The 25 Law Of Attraction Tips & Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind Away

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Are you interested in learning the law of attraction tips which will transform your life? Do you want to discover some law of attraction techniques that will help you manifest anything in your life?

This long but revealing article will show you EXACTLY HOW to do it. You will be presented with some of the best Law of Attraction tips and techniques that will change your entire perception on this subject.

If you follow the advice here, and really put it into practice, you WILL get results. Period!

And I am not talking about some “abracadabra hocus pocus” thing here, I am talking about REAL techniques and tips, that regardless of your beliefs, deliver results time and time again…

So put on your thinking hat, dive in with an open mind and non-judgmental attitude, and PLEASE, read the article until the end, as it is the only way to get the whole picture! I know it’s kind of long, but you mustn’t stop half way!

Discover the Law of Attraction Tips that Will Change Your Life

The Law of Attraction Tips and Techniques that want YOU to use them in your Life

This is how it all starts…

1) Burning Desire

This is the most fundamental advice that if you don’t master, the law of attraction simply cannot work in your life. You must have a definite goal, or better yet, a desire, that is so big, so all-encompassing, that you’ll be excited and scared from it at the same time.

You must have a BURNING DESIRE, an unstoppable passion and want, to have, to do or to be something in life.

What is it you truly want? Do you want $1 000 000, or a dream house perhaps? Maybe you’d like perfect health? What about your ideal partner and soul mate? How about all of these things?

Have a Burning Desire

Decide what you want and think about it every day, until it becomes a truly burning, obsessing, explosive desire!

2) Don’t worry about the “How” Yet

It is not your job to know everything at the start. If you have a goal, it must be concrete, precisely defined, and you must see clearly the final picture, don’t worry for the details on how to achieve it yet. The path will be shown to you.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that the Universe will do it for you! It won’t, it will do it THROUGH you, by showing you the way and the steps that you need to take, in order to get to where you’re going.

So don’t frustrate if you don’t know the way yet. Keep your goal in mind all the time, believe that you will achieve it, visualize the final picture, and know deeply that the way will be shown to you.

A good example for this would be climbing a mountain, which you’ve never climbed before. There are also no signs for the mountain track, but the top is visible and you know where you’re going.

You just need to see the top and believe that you will get there… the way will be naturally shown to you… you can’t know all the details, all the shortcuts and all the paths before you start hiking right?

And even if you get lost at times, which will happen from time to time, you will eventually find the way, because your goal is crystal clear in your mind.

Don't Worry About the HOW Yet

3) Autosuggestions & Affirmations

Autosuggestions are the real deal. This is the means by which we influence our subconscious mind, and make all our desires manifest in our lives. Write powerful affirmations and read them on a constant basis.

Write something like “I know that I can have anything I desire and I believe that through the Law of Attraction and the almighty Universe, I get everything that I want. I am a winner, and I know it!

Autosuggestions can convince your subconscious mind that what they say is ultimate truth, which in turn will give you lots of faith. Create your own list relevant to your goals and dreams, and read them as often and as long as possible.

Reading Affirmations & Autosuggestions

This might be the biggest weapon that you can use for the attainment of your dreams! All the great leaders in anything and everything are aware of this powerful tool, and they are ALL using it into their life. So why not to follow their steps?

4) Increase Your Faith

As Mr. Hill said, Faith is indeed, the head chemist of the mind.

When your thoughts are combined with faith, your subconscious mind takes these vibrations and it instantly translates them in their spiritual counterpart by transmitting them directly to the Universal Subconscious Mind.

There is only one way to develop REAL Faith, not merely motivation that will vanish the very next day. This method can be summed up in one sentence:

The repetition of the same thoughts over and over and over again is what leads to increased faith. You do this by affirmations and by constant repetition

Increase Your Faith

Even if you repeat a lie to yourself, over and over again, your subconscious mind will eventually start to believe in those things and they will become real for you! So start to use your faith in a right way and never again let fear, doubt and indecision enter your mind!

5) See It First-Visualize

Using visualizations is indeed a very positive and great way, to train and prepare your mind to get rid of all the negative thought patterns and replace them all with a successful, happy, joyful and prosperous train of thought.

Visualize Vividly

There are many types of visualizations for this purpose. One of them includes:

  • Blank Canvas: Clear your mind of all the thoughts and then picture/visualize a large blank Slowly, and little by little, draw the things that you want to bring into your life on that canvas. It is a good idea to pick the one thing you would like to have, be or do in your life, and every time while using the blank canvas, imagine the same image.
  • See Yourself in it: Visualize yourself living with the thing you want (e.g. a great job, a new business, achieving perfect health, a wonderful family ). Create imaginations of everything you will be doing when you are already living that dream, and soon you will realize that the more you do this, the higher and more believable the chances of realizing that dream.
  • Action: Don’t just imagine static pictures, but imagine the actions! Try to feel the movements, hear the words you’d be saying, hear how others congratulate you on your success.

6) Have Boundless Gratitude

Aligning yourself with positive energy of gratitude will attract more positive energy to you. The people close to you (mostly family, friends) care about you even if they do not show it outwardly.

Focusing on giving thanks to these people is more fulfilling than doing other unpleasant things like arguing, picking up flaws, or having hidden agendas (being untrue).

Building an attitude of gratitude is not hard. You can easily do this by getting a gratitude journal where you record all the things or people that you are grateful to, and all the things that you are grateful for even if you do not have them yet.

Have Unlimited Gratitude

Keep that journal next to your bed, and remember to write it every day before you sleep. Then read it right before sleeping and reread it every time you wake up in the morning.

This will remind you of all the positive things in your life throughout the day, and will keep you in a phenomenal vibration that will attract good and positive things in your life.

7) Envision the Essence 

Almost every one of us knows what we want but only a few people know what they TRULY want in life. Start paying attention to your deepest passions and desires and not just the mere wishing in your conscious mind.

Concentrate for a moment on the essence and the big picture.

Envision how success will make you feel, have a vision of what the freedom of that success will bring you, the people you will be able to help and all other things that you will be able to do with that success.

Envision the Essence and Get the Whole Picture

Do this regardless of the type of goal you have set in front of you.

Focus more on how the attainment of your goal will make you feel, rather than on all the separate pictures and details. These are extremely important and you will develop them later on, but you must start with the Essence, the Big Picture. See it, Believe it and Do it!

8) Let Your Vision Lead You

Many people often focus their attention on their daily surroundings, pain and struggles among other problems. One trick for the law of attraction is to allow your vision for your life to be the light that will guide your steps in darkness.

The only person who can create a vision (a path for your life) is you, and this vision can be anything that you desire. You can use a vision board (a collage, a poster etc.) to set these great forces in motion and boost your vibration every time you look at them.

Create a Vision Board

So put a vision board in your room, set a motivational wallpaper on your computer and cell phone background, put a picture of your goal on your fridge and wardrobe, and make sure that you remember the feeling the attainment of your goal.

Every time you look at these pictures, that feeling will get reinforced and strengthened which in turn will make your vibration a powerful magnetic force for your dream!

9) Seek Security within Yourself First

Think for a second about this saying from the bible: “To him who has shall be given, and he shall have abundance; but from him who does not have, even that which he has shall be taken away

Now at first glance this might seem like a terrible and very unfair statement. However, this is an ultimate truth; you just need to understand it…

If you think of health, happiness, money, success and so on, as something that we get from life and from the world, this would seem like a very unfair statement…

If people are poor they will become even poorer, if a person is not happy, he or she will become even unhappier, if a person is not healthy, his or her health will deteriorate even more…

However, that’s not what Jesus had in mind when he said this… The kind of abundance that he is talking about is the abundance in your inner world, in your thoughts, emotions and internal pictures.

