#1 Meditation For Prosperity & Happiness That You Will Love

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If you are searching for some incredible meditation for prosperity & happiness, then you are at the right place! Read until the end and put yourself into action.

Benefits of Meditating

As we all know, the positive effects of meditation in our life are a scientifically proven fact that nobody can deny.

Meditation is not only beneficial for the individual’s health, but it contributes immensely for a greater peace of mind, for inner control of thoughts and emotions. In other words – it improves practically every single aspect of your life.

Anything can be improved with the proper practice of effective meditation. Regardless of your goal, be it relaxing your entireBenefits of Meditation body and mind after a very hard day, be it improving your financial status or becoming a more happy individual, or perhaps simply reducing the incoming stress in your life, the following meditation for prosperity and happiness will literally change your life!

In this practical guide we will enlighten you with some incredible techniques that if taken seriously and practiced regularly, have the potential to change your life immensely, so pay close attention!

Understanding Happiness

I think that this feeling called “happiness” is one of the few that we can all relate to, regardless of our cultural traditions and barriers, regardless of our language, of our religion and our habits.

Happiness is a wonderful feeling, and in my opinion that is our birthright and something that we all must strive for!

What is Kundalini and how to awaken it?Happiness is an inner joy, calm peace of mind, nice and warm feeling that we are all an integral part of this world, sharing this euphoric positive emotion by ever giving and servicing others.

Do not make the mistake that happiness is something we get in our life!

Do not think for a second that by realizing a certain goal, be it material or personal, that we will become happy! Happiness is something we produce, something we give to the world, and never something that we get or take from the world!

Understanding Happiness

Happiness comes from the inside and never from the outside, although at times it might seem that actually the opposite is true.

For example we are together with the person we love, we look at him or her and we think that we are happy… Well yes, we are, but it is us that produced these emotions, by the conscious focus on the person we love, being in the moment, and letting go of all negative tensions in our body.

By thinking of this person we focus on the good side of life and we let ourselves sink into a positive vibration leading to joyful and happy sensations. Yet, we are doing this, with our thoughts, not the person him or herself.

It is true that things outside from us can “help” us be happier. They can be a great stimulus for feeling happy and joyful, but still, even without these things in our life, we can still be happy right at this moment if we only decide to!

Just think of that Tibetan Monk who was announced as the happiest person in the world… All he has is love and compassion for others…

The Connection between Prosperity and Happiness

These two parts of our life are closely interconnected as it is really hard to have the one without the other.Connection of Prosperity & Happiness

Many people believe that prosperity is greater success, more money, successful career, better health, and this is all true, but an individual will never be truly prosperous if he or she is not truly happy! Remember that!

You should always strive for prosperity in your life while at the same time trying to achieve peace and happiness with yourself…

There are many techniques used for achieving this state of mind and making these two positive and powerful emotions to be a mainstream force in your life.

Here, we will concentrate on meditation because of the fact that it is so powerful and the impact it can have on your life is tremendous!

Meditation for Prosperity & Happiness #1 – The Beach of Your Dreams

Before you even begin any of these techniques, you MUST find a comfortable and quiet place where nobody will disturb you, and please do not overlook this important step.

The Beach Meditation

It is vital that you spend time only with yourself without any disturbance, while practicing these powerful techniques…

Let’s begin…

  • Lie down on a bed or sit in a comfortable position. You need to close your eyes and make a very deep, full inhalation in your belly followed by a pause for about 4-5 sec. Next exhale very, very slowly until you empty your last breath. Repeat these breathing sequences for at least 5 times.
  • Start counting from 10 to 1 and try to see yourself how you are falling from the bright blue sky towards a magnificent, extremely exotic beach without a single person at it.
  • With every count (which should be done quietly in yourself by the way, just imagine the numbers or hear your voice counting) feel yourself going deeper and deeper and getting closer to the beach. Feel the falling and do not be scared, you will survive don’t worry.
  • On the count of 1 you safely and slowly land on this wonderful beach, with small white sand, some exotic and unique palm trees that are one of a kind, and a huge and completely clear aqua ocean.
  • The ocean is very peaceful without any signs of waves. You can see the bottom very clearly. You can feel the nice and warm wind, gently touching your skin, your hair, your entire face. Try to really feel it!
  • You are all the time breathing very deeply and your whole body is relaxed.
  • Try to imagine and feel how you’re taking your shoes off and putting your feet on the soft and warm, white sand. Feel this wonderful sensation.
  • While you are breathing, imagine how a nice and healing lavender energy along with the wind flows inside your lungs and goes through your blood to every cell of your being.
  • Start walking towards the ocean and slowly, enter the ocean with your feet. The water is so pleasant and warm. You can smell the salt and feel the sun all over your body. It’s such a good feeling, isn’t it?
  • Look above your head…A flock of wonderful seagulls are flying and giving you a warm greeting.
  • Sit down under the shadow of those big palm trees and look at the ocean, smell the air, feel the rhythm and the spirit of this wonderful place.

