10 Personality Development Tips for A Much Better Life

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If you truly desire to improve your attitude and your entire life in general, then these personality development tips can be the golden ticket for your destination.

Read this article until the end! These tips for personality development, if understood and implemented the right way, can really impact your life dramatically and bring about the change you’ve been long longing for…

Understanding Personality Development

Every human being has the urge to improve him or herself, and to become a better person. Better for themselves and better for the world. This is completely natural because it is the essence of life.

And this by the way, can be associated with any area in your life…

The same force which makes the seed to burst out from the ground and to grow into a tree, is the force that makes us to do something better, or to become someone better.

This is the essence of our Spirit, and this Spirit (God, the Universe, Matrix..call it whatever you want…) is always for expansion and never for disintegration. If you run, you want to run faster, if you sing well, you want to sing even better, if you earn good amount of money you want to earn even more, and so on.

No matter how old or young you are, there is always a space & time for improvement. In the following text, you’ll discover some excellent personality improvement tips, so read carefully and put this valuable advice to work in your life…

10 Excellent Personality Development Tips

1. Know Thyself

If we want to improve anything in our life, not just our personality, we first must know who we are…

A very wise man once asked me – do you know who you are? My answer was obvious, of course, I am Zdravko… No, he said… That’s just your name. I am not my name… well it makes sense doesn’t it? I am not my name! You are not your name!

Well, I said, this is me – while pointing on my body. No, he said… that is just your body… You never hear body is going to take a walk today, or body is going to eat pizza… No, we say I am going to take a walk, I’ll eat pizza… This made perfect sense to me! I am not my body, and neither are you!

Well who am I? Who are you? Who are we? Here is your answer…

Know Thyself

We are spiritual beings living in a physical body. We have been gifted with an intellect which represents the conscious part of our mind. We have the ability to consciously think, and we all are expression of one same power…

Every religion teaches you that. You might say, I’m atheist, I don’t believe in God…

Then every science teaches you that… Today thoughts and emotions can be measured with special devices. You (Spirit) can be seen on a special device which shows the aura coming out from your body in different colors.

We are spiritual creatures, vibrating at a frequency that cannot be seen with our eyes, the same way, we can’t see the air but we know that it is there and that we breathe it!

By understanding how to operate with our thoughts or better yet – with our conscious (intellectual) and subconscious mind (spiritwhich penetrates all time and space, it’s in me, it’s in you, it’s in everything), we can change anything we want in our life.

So the first thing is to understand that you are not physical. You are much more than that, and the power that you possess is phenomenal!

Ask yourself, where do your thoughts come from? Do they exist? You can’t see them… But wait a minute, you are talking to yourself… is this real? You are reading this text at this very moment and every word and sentence produce a specific image that you see on the screen of your mind. Is all of this real?

When I say “rabbit”, immediately, a picture of a rabbit is shown on the screen of your mind. When you read “elephant”, the picture of a gigantic elephant immediately is projected in your mind.

But you know, there is no rabbit, and there is no elephant in the outer world… It’s just your imagination and the image stored in the memory of your subconscious that pops out when you see(read) or hear these words.

However, your imagination IS real, all your thoughts ARE REAL for your subconscious mind! Every single thought that you think!

It is real, it is very real, and it is a subject which unfortunately has been pushed away with society norms and cultural traditions… We rarely ever ask the important questions… instead, we occupy ourselves with meaningless things at the same time forgetting to live our life…

So, study yourself, study the conscious and subconscious mind, and study the laws of the universe… This is the first step in developing your personality.

If you want to learn how your Mind functions and to really take an advantage of it, then I highly recommend to take a look at a great course, which describes all of this in detail.

Discover the secret powers of your Mind – visit the official website of Mind Secrets Exposed by clicking here, and your life will never be the same again…

Mind Secrets Exposed

2. Discover Your Strengths and Weaknesses

This is very important because our personalities are not perfect, we all have weak points and we all have strong characteristics.

Start by analyzing your thoughts and your self-esteem.
How do you feel when you think of yourself? Is the first feeling that comes good or bad? What is your biggest positive side? What is your weakest point?

