Manifesting Abundance – 10 Steps for Manifesting Your Dreams

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Manifesting abundance is an exact science and anybody can do it. However, in order to be able to properly manifest abundance in their life, you must understand that the process has nothing to do with sheer luck or outside circumstances.

It has everything to do with your attitude and your core belief system.  It has everything to do with your thoughts and actions, and only YOU are responsible for its attainment!

Manifesting your dreams and all the abundance you could think of is a simple and yet not necessarily easy process, but you can do it, and this article will show you exactly how.

You will be presented with some simple and yet powerful techniques that if taken seriously and practiced faithfully and regularly, have the potential to transform your life!

Now enough promises, let’s get into the practical steps…

Manifesting Abundance and All the Dreams You Have

Manifesting Abundance and All your Dreams

The chronological order of the steps is not that important, so you can pick any one of them and work on it at your own pace.

1. Use Crayons to Manifest Your Soul Mate

Many of us struggle with finding our soul mate – a very special person we feel a profound connection to. We start dating different people we like, yet the relationship never seems to really work.

But did you know that you can manifest your soul mate by putting your intentions for him or her into the world by coloring a mandala? Take a black-and-white mandala, and a rainbow of multi-colored pencils, and start declaring your intentions for a soul mate while coloring in the space of the mandala.

Use a different color for each intention, and make sure to speak clearly and loudly when declaring them.

For example – “He/She should be someone who can understand me; he/she should appreciate my sense of humor; he/she should love animals; he/she should be the perfect spiritual friend I need; etc.” A mandala has a lot of coloring space available, so make your intentions for a soul mate as clear and detailed as possible.

When you are done, hang the mandala on a wall in your bedroom, or frame it – the closer you will keep it, the better the chances to manifest your soul mate quickly.

And also, take a look at the law of attraction for love article on this site, as well as the one written exactly for manifesting the love of your life.

Manifestation Miracle

2. Live “As If” you are Manifesting Wealth and Abundance

Money has become one of our biggest concerns, and despite our repetitive attempts to achieve financial freedom, we are still unable to.

That is because our attitude towards our goal is negative – we behave as if achieving wealth and abundance is impossible, and as if our finances will always be as bad as they are now.

This sends out negative signals to the Universe, which keeps things at status quo. According to many healing and meditation experts, your life must be congruent with your beliefs – in other words, you must live as if you are wealthy, and as if you have already achieved abundance in order to attract and manifest them in your life.

Instead of complaining about money, be grateful for your richness in front of others, so you can subtly induce your subconscious that you really are wealthy. By aligning your attitude and beliefs, you will quickly become wealthy, and live in abundance.

Take a look at these 3 simple yet powerful steps to create wealth in your life:

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Mnifesting Abundance and Wealth

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3. Create a Wealth Calendar

As we mentioned already, your life and beliefs must coincide in order to actually attract wealth in your life. If you are currently skeptical to the possibility  of becoming a wealthy person, you can use the calendar trick – one that will certainly make you forget about your financial issues, and instill a feeling of abundance that will certainly help you achieve your goal.

For the wealth calendar to work, you will need a blank calendar, and one or more multi-colored pens. Whenever you wake up in the morning, plan an activity that will make you feel wealthy – for instance, help a friend with money, or donate an amount to a local charity. Anything that will make you feel as a wealthy person…

If you don’t feel like giving the money, consider using it for personal purposes – you can plan, for example, a spa day, or a golf day. Once you identify the activity you’d like to do in that specific day, write it down in your calendar.

Also, try to visualize and feel that this is not a problem for you, that you can afford all those things and that everyday you are getting wealthier and wealthier.

For more exact steps on creating wealth and manifesting money, visit this other article on our website.

4. Think Yourself Thinner to Lose Weight

How many times have you wished to have a celeb-inspired body, but you couldn’t because you were unable to diet for longer than one or two weeks?

The good news is, the law of attraction can help you get a slimmer silhouette you’ll certainly fall in love with. There are several ways to think yourself thinner to actually lose weight – and the first one is using affirmations.

I am getting thinner and thinner every day because I want to, and I am fully capable of it”,  “I feel healthier and thinner already”,  “Wow, I really am so much thinner already!” – all of these affirmations can help you generate more positive energy that will increase the frequency at which you vibrate, hence allowing the Universe to make this goal come true.

They will motivate you to step into action, and your subconscious mind will assist you on the entire journey. It’s one thing to be on a diet and exercise regularly with a pissed off attitude that’s already fed up from this, and it’s an entirely different thing to do this with the mindset that you are actually losing that weight which happens completely naturally for you. Affirmations will help you for this.

The second step you should be doing is walking around “feeling” thinner – in other words, acting as if you were.

How would you feel if you were thin and good-looking? Would you be taller? Would you feel sexier? Would you feel more beautiful? Would you be proud of how your body looks?

You can even step a bit lighter to give the impression that you’ve shed pounds already. Doing regular exercises and avoiding certain foods will surely help immensely, and you should probably consider them as well, although the mindset and beliefs are much more important.

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5. Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing

Most people have never heard of diaphragmatic breathing – and chances are, you haven’t either. Diaphragmatic breathing is when you breathe from the belly, not the chest.

