How to Manifest Money – The #1 Guide For Manifesting Wealth & Abundance In Your Life!

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How to manifest money effectively? Have you asked that question? You know, manifesting money is not a rocket science… Once you understand how to do it, it’s as natural as spending the days as you currently do, it’s a habit, a way of thinking, a lifestyle…

In order to manifest wealth in your life, you’ve got to first change your belief system, your paradigm that’s stopping you from attracting that green energy in your life. And to be straightforward, wealth is not synonymous to money. It’s not only the houses, the cars, the boats, or the material possessions that you have in life.

Wealth can be expressed in meaningful relationships, great friendships, and having a wealthy spirit is something you must aim for. However, money is vitally important and you have to have it, if you are ever to enjoy a comfortable life, free of worry and stress, physical toil and time limitation.

Now, I’m not saying that just by wishing money and thinking about it all the time it will fall from the sky to you. No, what I am suggesting is that once you change your core belief structure and attitude towards money, once you change your self-image and truly see yourself as a wealthy person, your entire attitude will change.

Your thoughts will be changed, you will see life with a different perception, you will always look for opportunities, your actions will be completely different and they will all take you a step closer to getting the money you desire. Your motivation and inspiration will increase dramatically, you will have unwavering faith that you can do it.

The greatest and mightiest forces of the Universe will guide you constantly. Your subconscious mind will send you important messages, even in your dreams you will see actions that you need to take in order to manifest the abundance your desire.

Before we begin with the exact steps I want you to take a look at something very powerful.

Analyze this awesome and yet so simple wealth creation scheme. If I were you, I’d take these steps seriously…

View the larger picture by clicking here.

Manifesting Money And Wealth In 3 Easy Steps

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Now, enough promises and theory, let’s go straight into the practical steps…

How to Manifest Money & Wealth 

Read carefully through all of them… It’s a bit long, but don’t be tempted to stop halfway!

1. Decide Exactly How Much You Want

The first step is definitely to be exact with the sum of money you would like to have. How much do you want? A $100.000 perhaps? How about a Million?

If you want a house, what would it look like? Would it be in the center of your city or on the periphery? Would be it 2 or 3 floors? What’s your living room going to be like? Decide on all details and form the complete picture.

Maybe it is a car that you want to have manifested? Well is it a BMW or a Mercedes? What model is it? What color is it? Be specific.

Decide exactly what you want, and if it is money, be concrete and decide on the exact sum. This is vital part of the process and it’s crucial for your success. Spend some decent time, and decide EXACTLY what you want to manifest.

2. Put a Deadline and Decide What You’d Give in Return

The next step is put yourself a final deadline for the manifestation of your goal. Be exact with the date. For Example: You want to have $50.000 by the New Year 2016.

This has a strong psychological effect on you so don’t skip it!

Next decide what you plan to give in return for this blessing from the Universe. You don’t need to plan everything out in this phase…Just say in general what kind of service you are going to offer to the world, for the exchange of the money that you will receive.

For Example: You plan to help people find what they want in life over the Internet, and you will be a successful Affiliate Marketer. You will promote valuable products of various individuals and companies that will really add benefit in people’s lives to the ones that will purchase them.

This can be anything you want and is best to be something that you love doing. Maybe you love to write? Perhaps you want to design? How about traditional commerce? Maybe you want to have a local store for organic fruits and vegetables?

Manifestation Miracle

Be specific whatever it is. Just make sure that you decide on the exact service you intend to give in return.

3. Sum It All Up Onto Paper

Write your goal on a piece of paper in the present tense. Sum all the above steps and write something like:

I am very happy and so grateful to the Universe/God, because by 01/01/2016 I have in my possession $50.000 which come to me with ease. In exchange for this, I intend to provide excellent service as an Affiliate Marketer and help thousands of people to improve in their lives. The money comes to me in exact proportion to the service I deliver, and the more people I help, the more money comes to me. I can feel the money in my hands, I can see them with my eyes, I can smell them with my nose. I have full faith that I own $50.000, and I am eternally grateful! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Consider having a goal card and laminating it, so that you can carry it constantly with you in your purse or in your pocket.

 4. Read This Statement At All Times

Read your Goal Card every day for as much, and for as many times as you can. Do this especially before sleeping and immediately after you wake up in the morning. Read it both out loud and in silence. Put REAL Emotions in it, and believe that this is true.

Also, every time you read it, vividly visualize it and contemplate it to the tiniest details. It must become crystal clear on the screen of your mind, and don’t worry if this doesn’t happen the first week of doing this process.

Some of you will notice that at the most parts, these steps are included in Think & Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill, and that’s true. I sincerely recommend them here, because they are so vital for your success.

However, don’t neglect the next important steps, as they are very powerful as well.