This way, it is very fair… if we think and feel positive outcomes, we will have more of the same, if we have a poor attitude, we will attract even worse things and we will lose our current belongings as well.

Feel Confident and Seek Security Within

So always seek security from within yourself first! Never try to take something from the world, instead, give! Control your inner world, and create a perfect self-esteem and self-image of yourself.

Find security within yourself, and you will always have it manifested in your outer world. That is a law!

10) Self-Love and Respect

Next on the list is to, love yourself. To be factual, the law of attraction will not be fulfilled if you, the subject, do not like yourself. If you are able to love yourself and cherish every move of your life, then others will do the same.

This is because like terms will always attract each other.

This is one of the most important principles on how the law of attraction works. The law of attraction will always reward any emotion or feeling you are passing through with respect of the proportionate value attached to it.

On this note, it is highly important to do all you can.

Have Self Love and Self Respect

So go in front of your mirror and yell out loud “I Love Myself!”! Look at yourself straight in the eyes. Kiss your hand and truly feel love and likeness for your soul and body.

You can also use therapy or other useful procedures to help satisfy your wish. However, your desire, your decision and your will power is all you need to succeed in this endeavor!

11) You Are What You Think

It is very important to understand that your mind is like a mental bank. This means that if you have positive thoughts, your personal bank account of feeling great, grows. With negative thoughts on the contrary, it withdraws from your personal account.

This takes away all the positives from you, leaving you with a mind full of negative energy.

You Are What You Think About

So always be careful of the thoughts that you fill your mind with, each and every day, and never forget that ultimately, we all become what we think about!

12) Watch your words

We often tend to underestimate the power of words in our lives… The words are strong electro-magnetic waves that bare a lot of power in them. Consider that every word in order to exist must be preceded by a thought.

These thoughts can be negative or positive, therefore, creating negative or positive vibrations.

The word is just transmitting that energy on a physical level. When a word is spoken, we pick that frequency with our ears, electromagnetic wave is instantly sent to our brain, and it causes pictures to flash on the screen of our mind.

These pictures can be positive or negative, which in turn affect the vibration we’re in and the things we attract in our life.

Watch Your Words and Be Careful About What You Say

So be careful when using your words, not only with other people, but with yourself as well. Every word said out loud, is like an affirmation that we give to ourselves and to others.

Try to think twice before speaking, think deeply and talk consciously. Mean what you say, and say what you mean, but never let your ego to take control and make your words like deathly bullets.

13) Daily Meditation

Another great way that can help the law of attraction to be fulfilled is by exercising daily meditation. You can practice this process to learn how to keep your mind at rest.

Anyway, it will help to bring your core attention back from negative feelings and thoughts. This will help to bring the positive feelings of love into instant activation.

You can take about 15-20 minutes on a daily basis to breathe and focus on the feelings of love, health, success and prosperity.

Concentrate your attention on your inhalations and exhalations and after calming your thoughts, start using your imagination and meditating upon these emotions.

Practice Daily Meditation

You are sure to get these feelings into positive activation for success. The more you ponder on love, on health and prosperity inside, the more the radiation of it will be felt in your life.

Nevertheless, it will also make you to be loved by others without any stress attached.

14) Do What Inspires You

It is not a surprising thing that many people do not really know what inspires them because they are stuck in their everyday many responsibilities. They do not even have time to think about inspiration or how it can make them happy in life.

Spend at least 15 minutes every day to meditate or do anything that could make you happy.

This may be listening to your favorite song, reconnecting with someone you have forgotten among other things, exercising in your gym, writing your book, watching some great inspiring movie or documentary, all the way taking a walk in the park and listening to the lovely birds singing, or even hiking.

Do What Inspires You

15) Study the Laws of the Universe

There are laws in the universe, which are exact laws, like the one for gravity. You know that it works, and you never disobey this law. You know that if you jump from the fifth floor of a building, this will not end up good for you, so you simply don’t do it…

Well why not to learn the other laws of the Universe, which are equally important, maybe even more so than the law of gravity?

These laws can have such a great impact of your life, that your new awareness will literally change the root of your personality. You will think, feel, act and behave different…

Study The Laws Of The Universe

These Laws will open new doors for you, they will show you more opportunities, they will give you true faith and hope because they are EXACT, and you simply know that if you follow them, you will get what you want.

The Law of Attraction is one of these laws, but you know, there are other laws, which are directly connected with this one, and if you want to understand The Law of Attraction better, you must understand these laws as well.

11 Powerful Laws to be more exact, and you can really study them and put them to work for you. Once you gain that new awareness, nothing in your life will be like before, NOTHING…

There’s the law of compensation, the law of forgiveness, the law of sacrifice, the law of thinking and so on… and if you have probably watched the movie “The Secret”, you’d know that none of these were mentioned in it.

The Law of Attraction is very powerful, but you will never be able to squeeze every bit of its potential if you don’t understand and practice these other great laws.

If you want to discover what these great laws are, simply visit this official website from Bob Proctor and Marry Morrisey, and take a look at them.

Click Here to visit their Official Website to Discover and Read More About The Great Mysteries of The Universe!

I truly believe in the power of this program, and the information contained in it is simply amazing… there are no words that can describe the benefits and advantages that people who know this stuff have over others…

16) Study LOA Books

There are literally hundreds of Law of Attraction Books related to the “New Thoughts Movement”. Start searching for these great books, and start to study them. Here are the best ones that you might consider putting on your shelve:

Study Law Of Attraction Books

Not all of these books are directly related to the Law of Attraction, but they are all great, evergreen masterpieces, that everyone should have in their library!

Keep expanding your awareness on a continual basis!

17) Practice Mindfulness

Pure Conscious awareness is in my opinion the best discovery a person can make in his lifetime.

To be consciously aware of the Divine and our connection with the Divine is truly a wonderful experience and the biggest blessing, we as human beings have been given from our creator.

Only we have the conscious ability to choose our thoughts and our attention.

Learning to be mindful is probably the hardest thing we can ever get busy with, but the rewards of this activity can be with the highest proportions.

Start paying attention to your thoughts and feelings and do not judge. Simply observe your inner and outer world without getting emotionally involved. Become aware of your breathing, of your movements, of your thoughts.

Practice Mindfulness & Meditation

It is very hard to gain complete control and to become like the Buddha, but nobody is asking that from you. All you need to do is to increase your awareness at least little bit, and create a constant habit to be conscious for a while during your days.

Become aware of the moment, follow your breathing, meditate, enjoy every bite of the food you are eating and do it mindfully, walk while being mindful of your steps, say words that you truly mean and be mindful before saying them.

This practice can help you stay organized and it will give you the ability to think what you want to think, without letting your environment to take control over you.

We literally live like in a movie, without ever grasping the fact that we have the most powerful gift – to consciously think and be creative…

18) Developing Your Mental Faculties

Did you know that we as human beings have been gifted with the most precious ability that no other creature on this planet has? That is our conscious mind! Only we as humans have the ability to use an intellectual mind and be conscious.

Develop Your Mental Faculties

Do you know what the biggest problem is? Most of the people don’t even know what this mind is and what it can do for us… Do you know what your mental faculties are? Do you know that these faculties separate YOU from the rest of the animal kingdom?

They are:

  • Perception
  • Imagination
  • Reasoning
  • Memory
  • Intuition
  • Will

Start to explore and improve every single one of them! Your life will reward you with some great and big dividends!

19) Thinking in a Certain Way

In his phenomenal book “The Science Of Getting Rich”, Mr. Wattles says that earning money and achieving success (or literally anything including health and relationships), is not the result of doing “Certain Things”, but on the contrary, it is the result of doing things in a “Certain Way”.

This certain way is what makes all the difference, because you could find two people doing exactly the same things, but one wins all the time, and the other one for some strange reason just keeps losing.