While this might seem quite uncommon and rather difficult to do, the truth is that diaphragmatic breathing can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps produce a sense of relaxation that will enable you to think clearly and calmly even under stress or pressure.

This aspect is extremely important, because losing your temper can result in making regrettable mistakes that will prevent you from achieving your dreams  and living a life of abundance. Practice diaphragmatic breathing regularly, and don’t forget to use it when you feel that you’re starting to become anxious.

Simply inhale and fill your belly with oxygen. On every inhalation expand your belly and contract your chest, and vice versa, when you exhale, the opposite should happen.

6. Master the Art of Allowing

When it comes to the law of attraction, allowing is one of the most important steps you need to go through in order to make all of your dreams come true.

The sequence of events is quite simple: we state our desires, we believe that they will be brought to us, and then we allow them to materialize.

However, most people will have a hard time knowing exactly what to do when it comes to the art of allowing – which needs to be practiced a lot before you can master it.

Before you can ask the Universe to send you a check for $10,000(not literally of course), you should definitely learn to allow it to send the money to you – which can be done with a bit of practicing.

Manifestation Miracle

For the following few days, try allowing everything to happen in your life without changing a single thing. Don’t criticize, complain, or get angry if something happens in a different way as expected. Just accept your life the way it is, love it the way it is and be joyful. Feel happy and peaceful.

Let everything just “be,” and don’t get into anything deeper than that. Let your money issues “be,” let your relationships with others just “be,” let your job just “be,” with no attempt to change, fix, or improve any of them. Of course you want to improve them, but the point here is to relieve the pressure that you are feeling and baring with you for a long time. Think of it as a cleaning process followed with a new beginning – a rebirth.

You’ll soon feel less stressed, which will certainly increase your vibration frequency. Once these days pass, go back and decide on the things you would like to change in your life. Work faithfully, visualize the goal already achieved and read affirmations.

Write these things down as tasks for the Universe to take care of – for example:

Universe, I choose to create $20,000. I am capable of achieving my goal, and I have strong faith that I already possess this sum of money. I can feel it in my hands and smell them with my nose. I know that you are bringing me lots of opportunities to materialize my desire, and I know that you make me capable of recognizing all of them easily. I can feel the call to follow these leads and I know it is effortless and natural”.

Now don’t expect that the Universe will do this for you and that the next day when you will open the door a mysterious man will hang you a check of $20.000. It never happens this way. You will start to notice new opportunities, the subconscious mind will do its best to attract the people and events necessary for the manifestation of your goal. This never happens exactly as expected, so be open for a variety of possibilities.

Consider empowering yourself with some awesome affirmations for money that will really make all the difference.

Then let go of things, and practice allowing again.

Here’s a short scheme that shows you the three types of income that might inspire you with some new ideas and desires.


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7. Be Mindful of How You Feel to Manifest Good Health

As a rule of thumb, how you feel can greatly impact what happens in your life, especially when it comes to good health. When you’re sick, you’re likely having negative thoughts that make you feel completely miserable.

As such, your vibration energy is very low, preventing you from signaling health and happiness. Your vibration is negative and that’s not good, you need to work in your inner world and try to eliminate the negative thought patterns. To avoid this, and also to improve your health without relying on expensive medications, you must learn to be mindful of how you feel.

Instead of focusing your energy on how bad you are feeling, focus on joy, happiness, and fulfillment. If you deal with headaches, stomach aches, or any other type of aches, breathe deeply, and forget about the discomfort you feel.

Envision yourself as a healthy person instead, who isn’t dealing with any kind of health-related issues – this will attract good health in your life, so you’ll really improve the quality of your life.

8. Assume the Role of Dictator of Your Own Life

It’s been said that the entire world is a big stage – and your life is also part of it. One of the best ways to achieve a life of abundance and prosperity is assuming the role of director of your own life – literally, and not only metaphorically.

For this exercise, you will need a couple of papers and a pen or pencil, whichever you write easy with. Sit down at your desk, and start envisioning your life how you want it to be from now on.

Act as a film director – the pellicle doesn’t start with the moment when the main character is born, but with an important moment of adulthood when his life suffers a dramatic change.

Use the paper and pen to direct your own life, writing down who you want to marry to, how many children you want to have, what job position you want to receive, how your dream house looks like, and many such aspects. Include all significant details that matter to you, and don’t be afraid to state your intention clearly – this will definitely increase your vibration energy, and will help your dreams come true.

Also, make sure that you exploit these 10 habits of self-made millionaires, they’re all directors of their own life:

Manifesting Wealth & Money With the 10 Millionaire Habits

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9. Use the Prosperity Game to Earn More Money

Since money is one of the biggest issues we are struggling with in life, and many other aspects are connected to it, it is our duty to solve this problem. If you are not currently satisfied with your financial situation, and would like to earn more money, you can use the prosperity game for this goal.

This game will be more complex than any other you have played in the past, so be prepared to put effort, time, and dedication into it.

Every day you will receive a virtual check from the Universe, and each day thereafter the check will double in size.

