Positive Attitude at Work: 8 Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever

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Your positive attitude at work in great amount depends from the type and character of the job that you have. It’s also highly dependent on your way of thinking, on your belief system and on your habitual thought patterns.

Do you like your job? Are you really interested in the achievement of good results? Is your working experience pleasant, inspiring and motivating? Is your job position the one you’ve dreamed about all your life? Do you enjoy collaborating with your associates?

This revealing article will offer 8 excellent tips that will really change your life at work. Read it carefully until the end and take action.

Why Many People Don’t Like Their Job?

Most of the time, people apply and get hired somewhere as a result of a random application, perhaps in a place where there has been a need for a new employee, where they promised a good and a regular salary, and usually for a position not suitable for the applicants needs and desires. According to some statistics almost 80% of the people don’t work what they’ve exactly specialized for or what they truly desire to do in life.

Even if the job position is related to one’s specialization, it still doesn’t mean that the candidate is going to like it and enjoy it.

Unfortunately, a big percentage of the people do not like their jobs, in fact they hate going to work, and their attitude towards it is far from positive…BUT… there are the lucky ones, the happy ones, the people that are ready to work all day long and enjoy every single second doing it.

They feel themselves enthused, fulfilled and useful. They are inspired and motivated, they are realizing their mission in life and they enjoy every single bit of their working life. Their attitude is not only extremely positive, but it’s creative, innovative and productive as well.

Well the obvious question is how do they do that? What’s their secret?

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First of all, they love what they do. They have a definite goal and they have specific demands from their life. They know where they are going and they know that they’ll get there. But you might say, not everyone can work what they want. Some people are scared to take the risk and they are more of the average type.

Regardless of what category you belong in, the following tips will help you to change your attitude towards your job and working life, and they’ll certainly make you a more positive person.

And this is not related only to traditional jobs and companies. This can be related to having your own company, working from home, freelancing, being self-employed doctor or notary, all the way to agriculture and crafting. It applies to every single job out there…

While a perfect scenario because of the many factors regarding your job position is hard to be guaranteed, the principles and advice laid out below, will help you immensely and very good results can be expected in a relatively short period of time, so let’s dive in!

Positive Attitude At Work

Tips for Creating a Highly Positive Attitude at Work

These are some of the tips you might want to utilize and take advantage of:

1. Look at the Positive Side & Create a “Magical” Chart 

Every single task, even the most boring one, will surely give you more satisfaction if you just keep looking at the positive side of it, which definitely exists in every job and task. I know that there are many negative aspects in almost every scenario. And that’s the case most of the time… people seem not to be able to find anything that’s good about their job.

However, everything is Yin & Yang, there’s positive and negative in everything. Even the things that frustrate you can be seen as positive. You may ask how that is possible… Well, let’s suppose that you have a boss, and he or she has a terrible attitude. Let’s suppose that this person is an unhappy individual, disrespectful, highly incompetent and even offending to others.

The obvious question might be what’s positive in ANY of the above characteristics.

The positive attitude in a scenario like that one is to STAY cheerful, joyful, peaceful, positive and motivated, EVEN if you are facing a boss with such a terrible personality. Now this requires some effort from your side. It requires you to control your mind, to choose your own thoughts and feelings, and not to let the outer world influence your thinking and emotions. This might be hard, but if you can master that, you can master anything…

So that’s definitely a good thing mindset for you, when facing any negative situation. Just repeat to yourself: “I can overcome anything; I can stay positive even in the most unpleasant negative situation I experience in my life!” Make it a challenge!

You see, the Mind can’t think two things at the same time. You will either focus on one or the other. So if you choose to think on the positive and repeat the affirmation above, whenever something freaks you out and frustrates you, you will soon eliminate all negative thoughts that occupy your Mind.

There are literally thousands of bad aspects of people’s working places, and this was probably a very bad and pessimistic scenario, most of the times, bosses are not that bad… Nevertheless, they are problematic and that’s exactly why we call them bosses, not leaders 🙂 …

So regardless of what problems you’re facing, here’s what to do…

Write down a chart of all the positive aspects of your job. If you can’t think of anything good, just write everything that’s wrong with your job. Then just use that above technique like with the boss above. Try to stay positive even though you are facing a negative and unpleasant situation.