This certain way requires you to think in results, to have the positive final outcome all the time in mind while you spend your days. Imagine your goal already realized to the tiniest details and increase your faith that you’ll attain it, like we discussed in the previous step.

Start Thinking in a Certain Way

Also, remember to be grateful for the achievement of your goals, even before it happens! Do this on a continual basis…

20) Accessing the True Power of Intention

The best way to do this is to have your attention focused on the space between your thoughts. Imagine having a thought to go and take a banana for eating and an immediate thought to stand up from the chair and go to your kitchen.

Stop in that very moment!

Become aware in-between your thoughts. Become aware that you are already acting upon your thought, which is standing up from the chair.

Practice your intention and use your will power to concentrate only on what you choose to focus on, not what’s suggested by the outside world!

21) Understanding the Nature of Change

Many people often want everything to stay the same in their lives, except for maybe one single thing that they want different.

This is however impossible because life is an interacting system and when one thing changes, something else will be affected and will also change. It is therefore important to happily accept the roller coaster ride that positive changes bring.

Understanding the Nature of Change

Remove that comfort zone, exit that terror barrier of going after your dreams and accept the fact that everything is in a constant flux of change! Nothing rests still, everything is moving, so accept this great law and basic principle of life!

22) Think Back to When You Were Just a Child

Ask yourself the questions:

“Before you were an adult with all the problems, hassles, issues, aggravations etc. and with the so- called life responsibilities, what were you like before?”

“What were the things that made you happy or feel excited?” “What did you dream about when you were just a little boy or girl?”

Generally, little kids that have not yet developed the reasoning intellectual factor are disconnected from Source energy on a conscious plane, but still, they know how it feels to love and to be loved at all times.

They are however, connected on an emotional level and their intuition works very well. They are always curious, open, excited, honest and adventurous about how they feel.

It will not hurt forgetting for a moment that you are an adult, going back in time and imagining and feeling what it was like in that bright childish world.

Go Back to When You Were Just A Child

Also, by going back to the time when you were just a child and just by thinking and remembering those feelings will put you in a phenomenal vibration that certainly will not attract negative circumstances…on the contrary, it can attract only positive outcomes!

23) Gain Wisdom by the Power of Giving 

Jesus said this too: “It is more blessed to give than to receive”! There is strong power in the act of giving.

When we sincerely give, without the expectation for payback, we send out to the Universe completely positive emotions and every single time, we get rewarded tenfold!

When you give, you instantaneously receive the blessings of happiness, joy, peacefulness and gratification. That’s not all, the Universe always finds a way to send you back the generosity, and most of the time this comes in many unexpected and unpredictable ways.

The Power Of Giving In Life

So give as much as you can, and your life will be a truly exciting and fulfilled journey. Start to give right now and share this post with your Friends! Just do it, give and you will receive ten-fold in life!

24) Impression of Increase

Leave every person with the impression of increase. This means to make everyone that comes in contact with you, to feel that there is something special about them. Create feelings in others that they have grown and improved after interacting with you.

Make the people feel good about them, and they in turn will make you feel great!

25) Remaining Calm and Patient

Remaining patient until the response comes, is another helpful way to understand the law of attraction better. Believe it or not, this area is one of the most herculean ways of exhibiting the law of attraction.

It is a natural phenomenon to always want things to happen quickly and even right in the moment, without having to wait for so long. Did you know that impatience is a negative emotion?

In fact, studies have shown that this type of action can slow down how the law of attraction works.

Remain Calm and Patient

In case you start feeling impatient, it is often a good idea to distract yourself until the negations are gone away. When negative feelings come around, try to focus on the positive aspect of the things you desire and reinforce your wants.

This will help you to finally get the response of the law of attraction.

Some Final Words…

You now have the tools and knowledge to attract anything that you want, BUT, it is only up to you to put these into practice and really implement them into your life. That is the only way you’ll get results… just the reading, will not do you any good…

Don't Just Read the Tips - Step Into Action!

We all may get down from time to time… However, by following the teachings above, you will not stay down, regardless of how hard life hits you! You will overcome every obstacle, and you WILL get to where you’re going!

Finally, Burn this saying from Emerson into your mind, and let it permeate your entire subconscious: “Do the Thing, and You’ll Get the Energy to Do the Thing!”

Manifestation Miracle

Now go and conquer the world with love and passion!

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111 thoughts on “The 25 Law Of Attraction Tips & Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind Away”

  1. Hi , Thanks for your reply .

    I have got to know of this law of attraction recently . and i have started research on this.I really want to manifest some things in my life

    But I am little confused how to start this , and what to do daily to manifest the things.

    • I understand you very good Mounika!

      First of all, thank you for your trust and courage to ask for advice from a person you’ve never met face-to-face in your life!

      Here are my thoughts on this..

      “The Secret” and a few other movies out there, presented this Great Law to us in a rather unclear and little bit “deceiving” way. Due to much promotion and commercialization, they even made it sound too good to be true – “Feel positive – and you can have it all!” (Unfortunately it doesn’t work that day in real life…)

      Feeling POSITIVE will NOT make you wealthier! Feeling POSITIVE will NOT heal you from a terrible disease! Feeling POSITIVE will NOT attract you your soul mate in life!

      It will CERTAINLY help you in the process however, but feeling positive by itself will only put you in a good vibration and make you a more pleasant person to be around.

      MORE is required!

      In my personal experience, it’s simple – Have a burning desire for something, and convince yourself that you’ve already GOT IT, until you firmly believe that IT IS YOURS! You don’t have to force anything, just know that you’re realizing your goal.

      You affirm to yourself daily and you use visualizations to get a very clear picture of the good that you desire. This will stimulate you into action and will attract all the people and circumstances that need to be there in order for you to fulfill your dream.

      So if you ask me to describe how to get what you want with ONE WORD only, it would be: FAITH!

      You just have to believe! You have to eliminate your fears, worries, doubts, hesitations – you have to stand tall on your feet and say to yourself – I HAVE THIS! I CAN DO IT! I AM DOING IT!

      And this is not necessarily an easy thing to do… It might be for half an hour, but try maintaining that attitude for the next 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years!

      That’s why we use autosuggestions and affirmations on a daily basis.

      It can be summed up into this beautiful little sentence – “We become what we think about most of the time!”

      It’s really true…

      If there was a device which could monitor all our secret thoughts which come to pass, we would realize that environment is but our looking glass 🙂 (quoted from As a Man Thinketh!)

      We are really the sum of all our past and present thoughts!

      So… where to from here?

      What I suggest to you – is you to sign up for Enlightenment Portal’s newsletter and get yourself a Free Copy of “How To Become Your Best Self” (if you already haven’t done so). There are lots of useful tips and advice there, but bare in mind that there’s also some promotion of personal development products – so I am completely transparent, I have nothing to hide from the world..

      The next steps really depend on your budget and the willingness to invest in yourself.

      Option #1 – If you’re currently running on a low budget, I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of “3 Great Books“:

      1. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
      2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
      3. The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel (this book is a 6 month program)

      The Option #2 (although not mutually excluded from Option #1) is to invest in Manifestation Miracle and Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0. I have written a review for these products and you can find them here:

      Manifestation Miracle (More IMPORTANT than Mind Secrets Exposed!)
      Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0

      Both courses are great but I think Manifestation Miracle will change your life and perception more than anything else!

      It’s a very well structured program and I really believe that it is the “missing puzzle” from The Secret and The Law of Attraction. It will give you all the answers you need!

      As a final note…

      In case you still have any doubts, feel free to write to me again, but I would advise never to wait for approval of others. It is fine to ask for an opinion and advice, but always take FULL responsibility and make all the decisions by yourself.