Strengths & Weaknesses

If you try to analyze yourself better, you will discover that we operate by habits. Almost everything we do is habitual. Try to identify your habits including your way of thinking.

It is very important that you eliminate your weaknesses – meaning to improve in those areas, or at least neutralize them. Find your strengths and make them even stronger…

Know yourself… not what color or meal you prefer, what is your favorite hobby or sport, but who you actually are, what are your deepest beliefs and what are your good and bad habits…

For example… You might find out that you often get angry, or that you are getting nervous when talking to strangers etc. Work on your weak points, discover some anger management techniques, meditate and increase your self-confidence.

You might also find out that you are very good at selling, or marketing. Your job is to improve these skills and make them even better. Improve your selling abilities even more, learn how to communicate and market to others even better. (Note that these are just random examples… there are literally thousands of personality traits that you can analyze and very likely this example does not suit you – find out your own unique personality traits!)

You get the point…  The world loves stable, self-confident people that are good at something and people with hardly any weaknesses. Nobody is perfect, but the winners always are striving for perfection, and by reading this text and this website that’s what you are – A Winner!

You are trying to improve yourself, you are seeking ways to overcome problems and obstacles, and you will succeed, you have to!

3. Practice the Skill of Positive Thinking

Thoughts are very powerful.  We literally become what we think about. Thoughts are the reason people become rich, healthy and happy… or poor, sick and miserable.

Practice Positive Thinking - Be and Think Positive

Mastering the skill to think positively and therefore feel positive, brings you in a state of happiness with an open mind – it brings the best out of you.

You start to attract only positive things in your life…. What actually happens is that your vibration changes and you start to attract what corresponds with your frequency!

This is an actual skill that you can develop with practice, so keep that smile glowing and those positive thoughts rolling, and you will find that this world is a much better place to live in!

4. Identify Fear and Overcome it

Everybody knows that overcoming fear isn’t easy, and that fear is holding us back from all our accomplishments.  You mustn’t let fear be the reason for your failures.

Fear is our biggest enemy that ever has, and that ever will exist in our life… Have you ever passed an opportunity just because you were scared? Have you ever let fear stop you from doing something?Identify Fear

Well you see… if you did and if you keep doing this, it will become a habit and you don’t want that… To have FEAR as a habit it’s the worst thing that can happen to a person, your personality just starts sinking, your self-esteem vanishing, anxiety and depression start to occur.

Believe me… failure is way better than not trying.  As the saying goes “You’ll never know if you never try”, you should never doubt your capabilities and always try to give the best of you.

Try to identify your hidden fears and eliminate them from your life. Focus on your goals and don’t let other people’s opinions to let you down!

Remember you’re the one trying, not them, and that’s why you will succeed. You may not do everything from the first try but you shouldn’t let that be the reason you shouldn’t keep on trying.

Here are some common fear types to look for:

  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of ill health
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of losing love
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of ___________(put your own)

Find them and eliminate them by accepting the worst scenarios and saying to yourself that you will try to do better. Just accept that you might be poor but say that you will give all you’ve got to become rich.

Do the same with all the other fears that you identify in yourself.

5. Increase the Levels of Your Confidence          

We all know the impact of confidence in our life. Consider developing this trait, which can be mastered like any other skill in life…

Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is believed to be the key to improving your personality. You must never doubt your chances or your capabilities. You mustn’t let fear be the reason for your weak personality.

Always encourage yourself to do better than you’re doing. Find ways to boost your self-esteem, to improve and to become the better person that you wish to be.

Read powerful affirmations, meditate on a daily basis, exercise regularly and study as much as you can, you sure will increase your levels of confidence

6. Boost Your Social Life

Always try and make an effort to meet new people. Expanding your circles of friends, associates and business contacts i  Boost Social Lifen general is bringing a lot of advantages.

Being a highly sociable person tends to produce sympathy and attraction in others, so it will definitely boost your personality by making you a friendlier and more interesting person.

Look for opportunities, go on different events, participate in social gatherings and be proactive, soon you will build your identity and reputation.

