15 Great Self Esteem Building Activities & Exercises For Teens and Adults

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Discover the best self esteem building activities and exercises that will transform your entire life! And these are for both kids, teens and adults, so regardless of who you are and what age you are, they will work for you perfectly fine!

But first, let me ask you a few questions…

Do you have problems with your self-esteem? Do you have trouble boosting your confidence and accepting yourself the way you are? Are you looking for some effective self esteem building activities and exercises that actually DO work?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you some of the most effective self esteem activities that will literally change your self-image.

These exercises work and they’ve been tested time and time again. Even some psychiatric institutions are recommending most of the techniques elaborated below, so I suggest you to pay close attention to them.

Let’s begin…

Self Esteem Building Activities & Exercises

There is no chronological order of these, you can use them interchangeably and simultaneously. The ordering here is just for simplification purposes.

1. The Three Compliments Journal

If your mental picture about yourself is not the best in the world, you definitely need some kind of exercise to improve it – and the three compliments journal is the way to go.

First, you will need a blank journal, a notebook, or an agenda, and a pen or a pencil. When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, then grab the journal and pen, and give yourself three compliments.

Perhaps you like how your eyes glow in the morning light? Or maybe you appreciate how your hair looks today? Perhaps you believe that you are a smart and intelligent person? Just find anything… anything that you appreciate in yourself, things that make you feel good about yourself.

The goal is to focus on your positive sides, and you will find them, if you only LOOK for the goods sides.

Write down the compliments, read them aloud in front of the mirror and congratulate yourself. Then let your day go on as usually.

This will allow you to encourage self-love, self-respect and have a better mental picture about your own worth. While at first it might seem even stupid to do this exercises, and you might get the feeling that “you’re wasting your time” – believe me, this exercise is powerful! It’s like filling a big barrel of water a drop by drop each and every day – do it for one week, nothing happens, do it for 3 weeks, nothing happens – but do it for long enough and soon, one day, you’ll realize that the entire barrel is FULL with water.

Just ONE drop at a time! That’s what this exercise will do for you – do it long enough, and one day your self-image will be COMPLETELY changed!

2. Pay Attention to Your Desires and Needs

All of us are consisted of three parts: our Body, our Soul and our Mind. If you are to live a truly fulfilled and happy life, you must develop and take care of all three of them.

Start listening to their cries and desires. Maybe your body is telling you that you are completely out of shape, it says that it needs to be exercised and that it doesn’t feel comfortable. Go ahead and do it, stretch at home, go in the gym, jog on the street or perhaps hike the nearest mountain.

Perhaps your soul wants you to see some dear person that you haven’t talked to in a while. Maybe it is a dear friend of yours, your brother or sister, or perhaps your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Do it, listen to your soul, go on a cup of coffee and spend some time with that person. It will fill your heart with joy!

What about your Mind? Maybe it’s telling you to listen to some special piece of music, to learn a new language, to clear up your yard or buy a new bicycle, or simply that it is time to meditate and calm it. Whatever it needs, step into action, and do it!

BONUS – The High vs Low Self Esteem Profiles

Instead of writing, I decided to give you a visual picture for best comparison. Take a close look at this as it is vitally important! In which column do you belong to?

Press “Ctrl +” to zoom the picture and see it more clearly.

High vs Low Self Esteem - Tips and Advice

Now if you recognize some of these in your personality, don’t panic. I tossed this in for your benefit, just for you to become aware of some bad self esteem attributes. No reason to worry!

By doing these self esteem building activities you will eliminate most if not all of the above!

3. Start Eating Healthy and Take Proper Care of Yourself

Change your diet. Start nurturing your body with healthy foods. They not only influence your physical health, but mental as well. Buy more fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, cereals, and whole grain products.

Make fresh homemade juices, full with vitamins and antioxidants. Avoid junk food, food rich with sugars, fat and salt, and please, avoid meat and dairy products, and especially processed vegetable oils. If you want the meat that much, eat only fish or chicken.

