Law of Attraction For Love: The Best & #1 LOA Guide for Relationships

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Have you ever had success with the law of attraction for love and relationships? Do you have trouble attracting the right person in your life?

I know, and I understand that many people, do indeed, struggle greatly to find their soul mate in life, and that’s exactly why I’ve written this article. I want to help you as much as I can…

The law of attraction for love and relationships does work but only if you understand how to use it and incorporate it wisely into your life.

Keep reading until the end of this article, and you’ll know the exact methods and steps you need to take in order to enjoy a truly meaningful and wonderful love life.


I know the article is kind of long, but I had to put all important parts from my investigation on this topic, and I had to throw out some awesome BONUS Visualization techniques at the end that will spin your head… so make sure that you read everything and not just stop half way, as this is so vital for your success…

Understanding the Law of Attraction for Love

The law of attraction for love is a principle of vibrational alignment with your thoughts, feelings, consciousness, beliefs and attitudes through which you attract others into your love.

In other words, by putting deep into your subconscious mind, the belief and expectation that your soul mate is coming to you, you change the entire vibration your soul and body produce, which in turn attracts all the people and circumstances for the achievement of your goal.

The Law of Attraction is a principle that works on the rule of “like always attracts like”, preceded by the law of vibration. Everything vibrates and nothing rests, and if two things vibrate at the same frequency, they attract each other, if not, they repel each other.

Take the example of the water… If you put few drops of water on a flat surface, when they will come close to each other, they will attract each other and it will become one bigger drop, which is almost like magic. Try the same between drops of water and oil, they will repel each other, because they vibrate at entirely different frequencies…

Understanding The Law of Attraction and Love

So back to the Law of Attraction…It usually works when you set your entire personal energy and the focus of your thoughts to a single objective, and by deeply believing and expecting that your wants and wishes are coming your way.

By changing the paradigm deep in your subconscious mind, you change your entire vibration and this will eventually help you to attract the scenario that suits your desire.

To be upfront here, attaining your wish or desire may be difficult or simple. This is highly dependent on you allowing your ability to control your thoughts and let the positive energy, controlled thoughts and emotions, to out rule the negative attitude.

So what are the steps?

Practical Steps for The Law of Attraction for Love and Relationships

This is a long and comprehensive list, so please take the time and read until the end!


You need to be clear about your wants. Before you can start a perfect relationship, you must know exactly what you want in life, and the exact personality traits of the person that will share the wonderful life adventure with you.

Sit some place quiet and really think. I mean not just daydream or build castles, but really think and analyze your deepest passions and desires. Activate your higher faculties and see in your imagination, the perfect life you want to live. See yourself together with your ideal partner, living a happy and a truly meaningful life.

Decide Exactly What You Wnat

What is it you want from your partner? What kind of a person he/she needs to be? What are his or her interests? What is his or her attitude like? What does HE or SHE want from life? Can both of you have an amazing life journey together? If so, what’s it going to be like? How big your family is going to be? Will you partner want 1 or 5 kids? What about the house to live in?

There are literally hundreds of questions that you can ask in this phase, but the most important thing is to be very clear about the kind of life you want to live.

If you want to experience the best possible scenario in your love life, you need to share the same missions, visions and goals with your soul mate. Mutual life can easily become a routine and a boring experience if the partners don’t have some things in common and mutual goals worth sacrificing for…

So clarify exactly the kind of love life you would like to experience. By the way, do this not only for your romantic life, but for all other areas of life as well. This is the first Step you need to take if you want the law of attraction for love to work in your life.

Put Your Goal on Paper

The second step is to take all information from the first step and write down on a piece of paper the details of the love and relationships that you desire.

Write down both about your romantic relationships, friendships an all other related areas of life. Create a huge list of all the details, include everything and as much information as possible.

Put Your Goal On Paper

The idea of writing things out clearly will help you to get focused on your burning desire, and it will also allow you to take the whole process much more seriously. Knowing and understanding your wants and wishes is highly important when talking about the law of attraction for love and relationships.