For example, if you receive a check for $1,000 today, tomorrow you will receive a check for $2,000. Once you receive the check, you will have to spend it by the end of the day – not for real of course.

Make a list of the things you would buy with the check, and include the approximate cost of each. Note that you aren’t allowed to give away the money for free unless it’s about a special occasion such as a birthday, and you’re not allowed to virtually save money unless it’s about an important thing such as a house.

Deliberate Creation

The goal of this game is experiencing how it really “feels like” to have unlimited abundance, which you would normally feel every day if you were wealthy.

Truth be told, you’ll soon find it very difficult to spend the money, especially when you reach huge amounts such as $100,000 – which will happen very fast in the prosperity game.

You’ll have the liberty to select every single item you’d like to buy, and yet, you’ll find it overwhelming to spend tens of thousands of dollars a day. However, once you learn what unlimited abundance feels like, your vibration will change, and you’ll soon find yourself earning a lot more money than ever before.

10. Feng Shui Your Living Space

Having been known for centuries for its powerful effects, Feng Shui is one of the most efficient practices to help attract wealth, love, and happiness into your life, and also to achieve all of your dreams.

The thought about changing the layout of your bedroom (and perhaps the entire home) might be quite difficult, time-extensive, and costly. However, it’ll certainly be worth it, as Feng Shui has been proven to work for most people using it.

To start out with this ancient practice, you will need a bagua map, which shows the correspondence between different aspects of your life and cardinal points, colors, seasons, and materials.

  1. To help you decipher and understand a bagua map, we listed these correspondences below:
  2. Wealth and Prosperity – Direction: Southeast; color: purple, green, gold; number: 4; season: late spring; element: wood.
  3. Fame, reputation, and social life – Direction: South; color: red: number: 9; season: early summer; element: fire.
  4. Marriage, relationships and love – Direction: Southwest; color: pink, skin tones, earth tones; number: 2; season: late summer: element: earth.
  5. Health and family – Direction: East; color: purple, green, gold; number: 3; season: early spring; element wood.
  6. Good fortune – Direction: Middle; color: yellow, earth tones; number: 5, element: earth.
  7. Children and creativity – Direction: West; color: white, bright and pastel colors; number: 7; season: early fall; element: metal.
  8. Wisdom and Self-knowledge – Direction: Northeast; color: blue-green; number: 8; season: later winter; element: earth.
  9. Career – Direction: North; color: dark blue, black; number: 1; season: early winter; element: water.
  10. Helpful people and spiritual life – Direction: Northwest; color: gray, malive; number: 6; season: late fall; element: metal.

To Feng Shui your living space, you should take each direction of your room, and associate it an object in a color and element that corresponds to that particular element.

For example, you would need to place a green or purple element in your Southeast corner for wealth and prosperity, and an indoor fountain close to your entry door (which should be North) for a great career. Once you adjust the layout of your living space, you will be able to enhance the flow of chi (life force) around you, which will help in balancing your life, and allow you to achieve all of your dreams.

11. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Attracting wealth and abundance to your life is a matter of how much positive energy you vibrate – the higher your vibration frequency is, the more likely the Universe is to make all of your dreams come true.

Feelings of misery and desperation can lower your frequency, hence preventing the Universe from responding positively to your innermost desires and dreams.

One of the best ways to put yourself in a feel-good energy is keeping a gratitude journal – one in which you thank the divine power for the many blessings you have had in your life, and for the ones that are about to come.

Mind Secrets Exposed

You can include anything you are grateful for – the wonderful family you have (if applicable,) the quiet life you’re living, the ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch, your skills and intellectual abilities, all the way to your clothes or cell phone. Include as many things as you can. Write in your journal every day, and you will certainly vibrate more positive energy with every word.

12. Visualize Your Life as You Dream It

We all have a vision of how our dream fife should look like, and there is a very good chance that your real fife isn’t, by any means, similar to it.

Another great way to manifest your dream fife is using mind power tools ­and visualization. Visualize your fife exactly as you dream it, focusing on the feelings it makes you experience, and on all of the other aspects that relate to it.

Imagine your soul mate standing beside you, along with your wonderful children – how many do you want to have? Do you want a boy, a girl, or both? What does your dream job look like, and most importantly – what is the position you’re occupying? Do you have a large house, just like a villa, or a small cottage-type one? Are you living in the proximity of the ocean, or right in the center of a city?

The more you envision your dream fife, the more feel-good energy you will vibrate, which will subsequently increase your frequency – and also send positive signals to the Universe.

Practice visualizations whenever you have time – they will certainly motivate you to keep your attitude congruent with your innermost dreams and beliefs.


No matter what your life will deliver to you, remember, persistence is the key! You must never give up! Yes, there will be obstacles and problematic situations, but remember, everyone that has ever succeeded in anything, had to previously go through many failures and disappointments, until life finally gave them what they had asked for.

Your job is to stay on your path that leads to the fulfillment of your desire, and every time when doubt and worry step into the picture, to cast them away as a sin and learn to stay focused. You have so much valuable advice that you can exploit and start using immediately into  your life. Your obligation is not just to read it but take action and use the techniques. Be persistent, and you’ll get to where you’re going.

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