Exercise regularly. Make a schedule and do it every day even if it is a simple exercise, like stretching in the morning, or walking in the park. Perhaps you could try yoga? How about martial arts? They always increase people’s self-esteem and confidence, there’s no doubt about it!

4. Take Proper Hygiene

Hygiene is crucial for feeling comfortable in your own skin. We operate by habit and most of the time we neglect this important aspect of our life. Perform personal hygiene tasks that really make you feel good.

These can be anything from taking showers every day, making a special hairstyle to yourself, manicure, pedicure, or cleaning your teeth with a special thread or toothpaste.

The goal is to feel comfortable in your own skin.

5. Dress Something That Makes You Feel Wonderful

The title says it all… Just pick up your most favorite clothes from your wardrobe and wear them. If you can’t think of anything good, go and buy something for yourself. Choose something really good even if you have to pay a little bit more.

Wearing good clothes always has a positive impact on your mood.

Conversation Chemistry

6. Make a Self-Esteem Collage

Many people lose their self-esteem when they forget about their hopes, aspirations, and abilities – or when they let others eclipse them with hurtful comments.

One particular exercise that will certainly remind you what a valuable individual you are, is making a self-collage, and hanging it on a wall in your bedroom.

Take a large piece of poster board and a stack of magazines to go through, then browse their pages to find pictures that represent yourself, your talents, abilities, and aspirations. This will help you remember who you are, and what you are capable of – not what others say you are capable of.

Create a Self Collage and Set Up Challenges

7. Set Up Challenges You Can Achieve

One of the most common causes of low self-esteem is the inability to achieve your goals. How many times have you admonished yourself for not completing a project up to your supervisor’s expectations? And how many times have you felt completely worthless after failing to shed the extra pounds?

Many times, the goals you set are not realistic for you, hence they cannot be achieved – so it is no doubt that you fail to accomplish them.

To improve your mental image about yourself, set up challenges you can achieve. At least in the beginning to start feeling good, then by all means, go for the big dreams.

For instance, make exercising part of your day-to-day routine – it will not be that difficult to find 10-20 minutes a day for a bit of fitness or yoga, and you will certainly feel so much better about yourself at the end of the day.

Lose Weight and Look Younger With Yoga

As you gain more self-esteem, you can gradually make these challenges, well, more challenging, so your accomplishments will be even more satisfactory.

8. Reinforce a Good Self-Image with Affirmations

When you think of yourself, what feeling do you get first? Do you like yourself? What is the picture that flashes instantly when you think of “you“?

Start using Affirmations and strengthen your self-image. Read them on a constant basis and be persistent. Changing your perception for yourself and replacing your self-image with a new one, takes time and effort.

Say right now: “I know I am a worthwhile person! I believe in myself in my abilities. My self-confidence is high and I can do anything I want in life. People love me and respect me, and I nothing can stop me from becoming who I want to be!

Here are some of our great articles on this topic:

You can read this article until the end and then come back and visit some of these articles.

9. Do Something Nice for Yourself

When your self-esteem is low, you tend to believe and think that you do not deserve anything good. For this reason, you never allow yourself to enjoy life to the fullest, and you never do anything nice for yourself.

A great way to improve your self-image is learning to love yourself, and show appreciation for yourself. Do something nice that would make you happy – for example, schedule a spa session, or get a new haircut.

Do Some Good For Yourself

If you are the type of person who loves being up-to-date with all fashion trends, then go ahead and buy yourself that handbag or shoes you have always dreamed of. Even better, buy a new lens for your digital SLR camera.

Doing something nice for yourself will make you feel better about who you are, which will certainly improve your self-esteem.

10. Practice Laughing… at Yourself Also

Many people tend to be very serious, and studies have shown that this can decrease life enjoyment, along with self-esteem, at a great deal. If your self-esteem drops a little whenever someone teases you, the only solution you have is laughing… at yourself.

