Learn Reiki – What it is and how to heal yourself or anyone else effectively

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If you want to learn Reiki and use it effectively in your life, it is necessary to travel back in time and learn about its history and how it all started.

You see… modern medicine as we know it today, didn’t exist just a few centuries ago. People had to come up with different ways to cope with diseases and sickness and heal themselves eventually if they were to survive.

Were they successful in that? Of course they were! That’s why there are so many descendants today and the world’s population has grown to 7 billion people.

Natural healing has been around for many millennia. People used to create their own home remedies and use alternative ways to treat diseases such as special massages, meditation and relaxation, acupuncture in the eastern world, applying special ointments from a variety of herbs and many more methods.

Today, whenever something is wrong with our health, we immediately reach for the drugs and chemicals. Is this something which will benefit us it the long run? Is this the most effective way of healing? No, it’s the most profitable one! (for the corporations and not for you)

Under no circumstance do I suggest that you have to abandon modern traditional medicine and experiment with your health. You shouldn’t do that. What I do suggest is to really think if you can strengthen your health and prevent illnesses and diseases by balancing both your mind and body and maintain a free flow of energy which will keep you in good mental and physical shape.

Reiki originated in Japan and it was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century by a Japanese Buddhist called Mikao Usui. Today, it is only one of the most effective alternative ways of healing and many supporters from both the western and eastern world praise this practice.

You see, our ancestors weren’t fools. They were living a balanced life and they knew that in order to be healthy we have to live a stress-free life. We are becoming more and more aware of this fact today and the “alternative” medicine (which should be our primary one) is gradually winning its role back to popularity.

There are many reasons why people prefer and like it. First of all, it doesn’t leave any trace in our bodies. There are no side effects and we can’t harm our bodies by practicing these natural ways of healing, including Reiki.

Another reason is the price! In spite of the fact that for every disease we treat with chemicals we poison our body and harm other parts of it, on top of that, we have to spend a fortune and fill the pockets of the monopolistic pharmaceutical companies! Well there’s good news, Reiki is totally free and anyone can do it.

There are literally hundreds of benefits by pursuing this method of healing in your life. For example, you are not limited with the time and space. You can do it whenever you want, and wherever you want! No scheduling appointments to the doctor, no waiting for results, no need to walk to pharmacies and spend a fortune, and really, there are no barriers to entry whatsoever.

No matter who you are and where you live – you can become a successful Reiki practitioner.

There is a little downside to this however. In order for you to use the skill effectively, well obviously, you have to master it first. Secondly, an incredible amount of discipline is required!

In this short article it is impossible to learn everything there is to know about Reiki. That’s why at the end of the post I’ll link to certain authorities for more references should you take on this wonderful journey if you’re truly interested.

So how does it actually work?

All stuff in the Universe is made out of energy. If you put under a microscope the plants and the stones, and do the same with the cells of the human body, the planets, the air, the sun or the water – you’ll quickly discover that it is all energy! The tiniest atoms are the same of every animate and inanimate thing in this Universe.

In the eastern world they call this Chi (or Qi). In translation it means “life force”. This Chi is in constant motion, it vibrates all the time – it never rests. The religion has a different name for it – they call it God. This is not an article on religion however…

The basic principle of Reiki states that everything in the Universe is connected, and that we are all but ONE big field of energy. We’re all individualized expressions of that great power, but nevertheless, we are part of the same Universe and we are very much interconnected to everything in this world.

Reiki shows you how to effectively “manipulate” this energy, and by that I mean control it towards ends of healing any mental, physical or emotional issue – this is today proven and done effectively by many Reiki masters.

This practice incorporates the teachings of Buddhism, spirituality in general, the methods of the shamans once active in certain parts of Japan, meditation and many other aspects as well.

And don’t get me wrong – you don’t have to believe in any religion or be a shaman to use this effectively in your life. There’s really no mysticism behind it – it’s just a natural law of the Universe and it works every single time!

Reiki will give you a very good sense of balance. It will promote peace and harmony within the mind, the soul and the body. The basic principle of it is that you MUST maintain a free flow of energy throughout your entire being, and if for some reason you have a blockage in the paths and energetic meridians, you have to free them up and let the Chi circulate naturally.

One famous technique of doing this is the “palm technique” or also known as the “hands-on-healing”. What you basically do with this is you direct the universal life energy towards the pain point and you transfer it to that place which has been previously blocked. The purpose is to reroute the free energy flow and bring balance and harmony to the individual who suffers.

Science has a difficult time accepting this fact. They claim that it is not proven that such a force exists in the Universe. Well let me tell you the following – science is constantly evolving and changing. As new methods and proofs occur, science changes its views and updates the scientific laws.

We once believed that the earth is the center of the Universe and that the sun is revolving around it. Today we are aware that this is not true. The same is true with thousands of diseases for which science and modern medicine claimed that there wasn’t any cure for them, and yet, we found the cure, and science again changed its view!

Do you know that science a hundred years ago “proved” that it is impossible for the person to be in the clouds? They literally could find you 10 thousand reason why it cannot be done. But for the Wright brothers, the word “impossible” didn’t exist in the dictionary and soon they introduced us to a whole new kingdom!

