The #1 Law of Attraction Visualization and Meditation – Guided Step by Step Instructions!

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You’re here because you’ve probably watched “The Secret” movie and have many unanswered questions. Well you should have, and this article will give you the secret ingredients you need – the best law of attraction visualization and the number one law of attraction meditation for achieving perfect health, attracting the love of your life, surrounding yourself with wealth and money, and making happiness, success, abundance and prosperity a normal part of your life.

In fact I’ll split them into multiple ones, so that you can concentrate at one at a time!

You will be presented with special visualizations and meditations that will take your experience with the law of attraction on a whole new different dimension!

Let’s begin…

Discover the Law of Attraction Tips that Will Change Your Life

Why Do Visualizations and Meditations Work so Well?

Before getting into the exact details of these meditations and visualizations, let’s first make it clear why they work so well in our lives.

Exercising your imagination and developing your visualization and meditation skills are one of the best ways to train your mind to get rid of negative thought patterns by replacing them with a joyful and prosperous train of thought.

By now you probably know that the law of attraction works at all times, regardless if your vibration is positive or negative. The premise of this teaching is that our thoughts are indeed very real, they are forces that, so powerful that they have the potential to change our outside circumstances.

By thinking and feeling positive be it in your working life, in your relationship or about your health, you are setting in motion one of the most powerful forces in the universe that will work day and night to bring you what you want.

You can train your mind to accept and believe the things that are just a fantasy in the current moment, and that’s exactly what you have to do.

Norman Vincent Peale summed the law of success in 3 simple words: “Believe and Succeed”!

It really is that simple, but not as necessarily as easy as it may sound!

#1 Law of Attraction Visualization and Meditation for Love

Firstly, find yourself a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. Start by closing your eyes and relaxing your body entirely. Breathe in and out very slowly, and make the breaths as deep as possible (on your belly). It is very likely that all kinds of thoughts will disturb you at this time, but you have to observe them and not let yourself to get emotionally involved with them.

Say to them “Thanks, but no thanks!”)

Do this breathing 10 times. When you exhale do it veery, veery slowly. When you finish with this, imagine how you are standing on an elevator on the 10th floor. Start counting slowly in your mind from 10 to 1 and with each count, imagine yourself going deeper and deeper.

The main point is to relax your mind and body completely, before even attempting to start with the visualization.

When you enter that point of complete relaxation and one with the Universe, start to control your thoughts and direct them. Visualize what love feels like. Don’t make the mistake to think of your past life and to think what you “know” it to feel like, instead, do it with your ideal mind.

Imagine your soul mate in his or her ideal picture. What are the feelings that enter your being? Is it happiness, joy, warmth? Is it excitement, sexual desire, wonderment? It’s probably all of them…

Do you feel that everything is in order and perfect alignment, are you in harmony with yourself? You’re going to have to make the effort and exercise your imagination here. If you plan to use your logical mind and think of some explicit details about physical looks or body sensations, you are on the wrong track.

You have to try to “FEEL” the love. Feel how you give it and how you receive it. You’d probably do anything for this person, even risk your life for him or her. The intensity might be so strong to the point that it will make you cry from so much love.

You want to give everything you can to this person. He or she is your gift in life. You are in perfect harmony and you are almost like one organism.

You have to focus on all of these feelings for as much as you can.

Law of Attraction Visualization and Guided Meditation

Next – The Ball of Light

Once you spend good 15-20min doing this, start to shift your attention and imagine yourself standing confident. You are very proud of yourself, you can achieve anything you want. You know that you deserve love and that your ideal partner is on their way to you.

Be proud of all your accomplishments regardless of how small they objectively might be. Focus on your positive sides.

Then I want you to imagine a strong energy in the form of white and bright light, surrounding your entire being. The light glitters, sparkles and moves slowly, encompassing you with joy, safety and bliss.

Imagine that you are surrounded by love. This powerful energy flows around you and through you. It’s like a powerful magnet that attracts the person with the similar vibration.

Finish the whole process by taking 10 deep breaths and stepping in the elevator as you started. With each count from 1 to 10 feel energy rushing in your body. Open your eyes and smile!