Developing a healthy sense of humor can help you improve your self-esteem, especially if you learn to make light of life, and give up taking yourself so seriously. If someone makes a joke that is unintentionally hurtful, laugh. If someone makes a joke that is meant to be hurtful and humiliating, just laugh. Don’t receive that energy…

Chances are, everyone else will be surprised by your reaction, and those who tried to humiliate you will not bother next time. Moreover, not giving them the satisfaction of seeing how much you dislike the joke, or how much it hurts you, will help your self-esteem thrive.

11. Make a Self-Esteem Bucket

Another great self-esteem activity is the self-esteem bucket – one that you will definitely find both amusing and interesting, plus very inspiring.

Take a plastic bucket, and hammer in several nails into its bottom. Fill the bucket with water – that will be your self-esteem. Now start removing the nails – the hurtful comments or life experiences that have led you to having such a bad mental picture of yourself.

Cure For Social AnxietyOnce the bucket is completely empty, begin to brainstorm ways to plug the holes – and hence improve your self-esteem. For example, healthy exercise, a strong family, earning more money by starting a new business or working from home, working on your love life, and other activities you find pleasure in.

If you are wondering about it, the goal of this exercise is showing you what hurtful life experiences, and negative things others have said to you, can actually do to your self-esteem. Furthermore, it will show you that the only reason why you question your worth as a person are those experiences and negative comments, which will certainly make you feel much better about yourself.

12. Make a Contribution

Increasing your self-worth is a matter of what you do to be worthy in your own eyes – and there is no better way of improving self-esteem other than making a contribution.

For example, you may help clean up your neighborhood, or volunteer for a local cause.

Make a Contribution and Volunteer

If you are still in high school or at university, you might offer to help one of your classmates improve his grades, because yours certainly are. If you are good at something, and know someone who would like to be too, give him a helping hand – he will surely appreciate your efforts, and you will feel worthier at the end of the day.

13. Find a Hobby You Can Pursue Independently

Hobbies can help you enrich your creativity, and also improve your self-worth – so why not find one you can pursue independently, with no one to tell you what you are doing wrong?

If you are unsure of what hobby to go for, think about what you would like to do. Perhaps you love holding a digital camera in your hands, and photographing wildlife, or various stances of urban living. Or maybe you like the thrills of treasure hunting with a metal detector?

Heck, it can be anything really! Anything that makes you feel good and passionate about it. The things that inspire you and fill you with enthusiasm. Just do it!

Once you start pursuing your hobby, you will soon be amazed by the many accomplishments you will have, which will make you proud of yourself, and will also improve your self-esteem.

14. Use Positive Self-Talk

While talking to yourself in the mirror might sound creepy, it can actually be an excellent self-esteem exercise to help you improve your mental image about yourself .

If you have a mirror in your bedroom, that is going to be even better, as you will not have to use the one in your bathroom. Find a moment when nobody else is at home, close the door of your bedroom, and stay in front of the mirror – now begin your positive self-talk session.

Give yourself all kinds of compliments, constructive critiques, and share your everyday experiences with yourself. Remind yourself of your accomplishments, of what worthy people have said good about you, and empower yourself with positive words, such as: “I know I am a worthy person, and I will never let anyone change that.

If you like, you may opt for a different approach, and talk just as if you were talking to a friend: “Don’t listen to them, Stephanie. You are a very worthy person, don’t let anyone change that – ever“.

Use positive self-talk every day if possible – it will be similar to keeping a journal, but there is a difference: you will never tell your journal the things you will actually tell to yourself .

15. Replace Your Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones

Of course there are thousands of examples for this, but here are just a few that you can use as a reference.

Replace Your Negative Thoughts With Positive

Negative Thought
Positive Thought
I am not worth of anything. I am a loser. I am the most valuable person on the planet.
I have never accomplished anything in my life. I have accomplished many things in my life.
I am a failure. I am a success.
I always make mistakes. I always do things well.
I am a jerk and an idiot. I am a great and lovely person.
I don’t deserve the good life. I don’t deserve people to love me. I don’t deserve to be healthy. I deserve all the good that life can offer. I deserve love, happiness and health.
I am stupid. I am extremely smart and intelligent. 

