What is Kundalini Energy: Healing Technique That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Many people have heard of the term Kundalini, but very often their understanding of this concept is too vague and not precise. What is Kundalini energy? Is Kundalini healing and Kundalini awakening real? Can it be used for healing and improving the functions of your body?

This article will give you the answers to these questions. Read it carefully and with caution.

What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini refers to the life force energy also known as Chi or Prana. Its literal meaning can be associated with “coiling”, just like snakes do…

This energy lies dormant at the base of your spine like a coiled serpent, waiting ready to be activated. It’s associated with the coiled snake because it is a form of powerful untapped energy that sleeps and waits to be awakened.

This energy, although with some substantial effort, can be activated and used through various spiritual practices and techniques, such as meditation, yoga, chakra activation and such.

What is Kundalini and how to awaken it?

Kundalini can be best understood like deep reservoirs of highly creative energy sleeping in every individual, that when activated, can make wonders and miracles.

The changes and potential of learning and using this great power can be beyond any imaginable proportions!

Kundalini yoga on the other hand, is a spiritual, physical and mental discipline that represents the various comprehensive teachings and meditative techniques of the Raja, Shakti, Bhakti, Tantra, Kriya and other yoga practices.

Kundalini is considered to be a Divine Energy

  • Kundalini is the very foundation of our consciousness and as you move this energy up and down your spine and chakras, you actually change your overall consciousness and vibration which leads to enlightenment
  • Many practitioners and experts, consider this energy to be our “Tree of Life” within the body
  • Kundalini is not entirely recognized and accepted by our modern science, however it has been considered and studied in some psychology classes, and is widely used and examined throughout the literature for Yoga and Tantra
  • From a psychological perspective, Kundalini can be best described as an abundant source of libido (sexual energy) which lives in our subconscious mind
  • Kundalini is essentially a form of Prana and in a way, identical to it, however it has some manifestations as a unifying cosmic energy and is deeply related to higher self-consciousness
  • It is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning coiled up snake
  • This sexual energy can have three different manifestations:
    • Para-Kundalini (universal energy)
    • Prana-Kundalini (energizing complex of the body and mind)
    • Shakti Kundalini (consciousness which intermediates between the previous two)
  • In essence, all these are the same, so do not get confused
  • Finally, as Kundalini slumbers at the base of our spine, it can be awakened and like a powerful serpent it rises through our body, leading to many powerful and profound experiences

Kundalini Healing

Awakening the Kundalini

  • As we have a lot of stored up and blocked energy in our bodies, the rise of Kundalini can free us up, purify and detoxify our entire organism.
  • The awakening can be triggered after extended and patient periods of deep meditation practices, extensive yoga, consummation of various drugs, experiencing certain stress or trauma, as well as having near-death experiences.
  • The potential and primal energy which can be found in water is indeed, very similar to the Kundalini.
  • With the awakening, certain channels also known as “nadi” can be opened up, or to be more specific, this is the main and central meridian of energy flow that runs up and down our spine, the place where all the various chakras are, so by awakening kundalini, you can open this channel up

Your Chakras and the Kundalini

  • There are seven chakras in your body, which constantly move up and down your spine. They all have different colors and functions and they are vital for your entire health and well-being.
  • These are your base or root chakra, your sacral or sexual chakra, the navel or solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye and the crown chakra.
  • This is your energetic system, and these are the channels through which energy flows in your entire body. Kundalini travels up and down the body, through the Chakras.
  • The chakras have the form of a “wheel” or “lotus”, and are therefore called, the wheels of your life. They are a form of “Prana” or life force energy. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word, which meaning is literally “wheel”
  • These are not physical organs, they are energetic centers and are located in your ethereal body

The Healing Power of Kundalini Energy

The Healing Power of Kundalini

As mentioned earlier, the advantages and benefits of awakening this powerful energy can be huge…BUT…one must be very careful and cautious not to awake it too quickly, as this can have the exact opposite effect.