Make sure to keep the paper in a confined space. Ensure to look at the details of your love life and relationships on a regular basis. This will always help you to get focused and prepared for the best results. The law of attraction will only work when you are in-line with your core objectives that you’ve set yourself up to.

Create a Goal Card

This is the next step which incorporates both step number one and step number two. Take all the information and all the details that you’ve decided upon, and create a simple goal card written in the present tense.

Put a final deadline for achieving your goal, and begin your statement like this: “I’m so happy and grateful now, that by ___Date___, I’ve found the perfect love of my life…..”

Conversation Chemistry

Decide what you plan to give in return, what you are willing to do in order to attract this person in your life. Write that on your goal card as well. Next step is to laminate this goal card and keep it all the time with you, probably in your purse or in your pocket. Read it as often as you can every day, by putting real power and emotions in your voice.

Use Your Imagination

Every day, before sleeping and right after sleeping, take time to close your eyes and breathe deeply. Relax yourself as much as you can and for a moment concentrate on your breathing. After calming your mind completely, vividly imagine your goal already achieved. Really believe and feel how this is happening.

Visualize your Ideal Partner

Visualize loving scenarios until you really believe they are true and that they are real. You WILL attract what you want, so focus on positive imagery as soon as possible. Mix strong emotions with your imagery and you will get even better results out from this process. By feeling the emotions of joy, love, compassion, peace and sex as well, you are activating the mightiest forces of the universe…

Remember, your subconscious mind can never make a difference between what’s real and what’s imagined! So spend as much time on this exercise as you can and also do it all the time when you have spare time. The more often, the more vividly you do this, the better and the faster the results will come. Believe and succeed!

At the end of this article I will include some BONUS kick-ass visualization techniques that you can immediately begin to implement in your life for the optimal and best possible results.

Mind Secrets Exposed


This technique alone can guarantee you the most successful results if you only make up your mind to use it! This is so powerful my friend, and if I had the time and space to explain it to you, I’d probably need to write to you a 1000 pages book with one main message that can be summed up like this:

Be grateful every day! Be grateful for all the good things in your life even if they are small. Be grateful for the good things that will come to you, even if you can’t see them with your eyes. You must believe to this great force, and never doubt its awesome powers. The Struggle Ends, When the Gratitude Begins” – remember this sentence!

Having Unlimited Gratitude and Thankfulness

Write on a paper all the details that make you feel grateful, even if it’s the fact that you can see or hear, smell and touch, the fact that you can wake up every day and live another day, even for the simple clothes you have, for the incredible family and friends in your life, the ideal soul mate that will soon appear in your life, and literally every other positive thing your mind can refer to.

Read this every day, as much as you can, and you will be rewarded in the exact proportion to your gratitude.

Utilize the Power of Meditation

Meditation can be very a very practical tool for controlling you inner world and it would be a pity not to make use of this great skill. Learn to control your thoughts and emotions and not to let your ego stand in your way. You can master it with time, and gain a lot of wisdom as well.

By practicing meditation on a regular basis you will learn to still your mind and to keep control of your attention as well. This process will help you to stay away from negative thoughts.

Practice Meditation On a Regular Basis

 So start using it and incorporate it into your life. Control your attitude and preferably, maintain it as much positive as you can. Sure at times, circumstances will knock you down, but you will not stay down, you’ll quickly be back on track again because you now know how.

Accept Yourself The Way You Are

Next on the list is your authentic acceptance. You have to love and accept yourself the way you are, if you want others to accept and love you back, and that’s just the sort of which the law of attraction works…

All the relationships you harbour in your life, including the ones with your parents, children, siblings, friends and so on, are all just reflections of your inner world and relations with yourself. This is why you need to treat yourself just the way you want yourself to be treated from others. Start by saying and doing nice things to yourself and pretty soon, others will be good to you too.

Accept Yourself The Way You Are

Also, remember that the most important relationship you have, and that you will ever have in your life, is the relationship you have with yourself. In most cases, you don’t give enough importance or attention to this, so start improving your self-image and self-esteem.