2 Bonus Techniques

I decided to tell you about these two activities as well, as they are really effective, extremely beneficial and very practical…

 1. Have a Positive Focus Group

A positive focus group is an extremely valuable activity that can help you improve your self-esteem. Positive focus groups can be organized with your family or friends, as they are certainly people who appreciate your traits and abilities, and therefore will not make any negative comments or remarks about you.

Break the group into pairs, then set a time limit – if there are only three or four people attending the positive focus group, there is no need to break it into pairs.

Focusing on one person at a time, the rest of the group talks about all of the things they like about him or her. When the time is up, another person becomes the subject of the conversation – and this goes on until every person in the group has been in the positive focus.

It’s a very powerful technique, but some people are shy to do it. Don’t be, choose only the people that you feel comfortable with and explain them why you are doing that. They will gladly accept to help.

2. Rely on Self-Hypnosis and Visualization

Self-hypnosis can be an excellent technique to improve your self-esteem, and increase self-worth, especially when you practice it daily. Inducing how worthy and valuable you see yourself, will allow you to become a more confident person who can do anything she or he wants.

Lose Weight and Look Younger With Yoga

To hypnotize yourself, you will first have to find a quiet spot where nobody will bother you – for example, your own bedroom, your backyard, or even the local park. Sit comfortably, or lie down, and close your eyes. Let go of all the thoughts in your mind – acknowledge, accept, and let them go, saying “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Focus on your breath, on how the air is filling up your lungs, and then leaving your body. Go deeper and deeper and imagine going down with an elevator. Ever floor you go down, you sink deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. Go 20 floors like this and when you touch the bottom become completely relaxed.

Count to ten, and on every count breathe very deeply. Then start visualizing yourself as a confident person who can achieve any goal, a person who is confident, who can stand up in front of others, who is not afraid to share his opinions even when they are entirely different than others, and who has an infinite value as a person.

Use Self Hypnosis For Building Self Esteem

Imagine how your supervisor congratulates you for a project you have completed all by yourself, or how a person you admire praises your traits and abilities. Envision yourself accepting others’ hurtful comments, and standing up to them proudly.

Now tell yourself: “ I value myself as a person. I am a worthy person, and nobody can ever change that. I will never let anyone change that. I will never doubt my abilities or worth, and I will always love myself, no matter what mistakes I do.

The more empowering your words, the more efficient your self-hypnosis session is going to be.

At the end, tell yourself the following: “From now on, I will always think of myself as of a great person – a confident, trustworthy, and very capable person who can accomplish any goal.

Enter the elevator one more time and go to the 20th floor. With every floor, feel new, fresh and powerful energy entering, and flowing through your organs. Feel the power and enthusiasm rushing throughout your entire body.

Open your eyes, put a big smile on your face, wait a few minutes to get out of the trance, and do something nice for yourself.

Some final words…

With these exercises you hold the key to overcoming low self-esteem and becoming a more confident, worthy and successful person…BUT…you have the key only!

You are the one who needs to open the door of endless possibilities, happy and fulfilled life, the door behind which there is health and love in abundance.

Lose Weight and Look Younger With Yoga

So step into action! Do these exercises and soon the sky will clear, the sun will shine and fill you with energy, the birds will sing you a wonderful song and the world will say, bravo, congratulations!

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55 thoughts on “15 Great Self Esteem Building Activities & Exercises For Teens and Adults”

  1. Hi, I think there is a small grammatical error in this page. In activity number 2, the last line, you wrote “Whatever it’s needs, step into action, and do it!”. The sentence should be: Whatever its needs, step into action, and do it!

    It is a great topic to learn from, I enjoyed it a lot. I hope my note didn’t bother you.

    Thank you.

  2. Love this website. Information is easy to read and follow. Working with myself and 16yr old son on our low self esteem. I am more determined now than ever and you gave us some valuable tools! Thank you!!!