      For example, if you read a review of a certain product and your intuition, your gut feeling, is telling you that THIS MIGHT BE JUST IT!, then don’t for a second hesitate and call your friend or family member to ask whether you should invest in yourself… Just GO for it! And do this for everything in life, because we’ve been given with the awesome power to “choose” and “make decisions” which in turn shapes our future.

      So please DO ask for advice and opinion, but make the decision BY YOURSELF based on what your intuition is telling you 🙂 That would be my final tip.

      Some of my greatest achievements (And I promise you, there are a lot many yet to come!) were done only because I refused to listen to others and did what my inner voice was telling me all the time. I just had to learn to listen to it! It’s easy, we just need to calm our mind and with time, we’ll realize that we have an eternal partner, guardian, friend, God, intuition, psychological factor (Just give it WHATEVER name you choose) which helps us in all life’s situations – from the moment of our birth, to the moment of “the new beginning” 🙂

      Manifestation Miracle will tremendously help you in activating and understanding your intuition (At least that’s what it DID for ME!).

      Thanks for showing genuine interest and I really hope that Enlightenment Portal has added, and will keep adding, lots of value into yours and the lives of your loved ones!


  2. Thanks for your suggestions .

    I will definitely go through the books you mentioned .

    So my understanding is I should have a burning desire and try to visualize as I have already got it .

    I need to repeat this , without any negative thoughts until it manifest.

    I started being positive and visualize, but some times I feel the questions like “is it really possible ” or ” how it will manifest ”
    some time it leads to lost my hope and patience

    and I have gone through some real stories of secret . it gives very positive feeling while reading .

    so I really want to know , will it work or not

    • That is why you should never stop when you lose hope and patience!

      Persistence is the key to manifesting your desires! Read that book from Napoleon Hill, and then re-read it, and re-read it again, and again, and again, until it penetrates and burns in your subconscious, until you fully breathe those 13 principles with each and every breath you take, until you’ve become one with his ideas and teachings, until you shift your paradigm and change the vibration you’re in..

      You can have anything you want… but nobody said that it will be easy to get there! You will lose hope at times, you will lose your patience, you will fail at times, and doubt and fear will kick in, BUT IF you stay persistent, then the sky is the limit for you!

  3. Hi Thanks for your suggestion

    i will definitely go through the books which you have suggested

    so my understanding is should have a burning desire , and need to visualize to manifest the things

    i started visualizing but sometimes i feel completely hopeless and lots of questions will come to mind that how the universe will manifest my desire.

    then i will be depressive and completely hopeless .

    is this law really helps to manifest the things what ever we want

    • I think that I just answered your question in the previous comment 🙂

      The law always works, the problem is in how we use it, and unfortunately, we often use it in terrible ways which ultimately harm us..

      Study this material, don’t just read it once and forget about it the next morning! Turn yourself into a study machine, be thirsty for knowledge, never lose your curiosity – it is the only way to move forward in life!

  4. Hi sir,
    This is Chaitanya
    i read this article and its really inspiring…i am feeling really good by just reading these all points you suggested…
    i just want to ask one question..
    can i set multiple goals at a time…??
    and can i set goals like developing my personality and kind of??

    • Hi Chaitanya,

      Thx for taking the time to leave a feedback 🙂

      I will be straightforward:

      1. You can have multiple goals at the same time, but the less
      you have the greater your Focus will be. So I don’t recommend
      having more than 3 major goals at the same time.

      Also, these goals (preferably) should be in different life areas e.g. wealth,
      health, and happiness..

      Of course there are no rules and you shouldn’t give yourself a
      hard time with small details like this, but always have in mind
      that FOCUS is very important!

      So having a single burning desire with your goal always in mind
      will inspire you and set your soul on fire when it comes to
      realizing your dream!

      2. Of course that you’re not limited to those goals! You can and
      you should have “qualitative” goals as well. These often fall in
      the category which you have mentioned – personal development, or
      self-improvement, self-esteem, confidence, and the like..

      What I recommend is reading the Formula for Confidence from Think
      & Grow Rich and your single most important autosuggestion for at
      least 6 months.

      It has produced dramatic results both for me, and for many dear
      people of mine.

      Finally, we’re all unique and different. What works for me, might
      not work for you and vice versa! You might find that your Mind loves
      it when it multitasks and when it focuses on several objectives
      at the same time.

      Please feel free to experiment with it 🙂

      Again, thanks for stopping by at Enlightenment Portal.

      I wish you all the best in life!


  5. Thank you very much sir for such valuable suggessions..:)
    and yes i will definitely try my best for this…:)
    Thanks a lot once again..:)

  6. Thank you very much Sir for such valuable suggessions.. 🙂
    And yes.. i will definitely try my best for this.. 🙂
    Once again thanks a lot sir! 🙂

  7. Really great article, this is the summary of everything I have learnt about LOA.

    I have been using it and attracted so many good things into my life. I wish more people will know about it and believe in it.

    If I may, I would summarize the LOA like this.
    1. Have a clear picture of what you want to attract to your life.
    2. Put emotion in that thought.
    3. Be calm about it, act as if you already have those things in your life.
    4. Be grateful and send out positive vibes everyday.
    5. Take actions
    6. Receive what you asked for and be thankful about it 😀

    * And don’t forget to share your expereince with your friends

    • Hello Zdravko –

      I greatly appreciate your articles that I’ve red today. Very enlightening and inspiring!

      I need to gear up the resiliency that I had many, many years ago on being persistent, having hope and faith on following my dreams and goals which led me to a BIG surprise to my family and friends of marrying a man (few years older than me) who soon earned his Ph.D. from M.I.T. as a meteorologist. He is from an influential family as well.
      In mid-life my life went on a downward spiral which has put me into a state of despair for years not knowing how to get out of it. Oh, I’ve read some upbeat positive thinking books which made my head spin. Finally, today upon coming across this article of yours, it makes sense and step by step is manageable and in keeping with my thinking and mind-set of my younger years which got me – at least for 20+ years where and what I wanted (including my university degree – B.S.)

  8. Hi,

    I believe in the law of attraction and I have seen many things happen for me. However I know have this urge to meet this really successful person but I don’t see how this will happen or if he is the one for me. Am I reaching for something too high?


    • Well first, let me suggest that in our small tiny private world
      of passionate law of attraction students, we never believe that
      there is something “too high” for our capabilities and potential!

      Like Earl Nightingale once said: “We have deep reservoirs of talent
      and ability within us. There’s a genius lying in each and every one
      of us. It is our job to awaken him or her and make the most out of
      ourselves” – You say you have an “urge” to meet this person..

      Well how strong is it? Is it a BURNING Desire? Are you ready to let go
      of the past and give everything you’ve got to meet this person?

      If you have doubts and worries and hesitations, you can pray, you can
      visualize, you can speak to yourselves – it ain’t gonna happen!

      It is what you “believe on a deep heart level” what you are going to
      attract. So if your thoughts go like that: “what if I don’t deserve
      this person, what if I am not worth it?” – it is almost 100% certain
      that it is never going to happen!

      Never doubt neither yourself and your potential nor the Universe (or God)
      and its ever-present generosity and love for you.

      So my answer would be – NO, you are not reaching for something too high.

      In fact, I think that you can have much more than that! What does a successful
      person mean to you? Do you think only in material terms, or perhaps someone both
      loving, caring, successful in their career, a good family member and a friend, a
      soul mate and companion for life?

      You can have it if you only make a final decision that YES, this is what I want,
      and this is what I will have!

  9. Hello sir,

    I trust completely in the LOA. And too reading more articles to keep my faith always in peak. This is a best best article which I came through. Very good detailed tips. Each and every word penetrates in to me. Believe Universe has given me a chance to read this.
    Loads of appreciations to your great work. Go ahead. My wishes..