Keep repeating to yourself:

I am so happy! I am a highly prosperous individual surrounded by love and joy, as I am surrounded with this ocean’s beauty right at this moment! I am truly grateful…. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Meditation for Prosperity - The Beach

  • Right now you are surrounded with abundance. You are open for the flow of riches, love and health in your life. Your subconscious cannot make a difference whether this visualization is real or just a place that exists in your wonderful imagination. You feel the same if this was happening in the real life.
  • Count from 1 to 10 and on the count of ten open your sparkling eyes, filled with joy and happiness. You truly are happy and prosperous!

Believe that after this beautiful visualization ends, all kinds of great things are going to be attracted in your life! Do this at least 30 min. every day, for the next three months. You will not be able to recognize yourself, and nor will your own mom!

Meditation for Prosperity & Happiness #2 – The Jungle

Start this procedure exactly the same like with the beach. This time instead of falling on an exotic beach, you will find yourselves in the beautiful and exotic depths of an undiscovered jungle.

  • There are all kinds of wonderful trees and flowers that you’ve never seen in your life. Observe their colors and complexity. Touch them slowly and deliberately.
  • Listen to the wild noises of the jungle. Listen to the monkeys and parrots singing, listen to the birds chirping and sing along with them. You are alone in the midst of this beauty, and you feel wonderful.

Meditation For Prosperity

  • You can now see one exotic, very old tree, bigger than the Eiffel tower. You’ve never seen such tree in your life before. Breathe deeply and with every exhalation make a confident step towards this magnificent tree.
  • There is a little opening and the root of the tree and the space it’s big enough for you enter it. It’s black and very dark but you are not afraid to step inside! You are full with confidence and you know that everything will be fine.

God never delivers a problem that we are not capable of solving!

Believe this statement with all your heart. Make it a habitual way of thinking and internalize it.

  • Count from 1 to 3 and enter this hole. The second you step inside, you feel enlightened and all your body is going vibrating love, happiness and joy! In an instance, you find yourself at the top of the tree where you can see all jungle clearly. There is a beautiful sunset and a special branch of the tree where you can sit comfortably and relax.

Sit and keep repeating to yourself:

I am full with confidence. I know that I can solve any problem life delivers to me! I am truly happy and grateful and I know that all my dreams come true. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Exit this visualization the same way as the beach. Again, do this meditation once a day for the next three months, the results are astonishing.

A Few Last Words … 

By now, it should be clear to you the biggest power that we’ve been given as human beings, and that is the power to choose our own thoughts and make use of this phenomenal intellectual faculty called – Imagination!

What is Kundalini and how to awaken it?I don’t know if you truly understand the importance of using this great faculty, so I have a suggestion for you – what not to try using it and see the results?

If you want to become happier, sometimes is simply much better to just sit still, take some time to be on your own, breathe deeply and discover the depths of your inner self – the place where all happiness, all health, all prosperity, all joy and all wisdom resides.

So please, don’t accept this idea, don’t reject it and please don’t do the worse – don’t neglect it. Always have in mind my friend, only a fool, would not take an idea, kick that idea around and see if it can change or improve the quality of his or her life.

Don’t forget, the results can come only through action and practical implementation, so don’t just read this text, DO what it suggests!

Thank you for reading… I truly hope that these techniques will change your life as much as they have changed mine!

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