For the good aspects, an example would be that your job helps you to be independent, you are capable to provide yourself with clothes and food, it allows you to pay for your rent or debt for your apartment, bills or kinder garden for your kid, it gives you some social status or maybe you have a lot of nice people in your working team.

Write everything down on a sheet of paper or a journal. Keep expanding the list as much as you can. This will soon become your “Magical Chart”, and that’s exactly how it works when done properly – like pure Magic!

The next task in order to make it work, is to read this chart every day before going to work and after coming back. Also, read it right before you go to sleep and immediately after waking up. If you keep doing this for just 90 days, you will not be able to recognize yourself in a short period of time!

Your attitude will not only be positive, but productive, enthusiastic, cheerful and encouraging as well.

The Most Awesome Team Work

2. Go Back In Memories

In the moment when you will be completely relaxed just spend few minutes to get back in your memories, and visit your first day at your present job. What was the feeling like when you first entered the room? Were you inspired and enthused?

Probably, at the beginning your job seemed very different than it seems now. Remember the details, how excited you were in your first working day, how friendly and pleasant your colleagues appeared…

How were you dressed? What did you talk about with your associates, what was the aura of the collective? What were your first tasks like? Experience again those pleasant moments of the past, but do not compare them with the present situation. This will give you a certain energy charge of a good mood.

Do this more often. Try to remember the good moments and aspects of your working position and have them constantly in your mind. Next time when you go to your working place, bring this good vibration with you and try to keep it regardless of the negatives all around you. Remember, you are doing well to yourself and soon, your positive vibration will be felt by everyone.

3. Positive Emotional Triggers

Write down on the paper all positive emotional triggers about your job, everything that you can remember.  These can be something like the nice smell in your working office, the beautiful flower that makes you calm every time you look at it, the beautiful smile of your colleague that cheers you up every time you see it, maybe a nice song that’s being played constantly of the computer, or literally ANYTHING that makes you feel good.

There must be something, it can’t be all that bad…just look for it and you’ll find it!

Attach it in some prominent place so you will read it several times a day; try to notice only the good things in your working process.  Whenever you catch yourself on one of your negative thoughts and emotions, immediately tell yourself: STOP! Consciously replace negative thoughts with positive, update your list of positive emotional triggers and fill up as new options come.

Do not expect big changes immediately, especially not in the first week. Do this for a longer time, 3 months at least, and do not let the negative outer circumstances influence your thinking and behavior.  You should be patient and faithful if you want to create a highly positive attitude at your work.

Be Professional and Friendly

4. Be Professional and Friendly At the Same Time

Look to yourself attentively, how do you dress and behave at work? Would you like to work with a person like you are? Are your clothes showing respect to your working position? Are your gestures and movements calm and wise or are you constantly under stress and in a negative vibration?

Maybe you don’t see problems from that aspect and surely professionalism is highly important, but friendship, cheerfulness and unwillingness to gossip are appreciated as well, so take all of that into consideration.

Ask yourself…How does your face look like when you enter your workplace? Break the stereotypical behaviors… Are you always gloomy enjoying only your lunch breaks and Fridays? Are you constantly complaining about your salary, or your colleagues, or perhaps your dumb boss?

Why don’t you start treating your job as a place where there are happening a lot of interesting and funny things? Why not to look at it like the place where you can get joy and inspiration from a lot of things, like informal communication with the colleagues, sharing jokes with the boss, working as a team on some creative projects, collaboration with the clients (there are also a lot of interesting people among them).

Change your behavior and perhaps even your wardrobe!

5. Trust and Friendship

Many people are convinced that it is better not to trust anyone at work, to mind your own business, and to better not make a friendship with the colleagues. Their 8 hours per day pass by like in a vacuum.

Remember that your aloofness can push away your colleagues from you, and like result of it- make their attitude negative towards you, which will not make you happy in return. Even if you consider yourself independent from the opinions of others, it is still undeniably affecting even the most insensitive person.

Whatever you may be doing and whoever you work with, feel like you are a member of the team. And remember that you have the power to make staff more friendly, pleasant and cohesive towards you.