    • Thank you very much Subha! Your words mean a lot to me and actually that
      appreciation is what keeps me going in both good and hard times!

      I feel the best when I see that my writing has caused a change in you,
      when it has given you faith and hope, and that’s what makes me happy 🙂

      So once again, thx for the nice comments!

    • It’s ok to have multiple burning desires kasun, but try to focus on one at a time. Choose the one with the biggest priority and follow the steps outlined in this article. When you accomplish your goal, you can proceed with other desires 🙂



      • OK.
        I have a another problem.Let’s assume that i want to be a billionaire.So If i apply LOA on that task and if i did my part from my side to achieve it there is 100% possibility to achieve that task.i believe it.Because that dream/task is in my control.But sir what will happen if i apply LOA on some task that is not in my control and if i can’t do anything from my side to achieve it.(Ex:if i have a crush and there is no way ti get in touch with her.So it’s fully out of my control.)

        • Kasun, the law doesn’t work that way.. You never force your thoughts and feelings upon specific person or thing.
          I suggest reading “The Science of Getting Rich” because it explains this in great details.

          All you need to do is envision yourself already being with a person of your choice (this doesn’t refer to a
          specific person from your life, but rather “an ideal” partner according to your standards).

          Keep that image at all times on the screen of your mind and affirm to yourself that you believe it’s happening.
          Once you fully believe, it will come to you from all kinds of unexpected sources.

          It works like this:

          You always attract (and are attracted to) to the people and things which vibrate on the same vibration as you.

          Just think about it…

          If you need love and are probably thinking of forming a family, of having children, going on beautiful holidays with your
          partner, deep and passionate romantic relationship, building something meaningful together, etc. KNOW that there is someone
          else in this world thinking and wishing the same thing!

          Somehow, you will always be attracted to each other, whether you are aware of it or not.

          Just look at your surroundings, your friends, the people that you spend most of your time with. Most probably you vibrate on
          a “certain frequency” and are somehow feeling comfortable spending time together. You resonate with each other.

          Now assume that there is someone who just wants a one-night stand and just some good sex. That guy or girl will
          be attracted to different people and will have different expectations in all life situations, for example on a

          Or let’s say someone is not straight, and they are a homosexual. They will never be attracted to women because
          they simply don’t vibrate on their frequency. No matter what the girl will to and try to “force” something unto
          them, they will simply refuse it, because they vibrate on a different frequency, they are not attracted to girls.

          Similarly, you should never force yourself to think and project your thoughts upon a specific person. You never
          know WHO that “special” is. The Universe will bring her to you, all you need to do is see YOURSELF already being
          in a happy relationship with her.

          I hope that answers your question.

          Last but not least…

          There is a program that I always recommend to people because it is simply amazing. It will open your eyes about
          many things, and it is well worth the investment. I wrote a review for it, and you can read it here:

          If you can afford it, just buy it! I guarantee it will change your life if you do what they suggest. Of you can’t
          afford it, just get the Science of Getting Rich. You can even find it for free on the Internet as nobody holds its
          rights because it was written more than 100 years ago.

          Good luck Kasun!


  10. Hi,

    I have a problem in LOA. It works onevery thing for me, But I am failed in my relationship. I am the wrong one in my relationship failure. I didnt show him my love for last 2 years. Finally we stopped talking. Now he has a new girl friend. But I want him back. Now I love him truly. I am afraid to use LOA over that. As this is heart problem. can I use LOA to get him back.

    • Hi MS, this doesn’t sound like a LOA problem, it sounds more like a jealousy problem to me :))

      You should never force your thoughts and the power of the law of attraction onto
      specific people. I just answered Kasun here in the comments for a very similar
      problem, please find it and read it.

  11. I have a question, you were saying do not worry about the ‘how’ yet. So, assume I have done all the above for quite some time, how do opportunities present to us? I mean, how do we know?
    If there is none, should I just keep waiting?

    • Hi Sue,

      Opportunities will come to you from all kinds of sources.

      The most important thing is to step into ACTION with the
      resources and knowledge that you have NOW. Everything else
      will come to you along the journey.

      Let’s take a look at an example:

      A person wants to create another source of income, online
      website for example… She doesn’t know anything about
      programming and designing, setting up and maintaining

      So the “HOW” is still unfamiliar to her. All she knows is that
      she has a strong DESIRE to realize her idea and to create a
      site that will earn her some extra passive income which will
      allow her to provide more for her beloved children.

      Ok, so she has a clear mental picture of what she wants, but
      she doesn’t know “HOW” to get there.

      She starts with where’s she’s at, with what she’s got and what
      she knows.

      She realizes that she’s a good mom and that she can teach other
      women how to take good care of their children. She envisions a
      successful blog which inspires thousands of women around the world
      to be better moms and she can see it clearly in her imagination.

      She can feel it. The more she is doing that, the more she starts to
      believe it’s possible for her, and still, she doesn’t know how she is
      going to do it.

      By now, she’s already involved in the idea, she talks about it with
      her friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.

      She starts to investigate online, read about creating websites, online
      blogging, establishing a good following on social media, etc.

      Opportunities present to her from everywhere. She attracts similar people,
      she finds examples of other moms who already had done this in the past…

      Then one day, her friend tells her that her husband has a really close
      friend who is very good at this, and that he has hundreds of successful websites,
      she suggests to give her a contact. She accepts it.

      She contacts the person and realizes that there are thousands of good
      courses which can teach her everything she needs to know. He even shares
      2-3 for free and wishes her good luck with her new business.

      She immediately starts learning and exploring, joining relevant forums and
      online communities which can help her.

      By now, she already has so many stories to share and has already written
      some very good articles which she plans to share on her blog with her

      Her desire is even stronger at this point, and she believes even more
      that what she is doing is right and possible.

      She quickly realizes that she is literally a magnet and attracts all kinds
      of events and interesting people in her life…

      She learns that setting up websites is so plain and simple, and doesn’t
      require any programming skills.

      No I will stop here because my comments slowly turns into an article,
      nevertheless, you know EXACTLY what will happen 🙂

      I can write 10 more hours continuing this story and in the end, I can
      assure you, she will arrive at the final destination and she will have
      her dream realized, but the right question that we should be asking is:

      How it all started?

      Well, it started with an idea, with a BURNING DESIRE to do it. The idea
      of providing more for her children motivated and inspired her to think
      and act on the idea.

      The more she visualizes and affirms to herself that it is possible, the
      more she believes in it, the more she’s doing it.

      Now that was an example of a completely unknown industry to her. There
      could be the case where people already KNOW HOW to do the things, just
      they are not doing it…

      Like in sales for example… They KNOW that to be more effective they
      should do ONLY 2 things effectively:

      Generate more leads
      Close more sales

      For that, they should contact more people on average, schedule more
      meetings and master their presentation.

      That’s it. They should focus only on these 2 things and yet, 95% of
      them aren’t doing it… It is their conditioning, their paradigm
      that controls them.

      The HOW, will always show itself… All you need to do is have a clear
      vision of where you are going and ACT in the present with everything
      you’ve got. Even if it looks foolish and seem that you don’t know what
      you’re doing – DO IT ANYWAY!

      Just believe, and your believe will actually turn your dream into a fact!

      It’s like climbing a mountain…

      You see the top, but you have never climbed that mountain before. You
      don’t know the tracks, but you can see the top at all times. What do you

      You just let the journey lead you. You trust that it will show you the
      way. Now, even if you get lost at times, you can still see the top, always
      remember that. Just go up and climb the mountain step by step.

      It might turn out that you need special equipment that you previously weren’t
      aware of. Everything will show along the way..

      The trick is to MAKE A DECISION and stay PERSISTENT and DISCIPLINED until
      you get there.

      Say to yourself – I AM GOING TO BE ON THE TOP OF THAT MOUNTAIN. And then just
      climb it… it’s as simple as that..

