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Please read carefully until the end. This is important information regarding your rights and privacy, so don’t neglect it.

The first thing that you should know is that Enlightenment Portal is an Affiliate Website (we earn a living from this website), and that we WILL earn a commission if you purchase any product through our affiliate links.

However, all of the products that we recommend and promote, are in our opinion, of the highest quality, and they offer great value to the customers. Not only that, but many of the products that people will buy through our referral links, can include special discounts and advantages for the buyers. For our complete affiliate disclosure, please click on this link.

Now the legal stuff…

Privacy Policy & FTC Disclaimer at Enlightenment Portal

Our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions  &  Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Disclaimer:

  1., Enlightenment Portal (I, we) will never sell your private information to any third parties, and will never use it for any spam activities. In fact I (we) hate spam and all other illegal stuff more than you do. This website (Enlightenment Portal) is being managed and owned by me (us, our, we), and your privacy and individuality is of utmost importance for us (me). In this policy we explain the way we might collect and use your personal information. So by using, visiting, accessing and interacting on this website, you confirm, accept and obey all the terms and conditions of this website, which include storing, disclosing, using and collecting your personal information that you provide to us in the exact way as outlined further in this policy.
  2. Terms and Conditions of use: Your interaction, experience and use of this website are completely and comprehensively governed by our terms and conditions set out herein. You agree and acknowledge that you will read this policy and accept it prior to using Enlightenment Portal.
  3. Using the information you provide to us: By using these terms and conditions you completely accept and acknowledge that we have the right to use your personal information in a way outlined in this policy. Mainly, we might collect your personal information like your name, your postal code, your phone number, your e-mail address, your home address, and others. You have the right not to provide any of the above information, and we don’t have the right to force you to give it to us. However, if you fail to provide us with the information required, you acknowledge and accept that your use of the website will be limited and that you will experience certain restrictions like failing to download some of our products, restricted and forbidden access to some parts of the site and any other restrictions that we decide to include. This list is not comprehensive and might be changed by me (us, we) at any time, without your consent.
  4. Other collection of information: Enlightenment Portal will also store additional information automatically such as cookies, IP address, software for monitoring your interaction and usage with the website, sessions and other methods (without any limitation). This might be done automatically by using various tools for this purpose and by reading this you accept and acknowledge that we will do this without your consent. All of this information is safe with us and will never be sold or given to any other third or second parties. The information will be used to analyze the user behavior on our site for conducting the necessary changes for better overall interaction with the site.
  5. Enlightenment Portal might use cookies and sessions for the purpose of facilitating your overall interaction with the website. Note that by accepting a cookie and by giving us this information, we will never be able to access your private computer or any files and data stored on your local machine. This is used for the purpose of identifying you as a separate subject (user) on our (mine) website. You have the option and right to disable cookies in your browser but doing so, may restrict some access to certain information or lead to problems and obstacles with the overall site functionality. We won’t share this information with any third parties.
  6. has the right to collect all other information (of any type) at any time, for any purpose, if we decide that there is a need for such a thing. An example of this might include if our site gets hacked or somebody breeches inside our database and backend.
  7. Usage of your personal information: According to the different methods for collecting your information, the usage and purpose will very accordingly. For example we may use this to provide you with certain products or services. This may include the following: you give us your email address and name, and we send you a downloadable link of some of our digital e-books, videos or audiobooks. Another usage of your personal information will be for a variety of promotional activities, for our newsletters campaigns, information for certain products or services, or any other type of marketing activity. We will use this information for personal communication with you, for assisting you in various processes (like retrieving your username or password), for customization and personalization of the website with your needs, etc.
  8. Again, your information will never be sold to other parties, nor will be given to anyone without your consent. We will not rent it or lease it to anyone, however, we may decide to consult with our contractors, business associates, some of our personal advisors, other similar companies and with everyone who is in a complete and unanimous agreement to treat your privacy and your information, exactly as it is outlined in this privacy policy.
  9. Our legal rights: You also agree that we can use your information for the purpose of enforcing our legal rights, for protecting our (my, mine) rights, safety, and property, and the other user’s rights and safety.
  10. Enlightenment Portal, we (us, I) are not responsible for any result you get in life after reading and following any content on our website. This means that all the articles, infographics, publications, images, and all other content on our website (everything, no limitation), are not responsible for the results you get after reading and following them. This is dependent on you, and you only. We may use various methods, techniques and advices for achieving better health, happiness or financial status, however, you should always first consult your doctor, psycho-therapist or financial advisor. By reading this you accept that we are not responsible for anything that happens in your life, regarding the information and content you receive from this website.
  11. Inbound and Outbound links: Enlightenment Portal has many hyperlinks to various segments and other parts of the website, as well as hyperlinks to other third party websites. For links to any third party websites, you accept and acknowledge that we don’t have any responsibility for your interaction with those third party websites, and after leaving (exiting, stopping interaction) Enlightenment Portal, you are a subject to their (third party website’s) privacy policy. These websites may collect any kind of your information, and we are not responsible for it. We advise you that you carefully review and read their terms and conditions, as they may contain vital information for the usage and distribution of your personal information.
  12. You have the right to contact us and ask for the kind of your personal information that we hold and store. You acknowledge and accept that not all information will be provided to you, as it at different circumstances (restricted by law), is for personal use only. It is our right to hold any of the information we store and not to provide you with it if we decide that it is not necessary or against our rights and privacy, so you accept this by reading it. We will tell you the reason why we refuse that provide certain information to you, and we hold the right to ask for a certain processing fee, previously determined by our company policy.
  13. You understand that this website is profit oriented and that we will be implementing various promotional activities and methods for generating sales. However, all our efforts will be in the direction of providing you with great a service. We might be affiliated with various third party companies and by referring our users (you) to their products and services; we earn a commission for every sale made. Anyway, we will not be promoting something (product, service) if we don’t personally believe that it will benefit you (the user), and add value in your life.
  14. Affiliate and commissions disclosure: Please understand that I (us, we) operate this website for a living and earn a commission on every sale referred at any part of this website or in any of our newsletters. By reading this you acknowledge and accept that any product bought through (with, at, from) my (our) referral link, at any place on our website, or in our newsletters and social media profile, will bring us commissions from that sale. You can see our full affiliate disclosure here.
  15. This privacy policy, FTC Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions are a subject to change and we reserve the proprietary right to make any changes, whenever we want, without your previous consent. For every change made, our existing policy will be updated, and we are not responsible for letting you know, instead, you need to check it regularly on your own. If you use this website after we change (edit, revise) our policy, you are a subject to its changes and you acknowledge and accept this right now while reading this policy.

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