In the team, you can get confidence in your professional qualities, make friends or buddies at least with whom there is always something to talk about, to get support in the difficult moments of life.

Trust and Friendship

Of course there are exceptions about everything. Sometimes the relations in the team add up in such a way, that even the most interesting work can not compensate their bad character. The person receives huge negative premise from the colleagues, and in this case the best solution is to change the job.

However this is a rare scenario, because most of the time, people are not that bad, our perception and attitude towards them is what makes them appear like that. So always try to work on yourself first before you come to the conclusion that you need to change your job.

6. Love What You Do and Do What You Love

By having a positive attitude at work, remember that life will answer to you in exact proportion to your vibration. After all, professionalism and career growth occur only in people who enjoy and love what they are doing. Always keep in mind that, happy person is the person that goes at work with great enthusiasm and returns home with joy and a smile on his face.

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This means you must love what you do. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that you’ve specialized for at school, but it must be something that you enjoy doing, at least the greater part of it.

I mean, who wants to spend this lifetime (and it’s the only one we’ve got), working something we absolutely hate, doing it for other people not for us, and spending time in mere surviving, day by day without any inspiration, desire and motivation to be and have more in life!?!

Go Out With Your Colleagues

7. Have an Off-Work Active Life with Your Associates

Go out with your colleagues. Most of the time, in almost every working place, there are stressful things and circumstances that are influencing all of you.

If your colleagues think about their job, and a negative picture flashes out on the screen of their mind, they probably put you in that picture as well, because everything is connected. You are part of their working experience. It’s the same for you, if your attitude towards your job is in general negative, probably in that picture your associates are included as well.

So try to have as many positive moments with your associates as you can. That way, when you (and they) will think about your job, the picture will be much brighter and more positive.

Hang out together, go regularly in a café, spend some weekends together, watch TV together, or maybe go to the movies. You can sometimes go and ride a bike, hike or even dance in a club. It can be anything as long as all of you feel good and comfortable.

So call right now your favorite colleague and ask them to go out!

8. Getting Rid of the Negatives 

Try to control your mind. Meditate often and be conscious of your inner world. Monitor your thinking and try to catch yourself when negatives start appearing. There are many techniques how to do this so I will here give you three excellent techniques:

  • The STOP Technique [Whenever you catch yourself having a negative internal dialogue simply yell STOP at yourself and immediately start thinking about something else]
  • The Exaggeration Technique [When you experience negative thoughts, exaggerate them to the ridiculous. For example: You are thinking “I might lose my job, I don’t care about that, that job sucks anyway, but what am I going to do, I’m in debt, my…etc. etc.”, what you do with the exaggeration technique is the following:

Not only I am going to lose my job, but I will probably lose my house, my car, my spouse will leave me, I will probably get this illness and my organs will start falling, I’ll lose my hands and legs and I will end up on the street, begging for mercy and a few cents, and people will say to me, you are running out of luck poor soul, aren’t you?” Make it to the ridiculous and absurd and the negative will not have power over you, but remember, if you only exaggerate you’ll only make it worse, it must be absurd, totally ridiculous, next to impossible!]

  • The Mindful Observation Technique [What you do here, is when you experience a negative thought pattern (Perhaps: I hate my boss and that idiot John, he’s just a jerk, I hate my job! I’ll quit, I, I…”) you start to observe it and keep repeating to yourself “I’m just having another negative thought, it’s just a negative thought, it’s just a negative thought…”]

These techniques will weed out all your negatives and if you are persistent and patient enough, you will eventually achieve inner peace, and not just for your job, but for everything in your life.

Some Final Words…

There are many factors on which your attitude is dependent. We can’t say that creating and maintaining a positive attitude at work is an easy task. However, it is possible and indeed, you can achieve it, especially if you are willing to put your heart and soul into it.

These activities and exercises are what you need. But I’ve got to warn you…Just by reading them you will not improve your attitude a single inch, ONLY the practical implementation is what will give you results!

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So step into action! Follow these tips and you will notice drastic changes in a relatively short period of time. If you are willing to be persistent and patient, after 3-6 months, you will not be able to recognize your own self!

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