      Don’t let other people interfere and tell you from the side, ohh, look at you,
      you look so tired, you’re going to get yourself killed! Come on, just stop this
      madness, come down, come back, you don’t really need this…

      Become immune to negative influences outside of you 😉 The only way to win is
      to live from the inside out, and not the other way around.

      Finally, I’ll share one more interesting example and conclude everything.

      There are many tribes in Africa which perform so-called “rain-dances”.

      Now, scientists were researching this for quite a while, and they discovered
      that only one tribe is very different from all the others. The difference
      was in the fact that EVERY TIME they danced, it rained!

      Without exception!

      They were astonished by this interesting fact, so they dived deep into
      psychological analysis, and they FOUND the answer!

      Listen to this:

      It rained every single time, because they danced UNTIL it started
      to rain!!!

      Now grasp that – UNTIIIIL it starts raining. If our ambitious
      mom “dances” UNTIL it’ll start to rain (successful website), she’s
      going to get there with a 100% certainty. If she lets the obstacles
      stop her along the way, then she’ll quit and lose.

      I hope that helps Sue…

      The HOW will come to you, stay on the right path, the way will show itself to you!

  12. What if I have done all the above & it is now pending for opportunity to be presented to me? But this has been dragging for quite some time. Please advice. Thanks.

  13. I read from some sources, they mentioned that ‘letting go’ is another key of manifestation, is it so? How to ‘let go’ if I need to keep reminding myself on the RESULT?

  14. What about ‘letting go’? I read on some LOA articles that is important key for manifestation too, is that so? How to ‘let go’ when we need to keep our burning desire?

  15. I read from some LOA articles that ‘letting go’ is another important key for manifestation. How to be persistent & let go at the same time?

    • Sue I wouldn’t agree that “letting go” in the terms that most authors describe it is
      a “key” for manifestation.

      “Letting go” is useful for ONE and ONLY ONE thing – Forgiveness.

      It is the only way to forgive yourself and others and move on with your life. Just
      simply “let go” of any burden from your past, just release it, stop thinking about
      it, forgive it.

      This activity alone is very useful and has the potential to shift your life like
      night and day, but unfortunately it has nothing to do with the “attraction” of the
      things you desire in your life.

      When you want to manifest something you must DESIRE it from the bottom of your heart.
      You must think about it every minute, you must be driven by it, you must feel it, see
      it happened, act like you already have it, pretend, BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BECOME..

      Here’s something amazing written by Arthur Brisbane – It’s about the “DEMON OF AMBITION”
      and you can also find it in Robert Collier’s book “The Secret of the Ages” :

      “Lucky you, if he is your driver. “He will keep you going until you do something worthwhile—working, running and moving ahead.
      “And that is how a real man ought to be driven.
      “This is the little Demon that works in men’s brains, that makes the blood tingle at the thought of achievement and that makes the face flush and grow white at the thought of failure.
      “Every one of us has this Demon for a driver, IN YOUTH AT LEAST.
      “Unfortunately the majority of us he gives up as very poor, hopeless things, not worth driving, by the time we reach twenty-five or thirty.
      “How many men look back to their teens, when they were harnessed to the wagon of life with Ambition for a driver? When they could not wait for the years to pass and for opportunity to come?
      “It is the duty of ambition to drive, and it is your duty to keep Ambition alive and driving.
      “If you are doing nothing, if there is no driving, no hurrying, no working, you may count upon it that there will be no results. Nothing much worthwhile in the years to come.
      “Those that are destined to be the big men twenty years from now, when the majority of us will be nobodies are those whom this demon is driving relentlessly, remorselessly, through the hot weather and the cold weather, through early hours and late hours.
      “Lucky YOU if you are in harness and driven by the Demon of Ambition.”

      Lucky you if you’re driven by this demon Sue. Forget about letting go, forget all the nonesense which people preach without even knowing what it is they are suggesting. The only way you can use “letting go” is to “forgive completely” and perhaps when you have forgotten something and you want your subconscious to make you “remember”.

      In that case you can just stop thinking about it, demand to your subconscious mind to bring you the ideas which somehow got lost in the web of thoughts in your mind, and just let go, forget about it. If you try to force it and consciously make yourself remember what you were thinking about 5 min ago it will only drain your energy, in this case, letting go is very helpful.

      For all the rest, just follow that “Demon of Ambition” and turn your desire into a BURNING OBSESSION!

  16. Best and most helpful article ever … Thank you so much 🙂

    I have one question though …. Should one visualise themselves as living it(Like Neville Goddard suggests n his books) or see themselves from a distance (because that’s easy)..

    • Actually that is quite good question Shruti 🙂

      I was in the same dilemma in the past but
      I found the answer and it was very simple:

      *Whichever way makes the picture feel more real!

      You can also combine both of them… it really has
      to deal with your habitual way of imagining yourself
      in different situations.

      Start to monitor your thinking and catch yourself
      when you imagine doing something.

      Is it from your “own eyes” point of view or from a “third person eyes”?

      Personally, I use both ways as both of them are effective
      for me. In your case one might work better than the other

      Feel free to experiment :))

  17. Thanks a lot Zdravko 🙂
    That was really helpful , one doubt is out of the way now 🙂 …. Also another thing sometimes its easy to imagine but difficult to feel it ! It feels as if I’ve no feelings at all .I’m not able to feel the happiness of achieving the end result ..Once in a while I’m able to feel the imagination ..but other times its like seeing a movie which doesn’t stir a single emotion and they say “feeling is the secret” . How to deal with that ?

    • You’re welcome Shruti 🙂

      My suggestion for that would be summed in
      ONE word only: “REPETITION

      The more you visualize something, the more
      you start to feel it, the more you believe
      it is possible, the more you believe it WILL

      Just train your imagination, you have to imagine
      things that make you feel good in some way.

      I think when it doesn’t stir a single emotion is
      when you FORCE yourself to visualize, that is to say,
      you use your LOGICAL and not your CREATIVE mind.

      You have to learn to fantasize. Use your creativity,
      let your mind wonder and imagine the things that make
      you feel good, don’t try to meditate just upon a single
      picture or to make a logical sequence of events, use
      your right and not your left hemisphere of your brain.

      Anyway, whatever you do, as I mentioned earlier, REPETITION
      is the key – with time, you’ll learn how to do it :)))

      I hope that helps,


    • Don’t get it out of your mind and heart.

      Think and visualize it as often as possible until
      it becomes your obsession. Affirm it to yourself.

      Repetition is the key!

      Also, refuse to receive negative suggestions from the
      outside environment and find a friend or someone
      you can trust who will support you in your idea.

      Eliminate your doubts and fears when they kick in and
      replace them with faith and hope.

      And finally, stay PERSISTENT and DISCIPLINED until
      the end. Don’t give up… Failure happens only when
      we quit.

  18. Hi, i have 2 questions. First, i’ve heard often that a part of making the LOA work is to “let go”. So how can i medidate Daily about that which i want, but then let it go and not think about it? Second, can i change the thing i want to think about, even when it hasnt manifested yet. Example, if i want to attract a certain amount of money like $10,000, but it hasnt Manifested yet, can i start visualizing a different goal like attracting a certain type of person into my life?will the $10,000 still manifest, eventually? I hope i made my question clear enough

  19. i loved ur article…..its too inspiring…i have been practising law of attraction since a month and it has helped me a lot…but still i have a long way to go…

    can i speak to u or write to u …plz if u can..below in email dialogue box is my email ID..plz write to me if possible as i want to share something about my life and seek ur opinion and advice on it

  20. What an amazing article! I don’t have a very sedate mindset… more troubled to say the least. Do hormones screw with one’s consciousness? If they do, then now I sort of understand why teenagers (like me) aren’t very exuberant in their daily lives. Is there a way to get over hormones? I hope to find fulfillment in life as soon as possible because having a negative mentality sucks!

