UP AND AGAIN COMES UP)

    it will do the Magic very fastly

    after free time imagine ur body is shrinking ur chest is shrinking ur stomach is shrinking……etc

    before going sleep lay on ur bed and record ur own voice “my body is shrinking my chest is shrinking my stomach is shrinking…my weight is now 66 kgs etc”

    then put in in Loop listen it atleast 2 times while u r listening ur own voice brai. will understand this is the truth so it will do the subconscious programming inside ur brain….at the 3rd time of ur own voice u will understand u r getting sleepy then put off ur mobile and throw awy the phone….3 times is enough to lose more and more weight loss…….also between 3 weeks i turned my grey hairs into partially black and dimmed silver

    but why u exercise???? because u have to force ur brain to believe that With a reliable reason

    fortunately u have two reasons one is exercise
    second is water

    now ur brain will believe that u r doing and drinking so it turns automatically into the Weight losing….all the magics are happening at the night time where u are seriously listening and imaging by ur voice……
    hope u ll understand ur brain’s power good luck…. I’m in the challenge of losing 85-66 before 2017 jan 1…..

  3. These affirmations are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for publishing this. I will keep you posted on my results.

  4. Hi! I can personally attest that affirmations help with your self-confidence… I was struggling with depression when I was a teenager and using affirmations to boost my positive attitude, and eventually my confidence, helped me get through quite a dark stage of my life.

    I’m also currently using affirmations to keep me going to lose weight… although, it seems to be a bit more slow going 🙂

    However, nice article, thanks 🙂

  5. I have lost 24 kgs over 3 years and need to lose another 10kgs. How much ever I try to stay positive and work on affirmations that hasn’t worked for me :(. If I can email you privately, I can share details on what and all I have undergone. Please help on how to lose more weight by affirmations

    • Shalini, affirmations can be a great motivating
      factor and I strongly believe that they can help,
      but you must also change some of your habits such
      as healthy eating and regular exercise.

      The actual affirmations can help you change your
      thoughts and motivate yourself to do this but
      never forget that without changing your actions
      you can never have results (just by thinking and
      wishing something won’t make it happen in the
      physical world).

      Hope that helps

  6. Thank you for these useful affirmations… Putting them into action in Cambodia with physical activity and nutrition according to Eat Right for your type.


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