Kundalini can either heal you or poison you, it can either create you or destroy you. Therefore the symbol is a serpent, like in the medicine. The medicine too, can either heal you or kill you.

As a matter of fact, by awakening this energy the wrong way, which is by force and with effort before it is ready to be unleashed, it can lead to a great amount of stress and can even psychologically deteriorate the individual doing it.

The perfect way to use this force in your life is going step by step, gradually and gently over time, never rushing, never forcing, never stressing.

Kundalini can indeed purify your entire body and can literally clear and cleanse all blocked channels, by absorbing all the toxins and blocked energy passages.

When your body is healed and completely purified, it is open for expanded consciousness, for a new and powerful vibration that will increase your awareness about yourself and about the entire Universe.

The Advantages of Practicing It into Your Life

Many wise and knowledgeable people believe that this great and amazing sexual energy holds within itself the entire creativity in the Universe.

It is the secret for longevity, the key for perfect health, the essence for harmonious living and the golden ticket for inner peace.

Unleashing and awakening this energy will increase your awareness and definitely bring about changes in both, physical and mental aspect. This can be the source for unlocking your hidden genius, your creative powers, and your higher self!

Unleashing Kundalini is literally a way to connect with the divine, and this can be a very pleasant, very comfortable, very loving and highly transforming experience for anyone.

Awakening The Kundalini Energy

How Can You Know When You Have Awakened This Power

The signs of awakening this great power, can indeed be numerous and different for many people. There is not a single same symptom that will happen to everyone practicing Kundalini awakening. It won’t say, AHA, you’ve just awaken me…

However, there are some general signs that will appear most of the time with the great majority of practitioners. The most common include itching and crawling sensations, abnormal headaches and dizziness, strong energy rushes throughout the entire body, bizarre muscle twitches, problems with the digestion, increased rate of heartbeat, alterations in one’s eating habits, changes in the sleeping patterns, all the way to certain feelings of pain or an emotional obstruct.

There are also other kinds of changes that might occur. Some of these include a strong desire for creative pursuits, higher awareness and a profound new understanding.

Certain interests that are new to the person might be developed, some psychic experiences might be experienced, and generally everyone will feel and experience some sort of sensitivity and enlightenment.

An Effective Technique for Kundalini Awakening

I will give you some techniques here that will help you activate this energy and not only that, but help you with your overall health as well. These techniques if practiced regularly and constantly will surely connect your Mind and Body and will give you inner peace.

They will also bring you harmony and balance. They will teach you to breathe the right way and fill your entire body with oxygen.

Breathing on Your Belly

Many people think falsely that the right way of breathing is up in our chest. They believe that with every inhalation our chest should expand and the belly should contract and vice versa, when exhaling, the chest should contract and the belly should expand.

Actually not only this is not the right way for one to breathe, it’s also a cause for various illnesses and problems associated with our internal organs. Your breathing should be the exact opposite.

Breathe on your belly and with every inhalation, bring all the energy inside your lower Dantian or to your Sacral Chakra. Breathe slowly and calmly. The slower and more peaceful your breaths are, the calmer your consciousness and body will be.

Practice this kind of breathing until it becomes a habit. This is also the kind of breathing that you need in order to practice the other techniques below. It is used also to stop hyperventilation which is a serious cause for many diseases.

Also, remember… keep your tongue touched to the roof of your mouth as this is vitally important. This is the spot where you connect your micro cosmic orbit and create a full circle. Make this a habit.

Breathe On Your Belly Exercise

The Micro-Cosmic Orbit

The Micro-Cosmic Orbits refers to your main energetic meridians or the path that connects all the chakras in your body. These are the two main Yin and Yang Meridians. On your back side, along with your spine, flows the Yang Meridian also known as Du Mai or Leading Meridian. In the middle of your front side of your body, flows the Yin Meridian also known as Ren Mai.

These two main meridians act as your body’s deep reservoirs of energy that supply all other supportive meridians with the sufficient energy for proper functioning.