    • Thank you very much Sandra! I truly hope that the articles will help you but I would also want to give you something special.. For the people subscribed on my newsletter I periodically share lots of valuable tips and advice and here’s one free gift which will prove to be even more beneficial both for you and your son ==> http://enlightenmentportal.com/self-esteem-workbook-gift/

      Enjoy it and never, ever give up! Persistence is the key 🙂


      Z L

  3. Hi Z, I just wanted to THANK YOU for taking the time to share your knowledge, and for making this wonderful website for everyone. I’ve been reading on it each day. I can feel your positive energy and caring through your words. I’m so grateful for people like you who are open and willing to help others on their paths. So glad I found your website. You’re awesome!!

    • Thank you Rachel for your nice words :))

      Your comments are really motivating for me to continue my work and keep inspiring
      people from all over the world. I know that feeling myself, and I also feel
      grateful to all the people who contributed for me to be where I now am.

      I truly hope that the articles will not only make you feel better about yourself,
      but also stimulate you to take action and make changes in your life.

      That’s what I want most to hear, stories of people who have taken the ideas and
      applied them in their lives. I am sure you will be one of them 🙂

    • You’re welcome and don’t forget that action is the key! Without acting you are just gathering information which even causes more confusion and frustration because you know what you need to do but you are not doing it. Take the ideas in the e-books and APPLY them – that’s when your life will change :)))

  4. Hello,
    I always admire your article. I would like to thank you for sharing all your knowledge.This is a good ministry that your doing, sharing your knowledge free to others. I’m always inspired reading your articles everyday. Thank you so much.

  5. Hi, my name is Carly Hawk and I am a sophomore in high school. In my health class, I am researching how confidence in girls decreases with age. I really liked this blog because it gave me ideas for my presentation and I can show the class how to boost their confidence. I was also wondering if you knew why there is a confidence decrease between the teen ages till someone is an adult. Do you think boys also experience this confidence decrease but in a different way?

    • Hi Carly, first of all, I am really happy that this blog helped you for your school presentation! 🙂

      Sorry for replying late, there were some technical problems when accessing the website.

      Regarding the question about the decrease in confidence, I would say that this is highly individual.
      Our self-confidence is directly related to our self-esteem and our self-image that we hold of ourselves.
      It usually develops since we are just little children and until the age of 7, we already have a complete
      subconscious perception of ME (both on a physical and mental level).

      During the years, we experience lots of change, but most of the time we react towards life’s circumstances
      from our limited point of view, according to the beliefs that we hold in our subconscious minds.

      In order to boost our confidence, we will need to change the image that we hold of ourselves. You
      do this first, by becoming aware of what makes you feel bad (like being shy or scared in certain situations),
      and then you need to replace those thoughts with the exact opposite (thoughts of courage and winning).

      Write on a piece of paper the exact kind of person you want to become and then read it as often as possible
      every day.

      About your research, I think that is mostly because of physical looks for teenage girls. Most of the girls
      during that age think that perhaps they are not beautiful enough, or that boys don’t like them or notice them.
      Again, this is very individual and it is not the case with everyone.

      At least that was the case when I was in high school…

      The most interesting part is that all of that is created artificially, in our own imagination. In no way does
      that mean that the girl is not beautiful. Movies and celebrities have enormous influence on this, and it is often
      a very bad one. It creates false beliefs and causes low self-esteem, especially when girls try to compare themselves
      with what they see on TV or on the Internet.

      The truth is, all of that is just marketing and branding.

      We should learn how to accept ourselves the way we are, and become happy to be – ME. To learn to love our smile,
      our eyes, the way we talk, the way we dress and walk, the way we interact with the world. There isn’t a single
      person on the planet that doesn’t have something beautiful about them. We are all very unique.

      When I write about this, I remember about one overweight girl that used to study with me. She was
      in no way “conventionally beautiful” the way the media teaches us what “beauty is”, but she was (and still is)
      such a great and amazing human being. Always with a lovely smile and lovely tone of voice and I always loved
      spending time with her. She knew how to joke, she was an amazing storyteller, and there was some charisma about
      her that was unknown and a mystery for others.