5. Act As If You Were Wealthy

Vibrating money is the secret to attracting wealth in your life – and the best part is that you do not need to actually have it in your bank account before having it manifested in the outer world.

If you act as if you were wealthy, you will send positive signals to the Universe, which, in turn, will respond to you positively by giving you the money. Think about the little things a wealthy person does, and do them as well.

Instead of saying that you do not have money, say “It is so good that I am rich. I love Money and Money loves me. I am magnet to Money!” It will not be long until you will eventually become rich indeed.

Take a look at these 10 habits of millionaires and start implementing them in your own life!

Manifesting Wealth & Money With the 10 Millionaire Habits

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Simply copy-paste the text above!

6. Improve Your Relationship with Money

How many times did it happen to you to tell yourself that money does not matter, or that it does not bring happiness? Psychologically speaking, this is a way to get along with the idea of not having money.

Some people will go a step further, and might even elaborate on how “dirty” money is, and how greedy you must be to want it. This is a huge no-no in your relationship with money, which can actually prevent you from achieving wealth.

Pay attention to how you treat your relationship with the money. Do you speak to it kindly? Do you think of it appreciatively? Improve your relationship with money, and you will soon start to attract it in your life.

This requires you to change some of your most cherished believes, such those that rich people are bad, money is evil and that God or the Universe wants you to be poor.

Money is great! You can buy all kinds of great things to the people you love, you can take your spouse to some of the best places on the planet, you wear the finest clothes, you can eat healthy and organic food every day, you can help your friends and relatives, you can do all kinds of great things when you are rich!

So repeat to yourself: “Money is GOOD and having it in abundance is what the Creator wants for me! I respect money and I am always open for more of it!

7. Create A General Plan

This is not meant to be an exhaustive and comprehensive business plan with all the details and tasks in it. Maybe this will happen at a later stage when you will have your own company already working with profit and with many employees, but for now, keep it simple.

Make a simple plan for the next 5 years, for the next year, for the next months and for the upcoming weeks. This will remind you what you need to do and it will motivate you to step into action without procrastinating.

Deliberate Creation

Again, this should be a general plan like: finish my website in 3 months from now. Until the end of the year, I should have 5 Websites live, generating income. For the upcoming weeks it could be tasks like: 1th week – perform a market research, 2&3th week – write 20 articles, 4th week – buy hosting and design the website, 5th week – put the site live and so on and so on. 

Your case might be different, but regardless of how you intend to earn the money, the principles stay the same. Just keep it simple, you don’t need to know everything at first, the Universe through its mysterious ways will bring the good that you desire in many unpredictable and unexpected ways.

This plan should be like one A4 page and that’s it. Make sure that you read it every day and remind yourself where you are going. This will decrease your procrastination and you can use it like a blueprint, a map that leads to your goal.

Of course not everything will be exactly like you planned, so at some later stage you will have to make corrections and changes.

Here’s a little inspiration for your plan..

Ways To Earn More Money And Become A Millionaire

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Just copy and paste the text above!

8. Be Good to Yourself

Like attracts like – that’s what the law of attraction tells us. The way you treat yourself is the way the Universe will treat you, too. The better you are to yourself, the better the Universe will be to you – and this is of utmost importance when it comes to money.

Appreciate yourself exactly the way you are, and learn to accept your defects as natural and partially changeable. Do not punish yourself when you do something wrong – try to learn from your mistakes instead. Once you embrace self-love and positivity, money will be attracted as well.

9. Increase Your Faith

Faith along with love, are the most powerful forces in the Universe! Don’t forget the famous saying from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale: The whole formula for success can be summed up into 3 words – “Believe and Succeed

It’s really that simple when a person has true faith in something! Consider what faith has done for some great visionaries throughout the history. Let’s start with Jesus. The most fundamental characteristic of the Christianity and almost every other religion is having “Faith”. All the miracles of Jesus were nothing else but the power of “Super-strong and Unwavering Faith”!

Take Mahatma Gandhi as another example. What this man did couldn’t be possibly imagined, if he hadn’t FAITH in the things that he was doing. This man managed to make 2 million people stand together like one, with a complete and perfect vibrational alignment. Try to make just 2 people think, behave and act exactly the same, and see how easy it is…

There are literally thousands of similar examples. All the people that earned extraordinary amounts of money, people that created incredible companies. All of them believed that they can do it! The question is, how do you increase your faith? How do you make your faith so strong and so powerful, like Jesus and Gandhi did?

It is very simple, but not as easy as it may sound. Faith is born out of constant repetition of thoughts. If you constantly repeat the same thing over and over again, eventually your Mind is going to start to believe it, regardless if your thoughts are good or bad.