This is so in the Chinese Medicine and Chi-Kung Practice, otherwise, this would be the pathway that your Chakras move and vibrate on. So what you need to know is that this is your central energetic orbit, and it must be freed from all energetic blockages and interruptions, before ever attempting to unleash the Kundalini.

Here’s how to practice this meditation:

  • Find yourself comfortable and quiet place and dedicate some time just for yourself.
  • Clean your nose and go to the toilet (if you need to go), before you start the meditation.
  • Turn off all cell phones, iPads, Lap Tops, Computers, EVERYTHING! This is time only for yourself and you must travel in your inner world. So please, eliminate all distractions and make sure that nobody will interrupt you.
  • Sit comfortably on a chair, or down on some pillow or cushion. Do not lounge, sit erected, keep your neck and spine straight and touch the floor with your full surface of the feet (if you choose the chair).
  • You are about to increase the flow of your Life-Force Energy or Chi, so start preparing yourself mentally. Start by closing your eyes (they may be open as well) and taking 3 deep and very slow breaths in your belly. Remember, you must keep the tongue connected with the roof of your mouth, as this is the passage point where you close the micro-cosmic orbit.
  • Breathe only on your nose. Keep your hands relaxed, resting on your knees.
  • When thoughts come and interrupt you, cast them aside and focus back on the meditation. After completely relaxing your body and calming your Mind, you move onto the main part.
  • With every inhalation, start imagining and moving your energy starting from your Perineum, up your spine all the way to the top of your head. Keep your energy and breathing there for few seconds and focus on your Bai Hui spot (the center of the top of your head). This is the place where all your Yin and Yang energies meet each other.
  • Start very slowly to exhale and move your energy down your forehead and nose to your mouth, then through your tongue that is connected with the roof of your mouth, all the way down to your throat, chest, belly, and finally again in the Perineum. Keep your energy for few seconds here and then repeat the entire process again.
  • Control your breathing and do this for 9 times. After that, don’t try to control your breathing at all, leave the subconscious mind to take care of it, and focus only on moving your energy.
  • Do this for as much as you can. If you can do it for 40 min great. If it is only 5min, again great. The more your train, the better you will become in this. The energy for some of you might move slowly, for some may move fast. Regardless, just keep doing it, action is the key!
  • If you start to feel some discomfort or irritation, you can cancel the meditation.
  • Finish the meditation whenever you want and open your eyes

Make sure that you practice this regularly. Discipline yourself and control your Mind, it’s the only way how to unleash your most powerful forces and energies.

This is not the only one technique and practice for awakening Kundalini, but it will certainly help you in the process. Regarding your health, just by doing this simple, but yet so powerful exercise for let’s say, one month, you will feel a drastic improvement.

Micro Cosmic Orbit Meditation

Some Final Words…

Unleashing the power of Kundalini can be compared to the process of letting go, and letting life happen and unfold as it should. It has the potential to transform your life entirely, to enlighten you and increase your overall awareness, to improve your health dramatically. It can literally bring miracles in your life.

Kundalini will also awake your spirituality. You will start to see and feel the divine everywhere you go and in everything you do. You will feel the infinite connection with the Universe, with One, it will bring you lot of synchronicities!

What is Kundalini and how to awaken it?

In this article I laid out for you a very good technique that you can use to help this process, and not only that, but to improve every aspect of your life as well.

However, if you want to go deeper into the discoveries of the Kundalini and its potential, consider taking courses and working with a teacher that has sufficient experience with the subject.

You can start slowly and gently, and gradually you will awaken this great power. Nothing will be the same! Your entire perception about life will be changed!

And don’t forget, do not force the process, let it flow, don’t rush and do not stress out, all the pieces will come together and you will live your life to its fullest potential!

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  1. I have had kundalini energy for months now. I have had areas in my body that healed overmight. I feel my chakras vibrating daily. I have had visions and heared something call my name. I have also seen biblical sparkles in thr daytime. I would like to know if there are other things i should be doing?

    • hi ! i wanted to practise this also wanted to know if by practising this one moves away from family life. people dont want to marry and have kids etc. or its just a myth. can you please tell some good centres in delhi where this can be practised


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