7. Be Humorous and Fun

Everyone wants to be near a person which makes them laugh. Nothing can replace a good laughter! Laughing is a healing process, and it is such a positive emotion.

It brings you joy and happiness, and it connects you with others on a deeper level, so practice this skill.

Try to notice only good things in others and approach life from a more optimistic point! Do not judge and criticize, do not always look into stuff in a serious way, instead, try to smile as much as you can.

8. Meditation

The Power that meditation can have over our lives is phenomenal!

If you utilize this great technique for gaining inner clarity, peace of mind, control of thoughts and order in your mind, your personality will improve so much, that people will envy you!

The Beach Meditation

Meditation gives you control and wisdom, remember that.

9. Be Yourself – (Your “BEST” Self)

Everyone has their own flaws and bad sides. As mentioned earlier, nobody is perfect! Your job is not to try to be someone others want you to be, or to try to emulate other people’s behaviors and ways of thinking with the purpose of scoring likes in others.

Some people try to fit in other groups in which they do not belong… Others try masking their personalities and imitating somebody else…

No, be unique, respect yourself, understand that even the smallest stones of all the sandy beaches in the world – ARE NOT THE SAME! There’s not a single one alike you know… Everything is unique!

The whole universe is made this way, and you and I are part of it, so do not try to break this great law. Stay unique and learn to love and accept yourself the way you are.

10. Have an Opinion

Having you own personal opinion on various subjects, establishing identity and having your inner strong beliefs makes you a more interesting and attractive person in the eyes of others.

So develop your attitude and never be shy to share an opinion even if it may start a conflict. Be self-confident and respect yourself.

Mind Secrets Exposed

3 Bonus Tips:

Learn to Love and Understand Others

Nobody likes a self-centered and a cruel person full with hate. Negative emotions are so powerful, we are not even aware of the destruction they are able to make.

That’s why we must understand that by being hateful and negative, not only do we harm others, but we do this to ourselves as well. Actually we suffer the most from this negative attitude…

Learn how to forgive, understand and love people the way they are, accept the things that you cannot change, instead, work only on yourself.

 Learn to Love, Understand and Forgive Others

Understand that your inner world creates your outer world, so logically, if you want to change the results that you’re getting, you must change your way of thinking and feeling.

Search only for good things in every situation and in every person you meet and try to control your emotions.

Become a Better Listener

This may not seem as an important factor but it actually is. Remember that in every conversation or interaction there are two sides and you should always concentrate on the other person.

Being a better listener makes you have a more likable personality. It is the foundation for effective communication and it can be mastered like all other skills in life.

It will help you become more aware of the situation with whoever you’re talking to. This can have a very positive impact in your relationships with other people and that is always what highly successful people are doing.

When you are interacting with other individuals, don’t listen for the intent to reply, listen to understand and feel the message that other people are intuitively trying to send.

Respect each individual you in contact with and treat them as you would yourself. It sure will change your life for the better…

The Magnitude of Gratitude

Create a personal diary, or simply grab a regular notebook and write down all the things that you are grateful for. Write down the things that make you feel proud of yourself. Write down all your accomplishments, regardless of what proportion they might be.

Magnitude of Gratitude

Expand and keep expanding this list for as much as you can. Notice how all these great things about you and your life make you feel, and concentrate on that feeling.

Read this list everyday for at least 2 times a day! It’s best right after waking up in the morning and at night, before you go to bed. If you keep doing this long enough, your vibration will change so much, you will be a new person!


You should by now know that there are literally hundreds of personality development tips that can be used to improve your life. In this text we tried to touch on few important and essential ones.

However, the following is the main message that you must understand and internalize:

Never stop learning and improving yourself! Never give up regardless of problems and obstacles, and always respect and believe in yourself! You are the only creator of your destiny so keep trying and moving onward. 

Soon, your life will be completely changed and you will live a wonderful, happy, joyful and fulfilled life. Remember, the only person who fails in life, is the one who never tries or quits after trying!

Mind Secrets Exposed

And do not forget, ACTION is the key! Do not just “read” these personality development tips. Go on and take action… Work on each one at a time, and do everything you can to improve them.

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