Believe in Yourself and Gain Confidence

Before trying to find your perfect mate, you have to believe in yourself. You have to develop a strong confidence in yourself, which in turn will make you a stronger person who keeps attracting more and more positive circumstances.

Start reading autosuggestions, start to exercise your body, read more books and educate yourself, and do everything you can to boost your self-respect and confidence.

Become Confident and Believe In Yourself

This could also involve things like earning your degree if you haven’t already, learning a new foreign language, or even something interesting and at the same time bizarre like going on a trip to Paris.

Be Frank

Learn to be open and frank with life and you will find the universe surprising you. Most of the time, the relationships that last a lifetime are formed in many unexpected ways.

Learn to connect with your internal guidance of feelings, emotions and intuition and learn to respect this guidance. Once you learn to do this, it will not let you down.

Develop Patience and Flexibility

You have to develop both flexibility and patience. Since things might happen in ways you do not expect, try to be flexible.

Develop Patience & Flexibility

For instance, if you are in the middle of a traffic jam, hurrying to go to work and you are late, probably nothing has happened for a while, you are already angry and mad to every animate and inanimate thing, and on the top of that, you are hungry and your stomach hurts you, you are just about to swear and yell…but wait…you know what… that might be the very day when something magical will happen, and you will meet someone in the most unexpected way possible.

So never give up, be patient and flexible!

Learn To Love Others

It is important that you start loving others the same way YOU want to be loved. That’s the Golden Rule in Life: “Always treat others, the way you want to be treated. No exceptions!

This is the way you can create a strong vibration and in the process, get aligned with the relationship you are looking for.

Learn to offer unconditional love to others, as it helps to create an excellent means of emotional alignment with your desire, and to top it all, you feel really good.

Learn To Let Go

You need to learn to let go of whatever that does not work in your life. If you want something good to happen in life, like getting the love life you want, you first need to feel relieved and good. Learn to delete everything that seems to be bringing you down.

Forget your past mistakes, forgive yourself and abandon the emotion of guilt. Forgive others as well, and let go of all resentment, that’s the only way to stay in a good vibration.

Let It Go

These problems could be anything like your existing relationships, your work, bad habits, bad past experiences, perhaps mistakes you’ve made, somebody that have hurt you much, and so on…

You need to master this skill and overcome whatever you do not feel well with. It is only if and when you create a vacuum with the intention of eliminating all the bad things in your life, that you permit the Universe to fill it up with something much better.

Bonus Step if you are already in a relationship and want to improve it

If you are already in a relationship, you should consider the following advice…

Stop complaining and Be Tender

There is a chance that you are not happy or satisfied with your relationship at the moment, if you are, don’t complain. Most of the time, when we are in a current relationship, we tend to blame our partner for anything and everything without actually realizing it. This is mainly because we see only the bad side or mistakes our partner It’s a habit…

Once you frame an image that you are not satisfied with a person, they will always continue to appear that way. Instead, you should practice the law of attraction for love and make space for the person to be what he/she can be.

Be Tender and Loving
They’re cute, aren’t they? 🙂

Learn to observe non-judgmentally, start to forget and forgive, remember only the good things and moments you two had spent together in life, and the happy times you had in the past and present. This will slowly but surely, start to create a positive image about your partner, and help you at creating a more loving relationship.

Be tender with your love, who else, if not you will be?

Final Words…

There’s no doubt that life is filled with problems and obstacles, especially in our delicate love life. However, how would we know what love is, if there was not hate? How can we know what’s a problem, if there was only ease? How could we possibly know what’s rosy, if there was no dark?

Everything is Yin and Yang, and everything has a positive and a negative side. So don’t be desperate, you will find the positive if you only look for it.

Don’t feel bad, sad or angry, simply accept life the way it is. You are the creator of your destiny, you are the master of your soul, and you are the captain of your ship. 

Conversation Chemistry

With the opening of the window of opportunity in this article, you will be able to let an avalanche of good things come your way in life! All these steps have one thing in common, and that is the creation of a perfect vibration of your mind and body, which most certainly attracts what in correspondence with its frequency, and that is – LOVE! 