      She was in my opinion much more beautiful than many other fancy girls always on their high heels and their make-up.
      Of course, don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the fancy girls or that I thought there is something
      wrong about them. All I say is that each and everyone of us has his or her unique place in this world, and we need
      to learn how to fill it and use it in this lifetime.

      Back to topic, of course, physical looks is not the only reason and people sometimes feel that they are not worthy enough,
      or that they aren’t smart, or perhaps that nobody likes them…

      Boys experience the same thing, and although much of it is also related to physical looks, they also experience
      complexes regarding “money problems”. Again, no real reason for losing self-confidence, and the only way to get
      over it is to learn how to change our self-image and to apply that knowledge.

      I would love to continue writing on this topic but I’m afraid I have to go and get busy with work 🙂 I hope that
      this will help you and that you will be able to successfully make your friends curious and interested in this stuff.
      I believe, we should teach this in elementary schools. It is one of the most important lessons in life we can learn.

      Good luck with your school projects, and keep studying, you are doing very well, your parents should be proud of you 🙂


      Z L

  6. Hi Just read your post… its amazing….
    I am having a question. My son 13 years old… having a problem that he is not very well accepted by well established group… he tries to entre in the group at house or at home… but well established group do not allow him.. he feels very sad on this…

    He is very intelligent at studies… His friends states that he is irritating… There are no other behavioral or any other problem… how to overcome…?

    • Hi Hetal,

      I would suggest working with your son on his self-confidence. Create some affirmations together such as one that he is a good person and that people accept him and like him the way he is.

      Next, explain to him that he needs to read those affirmations for 60 days, every day, as often as possible. You should also constantly repeat this to him.

      An example of such an affirmation might be: “I am good and people like me. I make friends easily and people accept me the way I am”

      Try to also change his environment for some time, while working on his beliefs. Go out in other parks, give him the opportunity to make new friends in different areas.

      Once he changes the belief in himself that he is normal just as everyone else and that “the not very well accepted” is the result of internal conflicts and mistakes in social behaviour, things are going to change.

      Best of wishes!

  7. Hi, i am Samir Satpute,from India and I am a Disability Social worker in Eye Hospital.
    In my Rehabilitation counselling session , I am helping to build confidence in my low vision patients as a part of treatment. Your positive writing blog helped me lot because it gave me tips for my counselling session.

  8. hi so my best friend is going through I really hard time right now and struggling to love herself and her life and I normally think that this stuff is cheesy but honestly I’m open to trying anything because she hasn’t been truly happy for a long time and I want my old friend back so I would greatly appreciate and advice or tips to make her happy

    • Sorry to hear that Jordan.

      Unfortunately all we can do to help our loved ones is
      to give them our love and support without holding
      any reserves back. We can also offer guidelines and
      suggestions, but that’s about it…

      It is up to the individual him or herself to
      cope with their fears and inner struggles.

      Only WE can help ourselves.

      I apologize for my late reply, and I hope already all
      is well with your friend.

      I can only recommend to you to BE THERE for your
      friend and offer your help whenever needed. You
      can also refer her to this and other similar
      articles, but never make decisions for her, or
      tell her what to do or not to do.

  9. Hi,
    Hope all is well!
    I really love your article and I will use it to as a strategy to uplift my self-esteem.
    Today I am going to speak on the topic self-esteem/self-love and this is a great reference tool.
    Thank you very much for putting this together, many individuals including myself have benefited from it.
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Hi!
    I’m very happy reading this article. I had been for articles like this to come up n improve my self esteem.
    Now I can practice it in my daily life.
    Thank u for sharing to us this great article:):)

  11. Wow! The content here are very helpful and valuable. I am working with a group of children and teenagers in my neighborhood using some of the tips from this particular article on self-esteem as a guide.
    Thank you for being a great source of inspiration.

    With love from Lagos, Nigeria, accept my warmest regards.

  12. I have read these remedies today , I am starting them right from now let’s see if these actually works , will post my result 3 months latter exactly , stay tunned !!!

