Spiritual Healing Methods and How to Find a Spiritual Healer

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Remember that cell phone you had? It did not have many functions, it was just to call and send SMS. Now imagine that you have won a new handset, the latest release with the latest technology. You have many more features, many applications, and many new tools. You can learn to use and enjoy technology, or continue using just the basics. No one is required to use all the functions, but if you learn to use some new features, your life gets easier and better. And the same thing is happening with your human body.

The same technology that is advancing in our electronic devices is advancing in us. This is going to be a long text. I will try to synthesize some of the insights I have recently had about the relationship between technology, self-knowledge and spiritual healing.

Let’s go to technology.

1) Radio

Radio is a technology.  In the past, to change stations, you tuned the dial and changed the frequency. It was turning the knob to go from 89.1 to 102.1. Then the technology advanced and you did not have to change by turning the knob and setting the right frequency. It was digital. Just push a button and jump to the new frequency. So it is with our body. We vibrate at a certain frequency and we do not need to change gradually. We can skip and tune to a new frequency. When you change the frequency of the radio, the songs change. When you change your frequency, you change your experiences in physical reality. You change and your world changes. Hear healing sounds and you’ll get inspired.

2) Television

The television works the same as the radio. Tune to frequency and change the channel. With the difference that on television you can see. You turn into images. It’s an even more accurate way of seeing what you want to live. You put on the channel you want to watch and see the world you want to see. If you want to have fun, put it on an entertainment channel. If you want to suffer, put it in a novel. If you want to feel bad, put it on the police program. Your experience is shaping the channels you watch. We were created in the television generation. So it is very likely that you have been influenced by this technology.

3) Internet

Before we had no power of choice. You had very few options. It was listening to the music the radio played, or watching the program that was going on at the moment. If you wanted to listen to a new radio, you would have to wait for the right time and maybe stay connected all day to listen once, if you were lucky. If you wanted to watch a TV show, you had to wait for the whole week to come in on watch day.

With the internet this has changed. With the internet you have the option. You choose the content you want to read, the program you want to watch, the music you want to listen to. Any time you want. You stop being directed to what the broadcasters want to show you in order to choose what you want to live. And with the possibility of choices, you can develop a new skill even if you want to deal with all about Chakra. The ability to choose which experience you want to have. It seems obvious, but the great truth is that few people actually exercised it. Stop and think. You can now listen to any song in the world of all time. Which one do you want to listen to?


This is where I want to go. Show how the development of technology has helped you change your life.

Keep following me

4) Cellular

Remember the time of the landlines? You could only communicate with others when you were at home and if the other person was also at home. With the mobile, we gain mobility and the ability to access other people at any time. Today we are all the time connected and accessible. We can do interesting reading anytime and anywhere.

And what does it mean?

Your body is developing the ability to connect with anyone anywhere. Do you know when you think about the person and she calls you? This ability to connect the distance began to be developed with greater accuracy.

5) Wi-Fi

Now the internet is available everywhere. Soon we will have wi-fi everywhere. That means you’ll be able to access google from anywhere. Ask questions and get the answer from anywhere. +3G, 4G, Wi-Fi are creating this endless and unbroken connection network.

You access anything from anywhere.

While your cellphone develops the ability to connect with the facebook server from anywhere, your body develops the ability to connect to the universe library from anywhere. Google is on the internet, what the Akashic Records are for our conscience. We are developing the ability to access the universe library and download information and learn much more.

6) Download Speed

Before, a download took hours. It was hours to download a few mega files. Today you make downloads of many gigs in a few seconds. Likewise, you can download and learn things much faster. Your body has developed an ability to process information and learn much faster. Just watch toddlers and see how they learn faster, how they develop faster. And the great thing is that we adults can too. We just did not know that.

7) Social Networks

Before connecting to a person, you had to go a long way. They said they could connect to a person on the other side of the world in 7 steps. Friend of friend of friend of friend, could put you in contact with Obama. Now you can send a direct message to anyone in the world.

The barriers of separation are dissolving.

Almost everyone is approachable.

If you send a message in a fanpage, it is possible that even Pope will read. Think about how you use this feature. Perhaps your mind still believes that you can’t, that no one will read your message. Before you could not have the phone of your biggest idol. Now you can send an inbox to him directly. And he will read. But the truth is that we are all accessible and if we know how to use it, we can create great opportunities.

7) Virtual Reality

This topic is controversial and many people are afraid of hearing this term. I confess I had resistance. Until I get my first experience with a virtual reality glasses adjusted to my dream analyzers. After entering a virtual reality environment that looked like the Matrix Architect’s Room, losing the notion of my physical body, I realized that it was the same thing that happened in my deepest meditations. Absurd as it may seem, we can use virtual reality to enhance our ability to meditate. When you put on a virtual reality glasses, you are teaching your body new ways, making you understand a new reality. And so, it becomes easier to enter into a meditative state of expanded consciousness. I had several incredible experiences with meditation and I can say that some were very similar to what I lived with the glasses.

Synthesizing …

What I want to show with all of this is that our human body is a technology. Perhaps the most advanced of all the technologies that exist in the universe.

And like all technology, it is catching on.

Our operating system has updated. You have a resource capability at your gigantic disposal.

You just have to open up for it.

Detach from the old way of living.

It’s time to stop living as if we were dependent on television, as if we had no choices.

It’s time to learn how we can be co-creators of our reality.

It’s time to learn to take care of our frequency, choose what to tune, select our thoughts and direct to live the experience that we want to live.

It’s time to use the resources we have.

We can learn faster. Learning new languages, developing artistic skills, accessing the knowledge of the universe, empowering our meditations and our ability to visualize.

We can remember all this.

That we did not come here to suffer or be a victim. We came here to create.

If we are made in the image and likeness of God, we can exercise this here and learn to materialize dreams and create a new reality.

And using technology to develop that capability …

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Misha Aliz

Misha Aliz

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