The Law of Attraction and Love

Now don’t just wait for something magical to happen, instead, burst into action! Follow these guidelines and make the law of attraction to work for you, by bringing you the exact kind of love you have been long longing for!

If you already had enough from this article and think that you don’t want to read any further, then stop here with the conclusion and go have a rest… However, if you are really serious about your life and future, then you have to read the upcoming BONUS part…

BONUS Visualization Techniques for Best and Immediate Results

As you’ve probably already understood, attracting your ideal partner in life, and not just that, but attracting everything in your life, from your relationships, all the way to health and finances, requires using your Mind.

This article so far gave you same awesome Mind Power Tools, and while talking about these tools, Visualization plays such an enormous part in it.

So let’s mention them one more time…

Visualizing Beautiful Things

Why Visualizations Work So Good?

  • Using your imagination is the best way to train your mind in getting rid of all the negative thoughts
  • After eliminating them, you have the God-Like ability to replace them with some prosperous and joyful thoughts
  • The premise of these teaching is that your thoughts are things, and that they are the most powerful force in the universe that have ever existed… Having this in mind, you know that feeling positive about your love life, about your work, about your health, will eventually lead to acceptance and complete faith in those thoughts.
  • When you truly and deeply believe in certain things, you will attract all of them to you and this is as certain as 2*2=4!

Mind Secrets Exposed

Visualization #1 – The Dream House For The Ideal Partners

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and concentrate at the beginning on your inhalations and exhalations. When thoughts come onto the screen of your mind, just let them go and do not get emotionally involved. Do this for 5 minutes.
  • Start imagining your ideal house and your ideal partner. What’s the house going to be like? How big is it? What’s the interior like? What does your perfect bed look like? What does your partner think? Does he or she like it? What his or her favorite part of the house?

Visualize Your Dream House

  • Do not just imagine a vast and blurry picture. Try to imagine all the details as possible. Imagine the wood, the texture of the house, imagine your cabinets, and imagine the living room, the bedroom with all the wonderful elements. In the beginning this will seem harder, but with practice, you will have all the details.
  • Next, start literally living in the house. Feel the sensation, walk with your partner from one room to another, talk together, laugh and feel the happiness and joy. Feel totally comfortably living with this person in this house.
  • Now this is my favorite part. I want you to imagine having romantic evenings together. Have a dinner, drink some excellent wine from your rich basement, eat some delicious dinner, play some excellent music, laugh, smile, love and yeah, go in the bed and make love with you soul mate. Feel this as it is REAL!
  • The final step is to hold these feeling and this vibration for as long as you can. Different thoughts might be interrupting you, but you must be strong and practice until you have complete control over this process!
  • Relax, start again breathing deeply, and slowly, little by little, open your eyes with a big smile on your face. Visualize this powerful mental exercise for at least two times per day, right before going to bed and right after waking up. 

Visualization #2 – My Perfect Family

  • Start by repeating the same procedure of finding comfortable place and shutting off. Calm your mind and let go of all the thoughts that to your mind, regardless of how annoying or how it may seem.
  • Start imagining your ideal family. How many kids do you have? What your spouse and kids like? What’s the vibration of the family? Do you feel comfortable, secure and warm with them? So do this consciously and know that your family is what YOU make it.

The Perfect Family

  • How’s your home like? Are there many people, and is it busy, or perhaps it’s kind of a quiet and withdrawn? What are the atmosphere and the aura in your home like?
  • Are there some pets or you prefer only people? What are you doing together at Friday nights? What’s the conversation during breakfast like?
  • What are the kids and their attitude like? What is their temperament like, are they quiet or they rush through your home?
  • Imagine and feel the perfect scenario relevant to your desires. Imagine the exact kind of family you’ve been all your life longing for. Imagine the tiniest details, and try to feel it on a deeper level. Start to live this fantasy like it’s already real, accept it, and believe in it!
  • Finish the same way like with the previous visualization.