However, this requires some effort and some concentration from your side. That’s why you need to practice and visualize your goal. Contemplate it and when other thoughts interfere, cast them away!

That’s why it is so vital and essential you to repeat those positive statements and your goal, over, and over, and over, and over to yourself. You will with time, start to believe it and soon, your Faith will become invincible!

10. Appreciate the Money You Have

The best way to earn more money is to appreciate the money you already have. If you do not have any money now, appreciate the money you see around you, or the money you had before.

Think about a moment in the past when you were wealthy, and appreciate it. If you have never been truly wealthy, imagine how that would feel like and appreciate it. The goal is being grateful for money whenever you can, even if you do not yet have it. The Universe will get a positive signal from you – that you appreciate money – so it will send more your way.

11. Watch Your Language

If you really want to become wealthy, you must understand that your behavior has to be positive towards your chances of actually becoming a rich person.

The way you talk about money can greatly influence how much you have it in life. ­Are you speaking about it like you need more? Are you talking about it like there is not enough?

Improve your story about money, and start talking about it just as if you had tons. In those moments when you do not feel like talking positively about your financial situation, opt for a neutral phrase: “I do not have to figure this out right now.

12. Don’t Worry About the “HOW”

It is normal at this stage that many questions will pop up in your mind, especially the “HOW” part of the equation. Remember, nobody that has ever succeeded in anything, didn’t know the exact steps required for him or her to get there.

The path will be shown to you by the Universe, it is not your job to figure everything out…

Consider the first guy that climber the top of the world – Mount Everest. He never knew how he is going to do it. All he knew was that he was going to get at the top of the world! He couldn’t possibly predict his journey… he had to face with the unknown. Nobody had EVER climbed that mountain before! None!

It’s pretty much the same with every other big achievement in life. You might know what you want to do, the general plan discussed above, but never the exact steps, the exacts tasks, and the exact things you need to do in order to manifest what you want.

So don’t worry about this, don’t summon fear, worry and indecision and don’t feel discouraged. Everything will be shown to you, all you need to do is just BELIEVE in it!

Take a look at some of the types of income…

The 3 Types Of Income and Wealth Generation

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Copy and paste the text above!

13. Envision the Money

Attracting wealth in your life is a matter of vision – how you envision money, and how you envision yourself having it. Exercising visualizations can help you bring money in your life, especially if you make sure that they are entirely positive.

Close your eyes, and gradually acknowledge, accept, and let go of all the thoughts your mind produces. Start by envisioning how money looks – different notes, different values, and different amounts. Envision yourself as the possessor of the money – at this point, you should visualize exactly how you see yourself as a wealthy person.

If you think about having billions of dollars, envision this. If you dream about bathing yourself in money, imagine it. During the entire time, do your best to feel the money you hold in your hands, and even acknowledge their unique smell.

Mind Secrets Exposed

Hold this image for a few minutes, and then let it go. Do visualizations every day, and the Universe will notice your wish to have it, hence giving it to you.

14. Spend Money Mentally

If you could buy yourself an item, what would that be? What about the second one? If you are like most people, then it definitely is difficult to choose one or two things – and if you were wealthy, you would not have to, because you could afford buying a whole store.

To attract money in your life, start spending it mentally. Access your favorite online store, and start adding to cart or Wish List all of the items you would like to have, but without letting yourself limited by the money you have.

You will not proceed to the checkout, though – this is only an exercise to help you experience the joy of being a wealthy person, and also to determine the Universe to attract this wealth in your life.

15. Give to Receive

It has been said that giving is receiving – and that works well for attracting wealth in your life, too. Rich people donate money to charities all the time, and that is exactly what you should be doing as well.

Help friends or other people with money without worrying or second-guessing yourself. While you do so, think that you have plenty of money, and that you can give it to all people who ask for it.

This will signal the Universe to send you more money, so you can have what to give to others.

16. Take Care of Your Wealth and Prosperity Corner (optional)

If you are not willing to Fang Shui your entire home, you can at least take care of your wealth and prosperity corner – which, according to the bagua map, is the Southeast of your home/bedroom.

Make sure to have some purple, green or gold items in that corner, so you can really attract wealth.

For example, you might include a vase of purple flowers, a green plant, or anything that has a golden color – i.e. a photo frame. It will not be long until the Universe will bring you a lot more money than ever before.

Of course this is optional step. Some people believe that it works, so why not to try it… I personally have never used Fang Shui in my life, and I’ve still successfully manifested everything that I’ve desired..


You already have everything that you need for manifesting money, wealth and abundance in your life. All you have to do is train your mind to think abundantly and create a wealthy self-image that will be your core vibration.

Once you do it everything is much easier. It will become a habit for you to take wise actions, to plan and seek opportunities, you will always strive for greater success and money will be your constant companion.