If you need a voice to guide you, follow this meditation below:


#1 Law of Attraction Meditation and Visualization for Health

The techniques for healing your body and spirit with meditation are literally endless, and this is one very effective method for body self-healing:

Repeat the same process as in the previous exercise. When you come to the first floor of the elevator it is time to start a progressive relaxation method.

Each and every one of your deep breaths is a white healing energy, and each exhalation is a dark and bad energy that eliminates all your toxins and diseases.

Start by tightening and releasing all the muscles in your body. You can either choose to start from your head and go from the top to the bottom, or vice versa.

The moment when you achieve a completely relaxed state (you can move your hands and legs, it feels like you have no power), you then start picturing the pain or disease in your body as a dark and black energy that has to be washed away.

On each inhalation imagine a white healing energy entering your organism and healing each painful spot. This peaceful and calming light beam of energy is dissolving the dark problem areas and it removes all your toxins, waste and unhealthy cells.

Finish the visualization the same way as the previous one.

Here’s a guided health meditation that you might wanna take a look at:


#1 Law of Attraction Visualization and Meditation for Happiness and Prosperity

Repeat the same procedure as with all the previous techniques.

Next, concentrate and use your imagination to produce a clear picture of an empty box in front of you. Start by opening it up and see the emptiness. Start to place inside it each item that that holds you back in your life. These items are your doubts and worries, your fears and inner demons that steal your energy.

For example these can be your fears of the future, your current debt or the bills and deadlines that seem to be impossible to fulfill. It can be the responsibility of parenting, a feeling of low self-esteem and not worthiness, a feeling of lack and limitation.

Put all of them inside the box!

Each time you put them inside, imagine the huge relief it brings you. Start to feel lighter and lighter to the point where you fill your weight transferring entirely to the box until it gets full up to the top. Fill it up completely and close it.

The moment you close it feel the instantaneous relief and repeat to yourself “I am now free. All my weight is now gone and lifted off of my shoulders. I am full with happiness and joy and I spend my days with ease and gratitude. I feel happy! Thank you!”

Finish the meditation the same way as all the others and at the end open your eyes and empower yourself with affirmations. Here’s a list of some good ones:

Here’s a visualization on happiness:

#1 Law of Attraction Visualization and Meditation for Money and Wealth

You know how to start the visualization. Begin by seeing and touching large bundles of banknotes in your hand. Feel them. Smell them and rub them with your fingers. Concentrate on the sensation of holding the money in your hands.

Here’s what I do… I imagine how I put my card in an ATM and withdraw big sums of money. Then I go to the next one, and the next ATM, and so on, until I fill my special bag for this purpose. I do this every day and make it as real and as clear as possible, and you know what? It’s not only a fantasy anymore; I literally do it in my real life!

After this one, do a general visualization. See yourself already in possession of the things you want – the dream house and car you desire, your yacht or jet depending on your ambitions, think of your huge bank accounts and your safe in the bank, literally of anything that you can imagine. It’s crucial to feel as you already possess these things. Concentrate on the feeling!

Also, add some pictures of abundance and wealth in friends and family as well, don’t lock up only into the material world.

Here’s what not to do…

I read some people suggesting to visualize how money are falling from the sky to you. I literally read this on a blog post few days ago… I can’t resist but laugh and ask myself, what the heck? I mean, that’s crap! Money doesn’t fall from the sky! You’ve got to see and feel the money as if it was real. See yourself doing the things that will bring the money to you, and this is unique to your own situation, I don’t know what you do in life, and remember, you’ll have to step into action to see the results!

Money won’t fall from the sky, be absolutely certain about that!


We become what we think about. Ultimately, what you think most of the time will manifest in your life sooner or later. It is crucial to form a habit of feeding your Mind with healthy thoughts on a daily basis.

Do these exercises each and every day and remember – The absence of results is NOT evidence of absence! The results will come if you stay persistent enough to receive them.

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  1. Thanks for your inspiring article.I have been using the LOA with no results and I’m really getting disappointed.I am going to try meditation together with the LOA and hope I will manifest my desire which is wealth.Thanks again


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