Visualization#3 – My Ideal Trips With My Ideal Partner

  • Start this visualization the same way like the other two. Calm yourself completely and prepare your mind for a journey.
  • Start imagining the trips that you are going to take with your soul mate. Where would you go? What are your favorite destinations? Perhaps to go to Paris? Imagine climbing the Eiffel Tower with your partner, try to touch it and feel it on your fingers. Take some photos together just outside the Louvre. How about visiting Vienna? Go as far as you go with your fantasy…

The Perfect Trip With Your Soul Mate

  • Try to make this as real as possible. Listen to the conversations you two would be having. Hug your mate and say how much you love him or her. Remember, the clearer the details, the more powerful the attraction force you are creating. This way, you’ll move your fantasy into reality and nothing can stop you.
  • Repeat the following affirmation for as many times as you can: “I am completely open to meet, accept and receive the right One for me. I promise that I will be the best partner I could possible be, and give all my love and tenderness to this amazing person!
  • Finish like with the rest of the visualizations.

Some Few Last Words…

I don’t know if you realize the power and potential of these visualizations. It is my duty to tell you that you can have, be and do anything you want, however, it’s only up to you if you accept these concepts and put them into practice in your own life.

Make a decision and follow these visualizations every day, until you finally meet your One. Of course you don’t have spent time on visualizations every day, but the more you do them, the stronger the message you are sending to the Universe. How bad do you want this person in your life?

The Perfect Couple

I don’t know about you, but if I was told some technique that works, which can give me what I desire, I would never neglect it and always try it out. So you don’t need to accept anything of the above, you don’t need to reject and please don’t neglect, but only a fool my friend, would not take an idea, kick that idea around, and see if it will improve his or her life.

Conversation Chemistry

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7 thoughts on “Law of Attraction For Love: The Best & #1 LOA Guide for Relationships”

  1. Why is it that just when I think things might be starting to turn in this department, my hopes end up being cruelly dashed? It’s happened every time, without fail. It’s bad enough that my dating opportunities are so few and far between to begin with; and that most women tend to look right through me or dismiss me as “different”, “crazy”, or “weird”. Sometimes, I almost feel like a sucker for holding out any hope at all. Is there any way out of this rut? Cause I sure as hell can’t see any from where I’m standing.

    • Hey Neel!

      The first thing you need to change is the self-image you hold of yourself.

      These are really terrible auto suggestions and beliefs. No wonder why you end
      up being cruelly dashed..

      There is a solution though.

      Write the above comment on a sheet of paper, mark it as a “negative” on the top right corner,
      and literally burn it. Watch it burn, and let go of that self-image. It’s symbolic and you might
      think it’s silly, but do it anyway.

      Then, on another sheet of paper, write the kind of man you want to become.
      Explain everything in detail, make the picture as vivid as possible.

      And then read that as often as you can.

      Most of the time, it all boils down to self-confidence and a belief in yourself,
      which is an inside job. You need to change your beliefs about yourself… It’s
      not the physical appearance, it’s probably not even your financial or social status – it’s about the thoughts
      and beliefs you hold about yourself (just read your comment and you’ll realize what they are)

      Contact me via the form and I’ll help you with this 🙂

  2. Thank you for all the awesome work that you do, I need your help please I recently broke up with the love of my life. I live in the U.S and she lives on a different country, been together for 2 years, I travel there as often as I can, but there is been some issues with trust from her part and my part also. I know she loves me and I love her to death, she saying that she does not trust me, am really lost here and I need your help and insight Mr. Zdravko please!

  3. Thank you all that you do on this page.
    I recently broke up with the love of my life, I am devastated there some trust issues she assume that I am having an affair. I live on the U.S and she in an other country, we been together for 2 years and I travel there as often as I can
    I really don’t know what to do, I need your help please! thank you.

  4. Hi. Thank you for the guiadance.

    I have had a break up and my bf is not communicating with me. We are not in same location too.

    Please guide me what should i do that he starts communicating with me


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