Remember, money comes as a direct result to the service we give to other people. It’s not something we GET from the world, but a reward as opposed to that what we GIVE to the world.

Mind Secrets Exposed

So think of all the ways that you can be of help to other people. Be of great service to them, and the Universe will always reward you tenfold for that.

You have the tools now. It is up to you what you will do with this information but one thing is certain…if you neglect and don’t take action…nothing will happen!

You make the decision!

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23 thoughts on “How to Manifest Money – The #1 Guide For Manifesting Wealth & Abundance In Your Life!”

  1. I’ve been studying the law of attraction and the manifestation process for quite a while now, and I can honestly say that I don’t remember the last time I read such a powerful and comprehensive article on the topic!

    I’ve been able to manifest $4000 in the last 3 months following similar techniques, and I now feel even more confident about what I do in my everyday life!

    I’m really glad that I discovered this truth early in my life and I’ll be forever grateful for this information.

    There is a very good online course on the subject that I’ve recently bought and I just wanted to share it with you and your followers in case you’ve never heard about it.

    It’s called Manifestation Miracle and you can easily find it just by searching for it on Google! This program literally changed my life!

    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your ideas, I really think that what you’re doing at Enlightenment Portal is SUPER GREAT!

    Keep up the awesome work,

    Simone M.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us Simone!

      I’m glad that you found inspiration in the article,
      and thank you for sharing your advice with us.

      You recommend Manifestation Miracle.

      Well that’s interesting 🙂

      I’m actually currently writing a review
      exactly for that product. I’ve been listening
      to the program for several times and I also
      think that it is awesome.

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope that
      you’ll be visiting Enlightenment Portal
      in future!

      Take care,


  2. Dear Zdravko,

    This has been a truly inspirational article on Manifesting Money….
    It is wonderful to have reached your site and to read such posts.
    Thanks for sharing the insights and keep up your excellent work 🙂

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Thank you Unni! 🙂

      You’re most welcome by the way.

      It truly inspires me to do even
      better work when I receive such
      feedback from marvelous people like

      Have a wonderful day,


  3. Hi Zdravko

    Thanks again for such great advice. I am already using a Wealth and Prosperity area and am now inspired to use the Feng Shui techniques to assist with even greater success. Changing my core beliefs and thought processes has been hard work yet I have persevered, studied hard and can see for myself actual manifestation results.

    Well done keep up your good work have a beautiful day.



    • Thank you, Jacqueline 🙂

      I plan to become more active and take Enlightenment Portal
      to a whole new level by creating an active and an engaging social
      community which I believe will help people to further connect and
      share their experience and hence, benefit their lives in every
      possible way.

      Feng Shui is great and our surroundings and environment certainly
      have an effect on our thinking and behavior, but remember, what
      we think on a deep subconscious level is the most important thing
      that counts.

      Our new and healthy beliefs have to be constantly nourished because
      otherwise, all the negativity will quickly find its way to our mind.

      Repetition is the key. We need to repeat affirmations every day, to
      read these articles all the time, to surround ourselves with other
      successful people until we completely reprogram our conditioned mind.

      Then, everything is on autopilot and it happens automatically so we
      move onto next habits, and the next one, and so on. That is how we
      change, that is how we grow 🙂

  4. I am so thankful to find this great article with actual “how to” steps. I’m new to practicing the LOA and I’ve read countless articles with lots of vague way to manifest and have been searching for an article like this. A must read! Again, THANK YOU!

  5. Zdravko I appreciate you freely sharing your knowledge .. Have you utilized any manifestation sound frequencies ..? Additionally , you are very good looking and sexy

    • Thx for the compliment Sunshine 😉

      Regarding the manifestation sound frequencies,
      honestly, I don’t believe that we can manifest
      anything this way 🙂

      I do use programs with brain entrainment
      technology though, especially during my
      meditations and some focus tracks while I’m working,
      but that’s about it.

  6. Wonderfully written and presented. I’m going to share this with my children. all are adults and currently studying. Thank you for generously sharing your thoughts. God bless.

  7. Hi Zdravko,

    I found your website last night, and I love everything I have read so far. It is of great help and a wonderful service you are providing. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Tina. I actually have neglected this site for a long time because of my busy schedule.
      I do have plans to expand on the topics and make the blog very active again – I just can’t
      say when that will be exactly 🙂

  8. Amazing and inspiring article, I used some of these teqniques to attract happiness but never did anything like that to attract money but Iam working on it now

  9. Going across this article has really done me a lot of good. At first I thought of just ignoring it. but something in me told me to read. And I eventually found out ways of manifesting money. The 16 steps are very helpful. Pinned this page for future purpose to teach many people out there. Thanks!


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