    • Hi Eleanna, and sorry for replying late. I had problems accessing the

      Regarding your questions about the hormones the answer is no, they can
      influence you on a physical level which can cause you to become irritated,
      nervous or even angry, but it happens only because we are letting it to
      influence our thinking.

      So if you ask me for genuine advice on how to control them (you can’t just
      get over them because it is a natural characteristic which occurs during teenage
      years) I would suggest only one thing – MEDITATE.

      Learn to control your thoughts. It will make you calmer and wiser. Your age
      doesn’t matter. During my teenage years, I was regularly meditating and I
      considered myself to be more peaceful and wiser than most grown-ups I knew.

      And regarding the fulfillment, you are right, you need to find a passion, a hobby
      or even work that makes you feel alive. Find the thing that makes you feel that
      you are doing a great job, that you are making a contribution towards something.

      Here’s a little tip: When we do good (for anyone), when we GIVE, we always get
      a positive feedback from it. If you want to change the negative mentality, start
      being grateful and start giving people. GIVING, doesn’t have to a material thing,
      it can be anything from genuine support and help, all the way to a sincere smile.

      Make a decision that from now on, you will leave everyone with the impression of
      increase. Smile to everyone, and only look for the good in every situation. I know
      it’s hard, but trust me, it will bring you happiness, calm, and lots of positive energy.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

      Thx for reading Enlightenment Portal.


      Zdravko Lukovski

  21. This is really great article which summaries about complete Law of attraction. Thank you very much Zdravko. If you have ideas about Law of Vibration can you please share it, I heard this one also powerful.

  22. i love this!! the law of attraction is new to me, this site has been the best help yet. thank you so much i am very grateful.

  23. this was tremendous….i loved it…and hope that it really works so….thank you so much for this great article…keep going like this….stay positive…:)

  24. thank you zdravco lukovski! I learned a lot from you. You are such of great help.may I ask you something? How would I know if my desire is starting to manifest? are there any signs of it? thanx.

    • Just believe, you will see it when the time has come 🙂 It’s like planting a seed, you see nothing but you keep nourishing it with water each and every day. Weeks pass by and yet, there’s no evidence of growth. Then one day, a small plant will pop out of the ground and make you feel wonderful. Remember, the absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence!

  25. This article has been very helpful! I was wondering in terms of the manifestation part, I have heard it takes about 30 days for the whole process to continue but can I manifest what I desire quicker if I visualise multiple times daily?

    • Jennifer there is no time frame when it comes to manifesting… It really depends
      on your goal and the required action which will take you there.

      Giving yourself a deadline can work well in terms of giving you a sense of urgency
      and motivating you to take more action each day, but nobody can tell for sure
      how long it will take for an event or thing to manifest.

      By visualizing multiple times daily you will definitely increase your desire
      and clarity of your vision which in turn will stimulate you to burst into
      more action, and it will have an overall positive impact on everything, so I
      highly recommend taking the time to contemplate and reassure yourself that
      you are on the right track.

      But please, be patient and do your work. It will
      come when the time is right.

      Hope that helps 😉

  26. Hi Zdravko,

    I am fairly new to LOA but have been reading, listening and watching quite a bit.I have a few burning desires but would like to focus on them one by one. The first one is to sell our house. My husband is a bit skeptical about this concept. Anyway, I have been trying for some time now to visualise, be happy, even let go….The thing is that i really feel excited when I imagine the house sold, that freedom which it will give us as we can move on. I do not want to invest more money into this house but my husband wants to live there (which means investment as it is a new house) as he cannot just wait idly in a rent flat until we sell the house. I want him to be happy so I said to myself that money is just energy, and I attract money easily so it is not important if we invest in the house a bit more. I started repeating that we have sold our house. I would like to speed up the process..sometimes I can send out confused signals as doubts creep in but I am trying to fight it, stay positive and as I said, I am truly convinced we have sold the house. I can see how it makes all of us happy. Is there anything else i can do?

  27. Wow! 🙂 Like you said, long but revealing article. Very well written and you covered everything essential for manifestation and more. Thanks for taking the time to create this. It’s like a blueprint for success and I’m sure many more people will benefit from it. 🙂

  28. UC JOHN:-tanks 4 d dis great article i love it. even without reading this i do see myself in things i want do b4 i do them.but the problem when i try to go 4 it.every get crashing like school, business. example i hv problem in my result after sec,sch hv problem in maths n 1 other subject buth i say to myself i be in that sch. that yr n i puth entries lyk post exams in the sch.n finally i got the admission n i did clearance everything in the sch.buth at the end of everything i still find myself not going to that sch. i also hv business ideal of which i hv desire 4 i c my big in that business b4 i started working 4 it.everything was working the way i saw it,at the middle no where i couldn’t understand anything everything crashed that i had back out. so i don’t if this attraction works with luck. cus i do create things in my head n i c them working 4 a while at the middle it will all crash.

  29. hi! can i use loa and your article, to go back to a previous time in my life. is it possible to pretty much turn back time for myself?…thank you so much for any insight so much appreciated…and your article

  30. I feel like every time I try I fail.
    Like things start looking up and boom I fall and it gets worse. I go 10 steps up then I fall back and hurt myself. I hope I can finally go up more then 10 steps ENOUGH TO GET TO WHERE I NEED TO BE 🙁
    Am I the only one?

  31. hello sir,
    I am really thankful for are explained clearly(how to works loa,encourage other,says some tips).I tell my worry now.i am decided to attract my soulmate at 2 years ago.i see the girl and I loves mind said only one thing”she is my soulmate”.my family background problem regards,so I don’t say my love that girl.i don’t discover my love .I forgot all.but same girl cross my life again at present.i am fall in love again that girl.i said that girl,” I loved u at 2 years ago”.she no reply.i loves her.she is my of attraction gives for me at 2 years ago and present.i don’t know ” she loves me or not”.but I love her.pls tell me sir …what can I do

    • Arulselvan, I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t.
      From the information you’ve provided, unfortunately I
      cannot make any conclusions or give you any specific guidance.

      I can only tell you to always follow your heart and
      intuition. If there is someone or something in your life
      that you truly love – always pursue your passion, and never
      give up until you succeed.

      Personally, I am not a big believer in destiny (unless it’s created
      by us), but, if you really think that you were meant to be with this
      girl, then do everything in your power to win her heart 🙂

  32. Does this law work for students (like me) too?
    Shall we be able to get good grades by just following these techniques?
    What is the best and FASTEST way to get what we want? Is there some way?

    By the way, this article was awesome. Thanks! It was amazing. Learnt much!

    • A law is a law Rabia, it works the same for everyone 🙂

      These techniques when applied properly will especially
      help students because the period for manifestation is
      much shorter and the good results will serve as a
      positive reinforcement.

      Clear mental picture of the final outcome + faith + studying
      and hard work + persistence and patience = GREAT RESULTS 😉

  33. Thanks for writing such amazing article, I want to share my experience, I have a younger brother and elder sister, my brother and sister are more intelligence compared to me in my childhood, I was very shy, weaked. My parents loving to my brother and sister more. My parents , friends and all social people those are interacting to medical school are saying that you can’t do anything in future. I was fell alone. I was talking myself and God, Please help me for better living with society and friend, I am always praying God and asking for give me strength, I had started to work more hard in my school, I never loose my hope. I started to see my dreams, I have dicided that I will become doctor, because my maths was too poor, but due to hard work, currently I am computer engineer. My brother has completed only 11th standard due to bad friend circle and my sister has not completed her college due to early marriage,
    Today, my parents, society and friends are more caring and loving me. I never thinking still who are intelligence or who are weak, I always help and sharing my technical knowledge to my employees without returns anything. Always ask universe to give strength to help and motivate other, This will definitely give you all happiness and satisfaction compared to other physical objects.