Understand this – science will continue to evolve forever and ever. The natural laws of the Universe will not! They’ve been the same from the very beginning and they will stay the same for all eternity.

Let me tell you a quick story related to this…

An interesting story from my own personal experience

My brother was born with a disease on his both eyes. He couldn’t see clearly and with one of them, he could barely see at all. We tried everything that the “modern medicine” suggested to us. Tens of different eye drops supplied from different countries, special treatments to the doctor, some laser corrections – just all bunch of staff and the end result was – NOTHING. They said the only way to repair the eyesight and to prevent from losing his sight entirely is to make a surgeon which would cost somewhere around a lifetime earnings from the average salary in my country.

I remember how one doctor who claimed to be the best eye surgeon in the country (greedy fool – forgive my speech please) suggested that if we didn’t make a surgery in the next 2 months, there was the possibility for my brother to become blind. Years passed by since that event and my brother never lost his eyesight…

In my country, we have a small city and there’s an old Turkish guy there, living with his family. A friend of ours told us that he was a very good healer and recommended him to us. For many years, he’d been healing people with so called “bioenergy”, or in other words – Reiki! They just call it differently since it has been around for many millennia and the modern Reiki is just a systematized approach which turns it into an entire branch of its own. So even if Reiki was “invented” 90 years ago, that doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist a thousand years ago.

When thinking about going to this person, at first we were very skeptical. When my father discussed this with my mother, he sort of rolled his eyes thinking “Oh boy, here we go. Another dead-end we’ll have to pay for with money which we currently don’t have.”

You see, we were already tired from everything because NOTHING worked. We were just spending time, money and energy for literally nothing – just being scammed by greedy doctors.

You can predict what happened. Yes, we did go to that Turkish man! When your child has a serious health issue such as losing his sight, you’re ready to do anything which might help him or her out.

We arrived there, and that guy told my brother to sit on a wooden chair and to just stare in the distance. He then asked him how he felt – he replied – great! He told him that it would require him to take 10 sessions with him, and that at the end he should expect to better his eyesight for at least 50%!

It did sound like a miracle at the time and we of course accepted it. Now this guy wasn’t one of those who did this for the purpose of helping out without asking for anything back.

There are similar people who heal with alternative medicine in my country and at the end they just say you can pay or you can not – it’s up to you… Of course everybody leaves money on the table, but their purpose is of higher nature.

But this guy, he was different – he was charging a lot. Anyway, we decided that we’re going to see if this is something which would work.

The Turkish man started waving his palms near the eyes of my brother and told him not to close them. He told him to breathe deeply and just relax. My brother did as instructed. After 5 min of waving with his palms without touching him, he asked him if there are any changes. He replied no and kind of glazed over us trying to send the message – We are REALLY wasting our time!

The Turkish man finished the session by placing his hand directly on my brother’s eyes and asked him to look at a distant object and check if he could see it clearly. He couldn’t.

At the end of the session there weren’t any results whatsoever. We paid the man and thanked him. We entered our car and started driving on our way back home and thought – “probably another one of those scammers but who knows, maybe it really requires more sessions to see a change”…

But all of a sudden, after one hour of driving, my brother said that his eyes started to itch him very much. He also said that he could feel some “warmth” which later turned into a “dull heat”. Could it possibly mean something? He didn’t touch his eyes at all, and after another 15min passed by, he said that now they started to burn him and they became red and full with tears.

We were literally in shock – all of us!

Later that day nothing changed with his eyesight but we were determined to go there until the end regardless of how much that man was going to charge us.

To keep a long story short – we repeated this 10 times and the results at the end were shocking! That guy did something which “science” and “modern medicine” said was impossible to do! He proved to us that such a universal life force indeed – does exist – and no scientific proof was required for us to believe in it.

Do you think that my brother (who restored more than 50% of his eyesight btw) will ever believe to science and modern medicine again? I doubt it… Yes he wears glasses today and they can correct his vision to the full 100%, but without the help of that man I doubt that he could see at all.

We wanted to learn more about this practice. We later asked that man if he was born with that gift and he replied no, he learned and systematically developed his skill to mastery.

A quick recap from the story

You shouldn’t abandon traditional medicine and especially not the scientific discoveries, but you have to understand that science doesn’t know everything there is to know, and that there’s a huge “purely profit-driven” motive behind the so called pharmaceutical industry and modern medicine.

The questions remain: Can anyone learn Reiki? Can you do it? Is it hard to master it? The answer is that you can and while it may require some discipline and dedication – you indeed can master it!

There is a phenomenal program which shows you the exact steps from A to Z on how to become a Reiki guru. You will not only be able to heal yourself effectively, you can also help your loved ones!

This all-in-one video course will save you tons of money and spare time, it’ll save you lots of energy and frustration and it will definitely prove to be highly beneficial for yourself, your family, friends and relatives.

If you are really interested in getting the best information regarding Reiki out there – then I highly recommend getting this product as soon as you can.


We’ve come to the end of this article. It is my sincere hope that you will never need to use this, or any other technique or medicine (including drugs and chemicals) in your life. I wish you to stay in good health and always maintain a positive and healthy outlook on life.

If at times you need some guidance and would like to get involved with Reiki, you now know where to look for!

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