    • Well the first thing you can do in my opinion is – Start exercising! Pick any sport that makes you feel good and just start doing it. To stay committed and on track, post an update here and share your progress with the world. I’m sure you’ll feel much better in a very short period of time 😉

  13. Good list. Many of these are great for a bullet journal.

    Also, that last one is not hypnosis. It’s meditation. They are very different.

  14. Really surprised to see that the problems u’ve mentioned are exactly what Im lacking. Im starting this remedy from today, InshaAllah. Just wanted to ask you, that before, 4 to 6 years I was overly confident, social, lovable and a kind of person who leaves footprints where ever they go. But it all diminished. Some failures in life made me scared of more failures and so I have changed and become a person who wants to hide. will I ever be normal?!!

    • You ARE normal Ahamas, this is not something that should happen in the future. All you need to do is become aware of who you are and the potential you have. Believe in yourself, and don’t let small failures bother you. We all face hardships, but remember – it’s our REACTION to the failures/problems/hardships that brings us down, not the actual events.

      It’s how we interpret them in our mind.

      So decide that you will not react to them anymore. Instead, respond to these situations with awareness, for those that already happened – accept them as a part of your past, and let go of them. Don’t let anything from your past bother you. If you feel guilt, forgive yourself. If you feel resentment for someone that may have harmed you, forgive them. If you are ashamed or feel not worthy of yourself, stop this immediately.

      It will set YOU free. Let go of these feelings and past events.

      “Forgiveness and gratitude” is what you need. Forgive yourself and others, be grateful and appreciative for all the good in your life, and see yourself as a strong, confident individual. No need to hide, you need to step up and do things you love doing.

  15. I am working with a group of Foster Grandparent who are assigned to classrooms from Preschool to Sixth grade. This is a very helpful resource for them to gain and expand on Self-Esteem and Professional Development in the classroom under the guidance of teachers and other school officials.

  16. Hi Z L, nice article indeed. Definitely going to try some. Am not so bad but I have developed some issues that are really working on my esteem. But this is such a good article

    One of my friend said my confidence is overflowing as such when I tried to work it down it killed me.

    Will definitely give feedback right here

    Ta, keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Kholo! I agree with you, too much confidence can be as bad as too little of it. We need a level that will allow us to pursue our dreams and passions – but too much of it turns into self-centeredness and into an egoistic attitude. We should definitely have high self-esteem and strong self-confidence, but, we must not lose our empathy for others, we should always help people when we can.

      The strange thing is, that it’s a bit of a paradox right there.. the more we help others, the more emphatic we become – the higher our confidence. So it’s a win-win situation I guess 🙂 Never doubt your abilities and what you can do, believe in yourself, and also help others, all the time. It’s a winning formula 😉

  17. Hi there!

    My self is praveen kataria, a week ago i started an institute of personality development & self confidence building for 6th to 12th standerd students. i had finished arround 5 to 6 session on the same. afterall now i can see a little changes and more exitements in my students,who had come to me before a week. i am so happy with my work, and wanted to give them more knowledge as pollisble. from past 3 days i am searching more on this topic. today i found your blog on this site. its amazing…. i got lot’s of matter on same topic. now onwards my classes will be continue…
    New Delhi-110044

  18. Thanks for your motivational lines, that gives some of fellow humans like me to boost self-esteem.As because of past failure relationships, we might face low in self esteem, which we cannot change the past. But the only question is ” In the phase of relationships,why dont one realise wrong behaviour in your partner life and try to succeed the relationships by guiding them ” because Persoanl life impact ones indiviadial mentally, to ahead further in life.could you please help me out on this..

    you have done really an amazing work to build up confidence level

  19. Thank you so much! I am full of positivity, reading the unique solutions you have listed here. I am confident that if I use them, I’ll find myself one day.

  20. Thank you for this article. I am going to use this material. I do wellness presentations at several Senior Centers in my community. (I am a Senior myself – retired from out patient mental health group work). Useable skills, ones that can generalize to one’s life are so crucial to helping us all improve mood, function better and find happiness and joy in life. As I was reading on Self-Esteem for Seniors, another article led me to this one. Thanks again so much!


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