    • Thank you Hiteh for sharing your life story.

      I hope that everyone reading this article who
      is, or feels to be in a similar position like yours,
      will find strength and inspiration in their lives.

      Your persistence and belief in yourself apparently
      put your life on the right track, and I’m happy for you 🙂

  34. hi ZL ,l from foreign. oh ,English is not a native language in our country。。。but I like your article,it very nice ,really,mabe a few years later I will go to you there to study abroad. If you travel to China, I would be very welcome your arrival,good day .

  35. Excellent article on law of attraction. I am very happy to read. Thanks for providing great information. I wan to meet the author through facebook. Thanks.

  36. Hii its feel wonderful after reading your full article on law of attraction and it seemed that I am meditating while reading and I just want to ask that can height be increased by law of attraction after age of 25 plz reply

    • Hi Sonia,

      I’m afraid but you can’t increase height with the
      law of attraction. Your height is determined mostly
      from your genes, there are however, certain exercises
      and diet plans that can produce growth hormones in
      your body.

      Certain exercises can strengthen and lengthen your
      spine, which can add a couple of inches of extra height,
      but please understand that I am neither a doctor nor
      a medical person.

      Always consult your doctor before doing anything which
      might affect your health.

  37. I’m totally new to the law of attraction, 6 days ago to be precise. Before this I was suffering terribly from a break up locking myself in a room and crying etc. I’ve since then studied for hours every night, I have pages and pages of notes, affirmations and shedules. I have never ever been a person who is strong minded and can cope alone without people to confide in.

    I literally can not believe that I was the same person 6 days ago. I believe I have manifested what I’ve always wanted and that is not much, I’ve always just wanted to feel happy in myself and love myself.

    It was just by chance I even discovered the law of attraction and its the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve put my heart and soul into research covering all these tips and many more ways I have seen. My anxiety and depression has dissapeared and I will never let go of my new found belief. I’ve dedicated a lot of time to this and I always will. For the first time I appreciate anything and everything in my life.

    If anyone knew me before you’d think I was the most negative and sceptical person in the world in in a short time my luck and outlook on life have took an incredible turn for the better.

    Thanks to people like you and your advise I’ve began to find fulfillment for the first time

    Brilliant post thank you so much for the help

    • Your story is truly amazing Luke, and it perfectly describes how a simple shift in the way we think can make a huge difference in our lives. I hope it will serve as an inspiration to many people who feel the same way but can’t find a way out. Belief is powerful! I myself am a strong believer in science and I am also relying on empirical and statistical data lots of the time, but there are always the outliers, the extremes. How do you become an “outlier”? With FAITH – the strongest force in the Universe.

      In my opinion it’s ok to be skeptical sometimes, and to question many things, but if you’ve found something to work for you, such as the law of attraction and your experience with it, then by all means get rid of all those negative skeptics trying to convince you against your beliefs.

      Belief is truly a live-giving force, and the law of attraction philosophy can be the “missing ingredient” for happiness in many people’s lives. Mind that it’s not just a philosophy, but an actual law that can be actually proved by science!

      I wish you a fulfilling life with your new mindset 🙂

  38. I have 3 months now away from studies until September, I’m now going to spend my spare time in these months researching into the universal laws and mainly the law of attraction,

    I’ve always been a strong believer that we aren’t just randomly here on earth to carry out a mundane meaningless life but I never could find The answer to the meaning of life. Now I’ve discovered the law of attraction I feel like I’m a lot closer to the answer than I’ve ever been.

    There is some side of me which is sceptical but my beliefs become stronger everyday. And a massive part of me is telling me in this short time the positive energy . . . money and other positive things have flowed to me more than ever before. So with continued practice I aim to be more at one with the universe with the more evidence I receive.

    I believe the more you give the more you recieve, the harder you try the more results you have and currently I am devoting myself.

    My experience is still very shallow in comparison to people like yourself and I know I have a lot to learn and I can’t wait.

  39. I have always been interested in Los and even tried to learn more but it’s hard to hold on to it. Especially because when I don’t see my manifestations I get discouraged and just forget about it. I know it requires constant affirmation and visualisation and belief that you already have it but how can I just start it with small things and then maybe go for bigger goals in my life maybe I won’t get give up.

  40. It was really helpful for the people who messed up their life,s being unaware about what they are and what The Almighty ALLAH gave them…

  41. Thank you so much for the great article. I read and printed and will read over and over. I am also ordering the manifestation miracle course you suggested.
    Wishing you all the best!

  42. Hi

    I just wanted to leave a message even if you have written this article many years ago. I want to applaud your dedication, this article is really fantastic and full of helpful tips.
    I have studied the law of attraction for many months and I must say your clear article is just a great sum up of all there is to know about this law. Great job. Plus I really enjoyed your clear and fluid writing style, it was so pleasant.
    I hope since this article you ve been blessed with many good things. You seem like a very great man.

  43. Hi, Thankyou for the detailed article. Although I’ve known about the Law of Attraction since the past many years, unfortunately I’ve only started practicing or consciously applying it in my life since the past 6 months.
    I know I have manifested many things into my life through this law and only realized them now. The past 6 months have been amazing as I’ve watched so many of my big and small desires manifest into my reality. It feels great to be able to create your happiness.
    Like I said I’ve been able to manifest a lot of my desires but my biggest desire is yet to manifest and I have complete faith that it will. I feel that I’m at the verge of receiving and so I am content. But because this desire involves the participation of a significant other I sometimes fall into a slight bit of doubt which I quickly try to snap myself out of.
    I keep getting these thoughts that I need to convince that person or shake that person up abit. If I feel that I should tell a small harmless lie just to wake up that person or just to shake him up abit, would that be considered as resistance to my manifestation? I know my intention is good and it does not harm anyone in any way but I don’t want to mess up when I feel that I’m so close to manifesting it. But then again is it the universe that is hinting me to take action to move things abit? Please help!

    • Alisha, although I can’t really understand your situation because the info you’ve provided is somewhat abstract to me, and I don’t know the details of your situation, I’d say: if your intentions are good, then do whatever’s necessary to manifest your desires

  44. Hi! Thank you for this wonderful article on LOA. I am a firm believer and have used it for the past 10 years and every intention, manifestations, and thoughts have come true.

    However, I have been struggling with one issue, or maybe two. I hope you really can take the time to help me because I can’t figure it out.

    I made a mistake and I want to change the outcome so that it occurs in my favor. Without going into details, I don’t want to be disqualified to take an exam that I need to take. What would be the best way to visualize and manifest without worrying.

    I have tried to use LOA for passing my exam but it never worked. I failed the test 8 times.

    Your response will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • 1. Study hard, make sure that you are well prepared
      2. Totally relax before taking the exam, just let go, don’t worry about the outcome
      3. Decide that you will give it your best, imagine a positive outcome (without pressure and stress, no force here..)

      “I have tried to use LOA for passing my exam but it never worked” – you can’t really “try and use LOA”, it is what it is, we vibrate
      on a certain frequency at all times, we attract and are attracted to like minded people and events.

      Most people have got it all wrong, like some mystical magic force that makes things happen for us.

      It doesn’t.
      We do it.

      Our thoughts, feelings and actions. Based on our state of mind, out attitude, our vibration, we attract things and people in our life.

      So just change your vibration. Let go of the worry and fear for the final outcome. Just do your best, imagine a positive outcome, and RELAX.

      Hope that helps

  45. GOD I really love this article! i would also really really like to contact you personally on some doubts I have. Hopefully this
    you will see this!
    Anyway thank you for the wonderful article.


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